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Creating a course with sequential lesson openings


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How to set a delay in opening content, options for opening lessons sequentially.

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To improve the quality of education and consolidate the acquired knowledge, there may be useful assignments with mandatory verification, and sequential access to lessons. When creating an online course, sequential access allows you to open lessons gradually, in accordance with schedules, curriculum or scheme passage.

Open Delay

To configure sequential access - in the upper right corner of the panel tools, select the "Products" tab, and the "Editor" button lessons” under the desired course.

Thus, go to the “Tutorials” section, here there are all training modules with lessons from the selected course. Press the “Edit Lesson” button.

In the left pane, open “Lesson Access “ and in the dropdown Menu “Set Lesson Delay”

Lesson delays are counted from the date you accessed the course.

Important - initial access to content is determined when creating an offer. Access can be granted immediately or via a certain number of days after payment, or from a certain date.

For example, if you plan to open lessons every other day, then under the first lesson you need to select the value 0 and under the second lesson the value 2.


Checkpoints open access to the next lesson only after passing tests or completing the task.

To set a checkpoint, activate the “Set checkpoint” on the left panel and select the desired value.

Checkpoints and “Delay Lessons” can be used together as well and separately.