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Test, surveys, tasks

How to view all test attempts

How to check tests, see all attempts to pass and leave a comment.

How to set up a test retake

How to allow students to take a test multiple times

How to create a task for different offers?

How to make the settings of practical tasks in the lessons differ depending on the offers, with and without a curator's check.

How to create an assignment with mandatory verification by the curator?

What to do if your course implies mandatory verification of tasks by the curator. Learn more about how to attach an assignment as a simple question and how it will appear in the lesson.

How to add an assignment to a lesson?

Learn more about how to attach an assignment, as well as what a lesson with an assignment looks like for a student.

How to add a test to a lesson?

How to add the test, as well as what the lesson looks like with the attached test for the student.

How to create a test with scores and automatic approval?

Learn more about how to use Kwiga tests to set up automatic knowledge testing of your students.