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Launch FAQ

How to give access to the course

How to give access to the course if the payment was done earlier or on different platform

How your course is seen by your audience

Check how your students see the course or any other product

How to find an email with a code needed to access Kwiga account

Let's show you how to find an email with a code to sign in to your Kwiga account

Select most suitable way to accept payments for your products

Describing options for accepting payments for your products

How much does it cost to list your course, school on Kwiga?

All information about rates, prices and the approximate cost of placing an online school on Kwiga.

Transferring contact database

Step-by-step instructions on how to quickly transfer your contact database to Kwiga, preserving all your data.

Copyright protection of your content on Kwiga

How to protect your materials, videos, created presentations