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How to create a task for different offers?


How to make the settings of practical tasks in the lessons differ depending on the offers, with and without a curator's check.

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Create a task

Settings and access to practical tasks in your course may differ depending on the offers. For example, in one sentence, tasks are checked automatically, and in another, the curator checks the completed task and gives feedback.

For such a situation, first of all, you need to create a task. It can be added in the Products section - Tests, tasks, polls - the + Quiz button and specify the name.

On the Design tab, add a question by clicking on the Task, text, graphic answer .

Such a task involves receiving answers from students in the form of text or attached files.

Note: By default users cannot attach various files to their answers. To enable this, you need to Allow file uploads in the response on the member's side . Also, there is an option to Allow audio responses for your students.

And then on the Settings tab, among other things, set up Quiz Approval - select Automatic.

Create an offer with auto-validation

Then move on to creating offers. Create and set up an offer, for a tariff with automatic approval in the section Sales - Offers - click +Offer.

After creating and filling the course program, add an offer and customize it.

In the next step Product and content access go to setup Access to practice - make the switch green.

And then, in the field Mandatory practice check - select Automatic practice.

Don't forget to click Publish after fully customizing the offer.

Create an offer with curated review

Go to creating another offer, in the same place in the section Sales - Offers - click +Offer.

Set up the offer, and in the Mandatory practice review field, select Mandatory review by curator.

Click Publish.

With Kwiga suggestions you can change course access and customize how homework is approved. The way the practice is tested, for students, will depend on the rate they choose.