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How to create cross-sell offers in Kwiga?


How to use cross-sell offers in Kwiga to show students and give them the opportunity to buy related products, compatible or similar offers.

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What is cross-sell?

Cross-sell - these are offers that may also be of interest to students, visiting your current product. With customized cross-sell offers, you can familiarize students with other tariffs, opportunities to purchase additional advice or access to another product.

How to set up cross-sell offers in Kwiga?

First of all, it is necessary to think over the creation of proposals. Understand what it is special offers that will be displayed to students upon receipt access to the selected product.

So, in order to set up cross-sell, your Kwiga project should have several proposals have been made. At a minimum, the option of access to the product and then, what will be displayed in the block Special offers.

The offers themselves are created, configured and edited in the Sales section - Offers by button +Offer.

The cross-sell setting occurs directly when creating or editing a proposal. In step - Cross-sell offers - tick the names of the offers that will be displayed when gaining access to the product.

Note: You can create offers for different products not only hosted on Kwiga. Using the platform interface, you can add “Product Outside Kwiga” for sale any goods or services. Most often, this is the acceptance of payments for consultations, participation in closed groups, communities, access to paid materials, files.

Display cross-sell offers for students

For members, such cross-sell offers will be visible upon receipt product access. In the block Special offers, students will be able to see the description, the offer price and add it to the order, by necessary.

Offers added to Your Order are summed up and then paid together.