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Основи інтеграції та використання Zoom


Усе, що вам потрібно знати про інтеграцію вашого облікового запису Zoom із Kwiga, планування та проведення зустрічей.

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Adding Your App

To use Zoom as part of the Kwiga system and communicate with your students on the platform you need to integrate your zoom account with Kwiga.

To add Kwiga app please login to your Kwiga Expert account, Go to settings->Integrations -> Live sessions and click Configure. Select Zoom and you will be either transferred to the add screen or you will see a list of Zoom accounts already added and Add new button.

To add Zoom account you will be asked to add an alias for it and the email address associated with the account. One you click add, you will be taken you to the Zoom Sign-in form to log in with your credentials.

When you sign in with your Zoom account details, you will be asked to Authorize the Kwiga application.

Once done you will be able to schedule, change and host meetings via Zoom with your students.

Important:  you should take care of the license and plan on your Zoom account as the same rules apply when you host a meeting via Kwiga app or on Zoom directly, such as: time limit on free account, number of participants etc.

You can add as many Zoom accounts as you want on Kwiga. When you will be scheduling meetings on Kwiga you will be able to select which account to use.

Using Kwiga App

Planning and managing Live sessions on Kwiga

Improtant: Zoom offers two options for live sessions: Zoom meeting and Zoom webinars. You can use Kwiga to host any of them, but make sure your account supports both. Zoom Webinars require additional license. On Kwiga both options are called Weniars as you can use other services than Zoom to plan and schedule Webinars. 

You can plan a Zoom meeting by going to Products - Webinars and clicking the add Live session button. You will be asked to fill in details for the meeting, such as name, date and time, select a time zone. If you want to schedule a meeting in Zoom - please select Zoom account that you added earlier or add it. Once you click Plan a Zoom meeting / Zoom Webinar will be scheduled and you will see it in your planned Webinars.

How to start Zoom Live Session on Kwiga

You can start Zoom Live Session you planned either on Kwiga or from your Zoom Account. On Kwiga you will see the button Enter near the scheduled meeting, once you click it - Zoom room will be loaded in your browser. We recommend using Chrome browser to ensure maximum capability and smooth process, same is recommended by Zoom.

How you students can participate in the Zoom session

Once you plan a webinar on Kwiga you will have a joining link for the students. By following this link participants will be able to join your meeting in Zoom.

They will be asked to login to their Kwiga accounts and at the set day\time the Zoom room will be opened.

How to delete scheduled Zoom meeting / Zoom webinar

You can delete only scheduled meetings. The ones that took place cannot be deleted. To delete any future meeting go to Webinars and click on the delete icon near the one you want to delete.

How to uninstall Zoom app / unlink your Zoom account from Kwiga

Go to Settings-Integrations-Live Sessions and select Zoom. You will see a list of accounts that are linked with Kwiga. Click on the Delete icon and confirm you want to delete it.

After that you would need to disconnect your Zoom account from Kwiga, for that sign in to your Zoom account, and then visit the Installed Apps page. Browse for the Kwiga app and click Uninstall.


There are some known limitations related to web integration of the Ζoom SDK:

  • Zoom polls are not supported.
  • Zoom web components currently fully support Chrome or Chromium-based browsers.
  • Administrators (Zoom Hosts) will not be able to promote a student to a panelist if he/she has joined the webinar from within the web browser.
  • Gallery view is not available (it is not supported by Zoom's web control). /li>
  • Buttons' functionalities, like the one that expands to full screen, depend entirely on Zoom.
  • Admins are not able to start a Zoom meeting via their mobile devices.

Any user facing these problems can bypass them by enabling the “Join URL” setting on the related webinar, so the participants can join the meeting via the native Zoom desktop or mobile client.

Frequently Asked Questions

My students report a problem that live-session in Zoom is not opening or working properly on What can I do?

The problem can be a result of old\not updated browser or browser that is not compatible with web-client. You can always turn on the “Join URL” option and propose to your troubled students to connect through the Zoom native client.

Can I connect different Zoom accounts to one account on Kwiga?

Yes, you absolutely can. If you project or school uses different speakers or educators, each of them can integrate their account to one Zoom account and use independently.

Can I schedule multiple Live Sessions?

For sure you can and we even encourage to make all the plans ahead of time. You will see the list of scheduled meetings on Kwiga in the list and very soon in the calendar view.

Be careful not to schedule Zoom meetings/Webinars simultaneously with the same account. If you need to schedule meetings simultaneously, you can use multiple Zoom accounts.

Any questions left? We are always here to help 24\7!



Or just reach out in Livechat on the website!