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Settings and integrations

What should I do if the video won't load or play?

How to fix video loading errors on older versions of Windows or browsers that haven't been updated.

How to integrate a payment system on Kwiga?

To accept payments through payment systems

Zoom integration and usage essentials

All you need to know about integrating your Zoom account with Kwiga, scheduling and hosting meetings.

Changing the project (cabinet) name and other public settings

How to change the public data of an account, what it is, what it affects and where it is displayed.

How to connect an additional office?

How to connect and set up an additional office

Changing the password and login settings

How to change the password, what are the settings for access to a personal account and their options.

Changing personal information

How to edit personal information, how to add a photo to your avatar, why you need to fill out personal information and how it appears on kwiga.

Sender settings and reply address

How to set up sender mail, reply address, add a logo and contact information.

How to delete a user account

Deleting a user account