What to choose: a dedicated platform for creating webinars or YouTube Live?!

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Where to host your webinar: the pros and cons of dedicated platforms and YouTube Live

It's not a secret that nowadays, taking into account the pandemic and the development of virtual life in general, online learning and promotion has taken a leading position.

Whatever it is - selling an online product, organizing educational programs or advertising a personal brand, one way or another, a webinar will be an excellent platform for promotion.

Due to the great demand, there are more and more services and platforms with which you can easily organize a thematic webinar. In this article, we will consider which option is better - choosing special platforms for creating a webinar, or using the free YouTube Live service.

There are many dedicated online platforms, some are more popular, some are little known. But the KWIGA platform has combined all the best functions of popular online services. Let's take a look at the advantages of this platform: 

1) Launching a webinar without special skills 

On KWIGA, you have access to a really large list of functions that do not require professional knowledge to create a webinar, auto-webinar, or online group lesson in a matter of minutes.

2) Multilingual interface

You have the opportunity to teach viewers from anywhere in the world in several languages ​​at once.

3) Integration and convenience

There is no need to create separate materials in order to combine them in one webinar after - on the KWIGA website, you simultaneously create a webinar room, its design, supporting materials, presentations. Even payments are accepted in one place. Isn't that great ?!

4) Ability to create presentations 

The presentation is an integral part of the webinar, it is your real support and your plan of action. Moreover, the material is perceived by students much better with the help of visual material.

5) Monetization opportunity

It is logical that when creating a webinar and promoting a product, your goal is not only to educate students, but also to sell the product. There is nothing wrong with that, this is your individual product. On special online platforms, including KWIGA, you are provided with a set of tools for paid webinars. If your task is to conduct a paid webinar, it is worth choosing a platform with which you can easily design a landing page where everyone can register for the webinar. No need to create additional pages, sites, etc. It's so simple!

6) Reporting 

KWIGA has a ready-made reports on what is happening, flexible end-to-end process analytics. You can effortlessly track every action of your customers and users. Choose from smart report templates that don't require any customization or technical skills.

7) Customizing individual instruments

With the KWIGA platform, you can create your own brand and use your own logo, banner, background, music, promotional videos - all this will help you make your webinar and product vivid and memorable, further increasing confidence in your person, showing your professional level and attitude to work.

8) Technical support

A customer service team is ready to help if you have any problems connecting, setting up a webinar, paying or creating the entire product.

9) Communication 

Using the KWIGA platform, you will be able to create a chat room for members and track feedback on your webinar.

10) Ability to create an automated webinar 

This is a great option for recording a webinar that can be accessed by attendees at any time. You can broadcast the auto webinar as much as you like, thus increasing the traffic.

11) Mobile platform solution 

Mobile applications of the online educational service KWIGA for IOS and Android are already in the public domain!

After all these rather exhaustive advantages, it is very difficult to find and highlight the disadvantages of this platform. Actually, there are not so many of them.

Yes, the educational platform is not free (although a trial version is available, which is another huge plus). But can this be called a minus? When you work with real KWIGA professionals, this question fades into the background. Moreover, there are many tariffs on the site, and each user will be able to choose the most optimal.

Another disadvantage is the relatively small-scale promotion. But this is exactly the advantage of the next platform that we will look at - YouTube Live from Google.


Why do so many users choose this streaming method?

1) Free broadcasts

Yes, YouTube Live offers free service, with an unlimited number of members.

2) Large-scale broadcast

When using this service, you have the opportunity to broadcast your product to millions, even billions of users. If your product is interesting and your broadcasts are useful, your channel will be actively subscribed to and increase the number of views and page popularity.

3) Ability to record a webinar

You can easily save the webinar after its completion and share the link to it with everyone.

Unlike dedicated online educational platforms, YouTube Live has more disadvantages, or rather, inconveniences. 

  1. Verification 

  Before you start streaming, you need to create an account and verify it. It takes some time, at least 24 hours. Therefore, if you decide to hold a webinar and have never created a room on YouTube before, you will have to either wait or choose another website.

2) Technical inconveniences

For example, using an encoder. If you don't know what it is, then, unfortunately, streaming on YouTube is not for you. Before starting the broadcast, you need to install an OBS-type encoder, learn how it works, configure it, and only after that you can start the webinar.

3) Limited number of functions

Speaking, showing a screen or connecting another presenter - that, among other things, is the entire list of possible functions. Yes, you can still participate in the chat and monitor the feedback of the participants.

4) Advertising 

  And, unfortunately, this is not about advertising your product. And about all kinds of advertising on YouTube, which, to be honest, everyone is fed up with it. Your viewers will see ads everywhere, and this is quite intrusive. It is unlikely that all of your viewers will have a YouTube Premium subscription to avoid this annoying nuance.

5) Registration

Every attendee of your webinar needs to be a registered YouTube user. Without this, for example, it will not be possible to write a message to the chat. And in order to register on YouTube, you must first create a Google account.

6) Lack of statistics

You will not be able to track who exactly participated in the webinar, how many minutes were viewed on average, etc. The chat will also be of little information, since it is simply inconvenient. In addition, you need to be careful - any user may or may not be justified in complaining about the account, as a result of which, it may simply be blocked.

Each of us free to choose the best option, and it's up to you where to host your webinar. But here's some friendly advice: if these are your first steps in hosting and creating a webinar, you can use free services like YouTube. But if your goal is successful sales, education and advertising of your brand, it is better to choose a multifunctional special platform like KWIGA and use it as efficiently as possible.