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Fill the product with content


An easy guide on how to launch a product

In this article:

Tell me about yourself

Indicate the main information that your audience will see, and according to where students can find your product: course, marathon or webinar.. Indicate the name and category of the course, describe what results have been achieved students completing this course. Add keywords and phrases that will allow your users and search algorithms, find out what your courses are about. Install course image for presentation page.

Create an offer

Set the cost, schedule the time, set up incentives and the system knowledge assessment.

Add content

Add lesson notes, quizzes, and assignments. Links to webinars and autowebinars.


Immediately after the publication of the course, a link to the presentation will be generated a course page that you can use to engage your audience. Do not forget place the course in the Kwiga catalog. The course in the catalog will be able to find not only your listeners, but also all Kwiga participants, thus expanding the reach audience.