KWIGA help center Launch Launch FAQ How much does it cost to list your course, school on Kwiga?

How much does it cost to list your course, school on Kwiga?


All information about rates, prices and the approximate cost of placing an online school on Kwiga.

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Tariff plans

There are no tariff plans, service packages on Kwiga. The flexibility of the platform is also reflected in our pricing policy, namely that you pay only for what you use in each reporting period. We do not limit the functionality of the platform based on your tariff plan - all services, all features, all tools will be available to you immediately, from the first minute after registration.

Cost of LMS Kwiga packages

Please note that you are not limited to the specified number of participants/curators. You can add team members, increase the number of course participants, use additional services - all this at Pay as you go rates. The package prices shown are the estimated cost of hosting a course on Kwiga.

Package name Number of active members per month Cost*, USD per month
Kwiga 30 30 16.9
Kwiga 50 50 17.5
Kwiga 80 80 18.4
Kwiga 100 100 19
Kwiga 150 150 21
Kwiga 300 300 26
Kwiga 500 500 29

*The cost is subject to the placement of video materials on YouTube, Vimeo, Bunny CDN services.

Trial period

During the trial period, we also do not apply limits and restrictions. This is really a trial period, during which you can get an idea about the convenience, pros and cons of our platform. Be sure to write to us about all the shortcomings, we carefully listen to the feedback of our users and are open to improvements / changes in the platform.

When you activate each of our products, you will receive money to your bonus account, its amount will cover approximately 1 month of using the product. After 1 month, an invoice will appear in your account, which will allow you to evaluate the cost of the platform. Bonus funds will be used to pay the bill. 

If you are missing something in the current version or are not satisfied with how something works - tell us and we will change it!


The cost of services on Kwiga is determined by the cost of the resources you use. You can choose any combination of services, any number of resources, based on the needs of your business at the current moment of development. You are not limited by any tariff plan or limit. You don't pay for features you don't need.

The cost of hosting a course or courses with 50-100 active participants per month, provided that the videos are hosted on Youtube/Vimeo/Bunny CDN, is $15-20 per month.


  • LMS
  • Webinars, autowebinars (50% readiness)
  • CRM
  • Mailer
  • Website builder (in development)
  • Quizzes: tests, assignments, surveys
  • Chatbot (in development)

Payment for resources

Monthly payment for the used resources is charged and billed. You can view the amount and cost of the resources used in Settings-Personal account-Resources. Payment for the resources used occurs monthly.

Service activation

Activation of the LMS service – $15 per month.

No limit on the number of products used: courses, marathons, quizzes, etc.

Active course participant

You pay only for active course participants - those who watched lessons during the reporting period, logged into their account, wrote a message to the chat / comment form on the course.

Active members per month Price for 1 participant, $ Total cost for participants, $
1 0.03 0.03
100 0.03 3
500 0.02 10
1 000 0.02 20
3 000 0.01 30
5 000 0.008 40
10 000 0.0065 65
20 000 0.004 80
100 000 0.003 300

Active participant of the webinar/auto webinar

Cost: $0.03 for each participant who attended the webinar/auto webinar

Additional team member

You can add an unlimited number of people to the team, give certain access to each of them: from a technical specialist to a curator who sees only his courses or only his group of students.

The cost of an additional team member is $5 per month. You can set the rights and accesses of such a participant. He gets access to all the functionality of LMS services, Webinars, Website Builder, Mailer, Chatbots and Quizzes, as well as basic CRM functionality. The basic functionality of CRM allows you to add and edit contacts, add tags and custom fields, issue access, set up mailings to contacts.

The cost of an additional team member with access to the extended version of CRM is $15 per month. The extended version of CRM includes access to funnels, deals, tasks.

When you have created a funnel, then all platform users who have access to it begin to be calculated at a price of $15/month from the moment they are granted access. The exception is the Account Owner: in the case when the LMS product is activated, the cost of such a user is $0/month.

Additional project

If you have several courses on different topics, or you are a producer promoting several experts, then on Kwiga you do not need to create a separate account for each project. You can manage all projects in one place by creating a team for each.

The cost of each additional project is $10 per month.

Connecting a domain/subdomain

Domain connection means that instead of a site address that is a subdomain of (for example,, you can create an address for your site without the Kwiga name, such as

The cost of a connected domain is $3 per month.


Payment is made for packages of 1000 letters, for example, 1345 letters were sent, in this case you need to pay for 2 packages.

In the case when you use a third-party service connected through integrations to send emails, no fees are charged from the Kwiga platform.

Block (thousand letters) Letters For 1 letter, $ Total cost for letters, $
1 1000 0.001 1
2 2 000 0.0008 1.6
5 5 000 0.0007 3.5
10 10 000 0.0006 6
50 50 000 0.0004 20
100 100 000 0.00035 35
1 000 1 000 000 0.0003 300

Placement and storage of materials for courses and websites

Any materials uploaded directly to the platform are taken into account: through course services, storage, quizzes, comments, website/letter builder.

When video lessons are hosted on Youtube, Vimeo or Bunny CDN - you do not pay for video storage on Kwiga.

Payment for pictures, files that you upload to Kwiga will be charged based on the amount of data occupied, which you can see in the Storage.

Cost: $0.1695 per GB per month.

Traffic payment

Charged for the amount of data used by members to view courses and other downloaded content.

Any materials uploaded directly to the platform are taken into account: through course services, storage, quizzes, comments, website/letter builder. The amount of data uploaded by users of public sites is also considered.

Cost: $0.012 per GB.

Important! Data uploaded via Youtube / Vimeo / Bunny does not count and does not affect the cost.

Chat bot active subscribers

Payment is charged only for a unique subscriber to whom a message was sent or correspondence was conducted during the reporting period. You can have 10,000 contacts, of which 100 were active subscribers in the reporting period. You will only pay for 100 subscribers.

Active members per month Price for 1 participant, $ Total cost for participants, $
1 0.01 0.01
1 000 0.01 10
3 000 0.009 27
5 000 0.008 40
10 000 0.007 70
50 000 0.005 250
100 000 0.0035 350
500 000 0,0025 1250

Passing a test, assignment, survey

The fee is charged for passing the test, assignment and survey. If a test, assignment, or survey is used on an LMS, no cost is charged.

Number of playthroughs (events) Price for 1 passage, $ Total cost, $
Up to 20 0 0
Up to 100 0.02 2
Up to 1 000 0.02 20
Up to 5 000 0.015 75
Up to 10 000 0.01 100
Up to 50 000 0.008 400