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Inserting iframe code


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Supplement lessons with additional materials by inserting presentations, tables, and quizzes right into the lesson!

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How to insert iframe code

When creating a lesson on a course, you have the option to use the iframe code in order to supplement your lesson with various materials from third-party resources, for example: Google Sheets, Google Forms, Wordwall, or add presentations with Canva, and any other sharing and embedding service code per page. Using code insertion, students no longer need to navigate pages, and you can fill out the form, watch the presentation in the lesson itself:

An example of the lesson can be found at link.

How to insert code into a lesson

To insert code into a lesson, just add a Text, Image, insert code

And select the Insert code button on the panel and paste the code itself.

If you want to change the height or width of the inserted object (presentation, tables, games, etc.), then you can add dimensions to the code width="640" height="1000", writing any values ​​in numbers suitable for the inserted objects.

How to find the embed code

Google Forms

Open the form you want to insert into a lesson or assignment. Click on the button Submit, select the code icon and copy the code. In the same window you can adjust the size of the inserted form.

Google Sheets

Open the spreadsheet you want to share. Open the File menu - Share - Publish - Embed and choose if you want to embed only 1 sheet or the entire document. After confirmation, a code will be generated, which can be used and added to a Kwiga lesson or assignment. Not forget that you can adjust the dimensions of the embedded object with parameters width="640" height="1000" (by specifying any desired values).


Open the presentation or Canva project you want to use in your lesson materials or quiz. Click the button Share - More - Embed, agree that the presentation will become public and publish. Use embedded HTML code.

Make sure you publish your presentation to Share a draft or a private presentation will not work.

After that, just click on the Share button, which is located next to the Present button, select Paste and copy the Iframe code.

If you want to change the size of the inserted presentation, you can edit the code by changing the height and width parameters.


Open the material you want to add to a lesson or a Kwiga assignment, click the Share button, select the code icon and the Iframe type (worth by default). Copy the code and use it on Kwiga.

As always, you can edit the dimensions of the pasted material by changing width and height values.