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How to add an assignment to a lesson?


Learn more about how to attach an assignment, as well as what a lesson with an assignment looks like for a student.

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Create a task

Kwiga assignments allow you to ask questions to students, get feedback on the course, attach files with homework results, etc.

They are created separately from the lesson and are available for editing in the Products section - Tests, tasks, polls.

To create a new task, press +Quiz and enter a name.

Tip: if there are many tasks planned in the course, we recommend adding a topic or lesson number to the title, this will simplify further work with the course program.

Go to the Design tab and add a question by clicking on Assignment, text, graphic answer .

Such a task involves receiving answers from students in the form of text or attached files.

By default, users cannot attach various files to their answers. To provide this option, you need to Allow file uploads in the response on the participant's side . Also, there is an option to Allow audio responses for your students.

You can add multiple questions, just click on the + on the side of the Quiz Program , select the type of the next question and add it.

Set up a task

For each assignment, you can set individual settings, such as enabling grading or adding a timer to limit the time for completing the assignment.

Customize how your job will be checked. You can do an auto-check - the result will be visible to the student immediately after completing the task, or set a mandatory check by the curator.

Add an assignment to a lesson

To attach an assignment, you need to go to editing the lesson.

And click on the + next to Add quiz.

Select from the list the task that you have prepared for this lesson and done.

You can add any number of tasks to the lesson, just press + again and select a name.

Don't forget to click the Save button when you're done editing the lesson.

Additional features:

The assignment can be used as a checkpoint - this means that the student will not be able to advance further in the course until they complete the assignment after the lesson. You choose the conditions for passing: it can be an automatic check for the number of points passed, or approval by the curator / expert. To mark a specific task as a checkpoint, use the Add checkpoint + item and select one or more required tasks.

Displaying a task for a student in a lesson

Lessons that have added tasks are labeled Practice with the number of tasks displayed.

Answers to tasks are added as a comment immediately below the question on the My Answer tab. Files are attached with a paperclip, and the answers themselves are sent by clicking on the arrow in the window for answering the task.

How to view completed course assignments

After the student completes the task, the curator receives a notification - The practice on the course requires verification. If you click on such a notification, a page with course practices will open.

Also, under the link to the presentation page of the course, you can click on the Practice in Progress sign.

On the Practice tab, view the answers to the tasks, just go to the corresponding lesson and view the results.