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How to schedule and conduct a webinar


How to schedule the date and time of the webinar, choose a broadcast source, add a logo, how to launch a paid and free webinar.

In this article:

How to schedule a webinar

On the Kwiga platform, select the live stream and click the go button.

Add the name and description of the broadcast - this information will be displayed on the webinar page.

Schedule a date and time for the webinar.

Important - by default, the time zone that you specified during registration is set. date and time is set strictly according to the specified time zone. If you are planning to host a webinar for attendees from another time zone, (for example, in another country) - pay attention to this item.

You can change time zone using the drop-down menu.

Broadcast source

The broadcast source can be:

Youtube Live - how to host a webinar using Youtube Live, we told in this article.

Important - if you plan to host a webinar using Youtube Live, schedule it on Youtube before moving on to setting up a webinar on Kwiga.

Zoom - how to host a webinar using Zoom, we told in this article. To schedule and host a webinar using Zoom Meetings, you need connect your zoom account to the Qviga platform

Webinar splash screen

The webinar splash screen is the title slide that will be visible in the webinar room before your webinar starts to listeners understood where they came.

Free webinar

To conduct a free webinar - in the "Access and Registration" section, set the item "Required registration only” In this case, all users who register for the webinar will be able to visit it..

Paid webinar

To conduct a paid webinar, in the “Accesses and Registration” set the item “Paid participation” and indicate your offer.

Important - you need to create an offer on Kwiga, read how to do it in article

The webinar is ready to be broadcast, all you have to do is click “Next” and “Schedule”.