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How to create a product, what you can create and sell on Kwiga

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How to create a Kwiga product

All products on the platform can be created using the tab “Products” in the upper left corner of the toolbar.

What products can I create with Kwiga?


You can create online courses in any format, add assignments and tests, issue electronic certificates, flexibly configure the sequence and access to lessons.


Conduct webinars using Zoom and Youtube Live. You can sell a webinar and be sure that no one will share the link with a friend, since the participants will watch the broadcast not on Youtube, but on KWIGA, and they will have access to the link won't.


A hosted webinar easily turns into an autowebinar. Autowebinar is a scheduled event that starts automatically at the specified time without your participation. Can be useful when the same type of events repeated several times or must be clearly scheduled.

Live Course

Unlike video courses, the Live format allows you to create a course consisting of a series of recorded videos that are served as a live broadcast.


Online marathon — is an interactive training course in which participants complete tasks and eventually come to a specific goal.

Quests, assignments, polls

They provide a huge set of tools for testing knowledge and working with the audience.

Guides and checklists

With the help of guides, create convenient instructions for listeners and checklists help assess student progress and much more.