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Kwiga LMS features


This article summarizes the main features and capabilities of Kwiga LMS for all infobusiness products.

In this article:

Why Kwiga LMS

Kwiga LMS allows you to customize any learning process without the involvement of specialists. To create, fill and school administration You do not need special skills or abilities. Everything can be done by yourself using Help Center or support help. AT Kwiga we perfectly understand that not everyone wants to do similar questions, not everyone has time for this, so if you still don’t want to:

  • Transfer your course(s) from Getcourse, AntiTrainings or any other platform
  • Transfer the contact database and issue accesses
  • Set up a schedule for completing courses, rates.
  • Schedule mailings, segments, and automations for learning processes that save you time and your resources.

Then we are ready to do it for you, for this write to us and we let's discuss the details.

Kwiga LMS Features:


  • Unlimited number of lessons per course
  • The ability to combine lessons into modules, and combine the modules themselves into sections, etc. - unlimited nesting
  • Ability to create a lesson outside the module
  • Unlimited videos per lesson
  • Add files of any type to the lesson: video, audio, documents, graphics, archives.
  • Download videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Bunny CDN or Kwiga repository
  • Any lesson structure: several videos, text blocks, graphic blocks in the order you need just for you
  • Comments below the lesson
  • Homework and tests in each lesson, in an unlimited number and any types through the Kwiga Quizzes: open question, single/multiple choice, drag and drop, pair selection, polls, etc.
  • Recording voice messages in comments, in response to tasks
  • Possibility to add a scoring system
  • Different types of lessons: regular lesson, autowebinar lesson, webinar lesson.
  • Adding sales buttons\banners\CTA to any course video


  • Create an unlimited number of bootcamp stages (days, weeks), combine stages into sections (weeks\months)
  • Marathons of any duration
  • Filling the bootcamp with any materials: audio, video, graphics, text
  • Creating checkpoints for each step: using Kwiga Quizzes, implement any checkpoint task participants
  • Set deadlines for tasks
  • The ability to set up an automatic “departure” from the bootcamp
  • Notification system for participants about a new stage, a suitable deadline and due dates for assignments, etc.
  • Possibility to add points system for gamification and build leaderboards

Private groups

  • Closed channels and groups in Telegram or on Kwiga, where only those who have paid membership\entrance get
  • Associating a private group/channel with a course where only course members go
  • Control over subscriptions in the group, automatic removal of users from the group in the absence of a subscription
  • Notification-reminder system for subscription renewal for participation in a group


  • Quick and easy sale of consultations of certain speakers/experts or personal consultations, private lessons
  • Built-in calendar to simplify the coordination and planning of consultations, meetings, classes: time setting and availability periods, timing and channel of sales consultation.
  • Display scheduled consultations for both experts and students, notification settings to the speaker/client about the upcoming consultation.
  • The ability to include personal consultations in the course or a separate course rate
  • No Kwiga Commission

Online school

  • Create an unlimited number of course subjects combined into one school. Each item has its own speaker\teacher who can only work with his subject.
  • Creation of a student's account and separate accounts of teachers, teachers, administrators, curators - for each roles your accesses and powers.
  • All types of lessons: video lessons, text and graphic materials, live broadcasts, seminars and auto-webinar lessons - recorded video displayed as a live stream for students.
  • Grading system, deadlines for passing assignments and tests - full functionality of Kwiga Quizzes
  • Calendar\schedule displays for speakers\teachers and students
  • Student progress monitoring - advanced progress in scoring subjects, consolidated gradebook on all items.
  • Project and group assignments

Sales and monetization

  • Unlimited number of plans for one course, which may differ in access duration, access to certain lessons, work with curators and feedback from the expert himself.
  • Selling individual modules or even lessons of a single course
  • Selling packages of products: any combination of your products in one package
  • Creating cross-selling offers
  • Installment payments
  • Create time-limited discounts, promotions
  • Creating coupons
  • Collecting a base for pre-sales, creating a waiting list\pre-registration for a course
  • The ability to create several types of free access within 1 course: public lessons - visible to everyone, without registration; free access through registration for a course or part of a course (lesson, module, several lessons/modules) to collect the base contacts and paid access.
  • Setting a limit on the number of sales for a specific offer, limiting the validity of the offer
  • Sales via Wayforpay, Liqpay, Fondy, Portmone, Paypal, Stripe without commission from the platform to your account, automatic issuance of access to students
  • Multicurrency

Pass conditions

  • Issue checkpoints - obligatory completion of assignments and tests to advance in the course
  • The ability to set up automatic passing of tests and practical tasks, as well as enable the ability to verification of assignments by the curator for certain rates.
  • Review of student progress by experts, and visibility of progress for students.
  • Course Freeze
  • Extend the passage for the entire stream or for individual students.

Course administration and team scaling

  • The ability to add and manage individual projects from one account: functionality for producers centers, large schools with different types of products. Allows you to separate statistics for each project, maintain separately accounting for resource consumption and income, analytics, have different teams.
  • Unlimited team members
  • Flexible access settings for each team member, the ability to both isolate teams from each other on different projects, and their intersection on projects or products.
  • Curators in courses: distribution and retention of students on the stream between curators
  • The ability to add a public face of the project and separately public faces for each product (courses, webinars, marathons): a solution for various schools and production centers that allows you to separate the owner of the project and the expert specific direction.

Working with the contact database

  • Import/export contacts without restrictions
  • Bulk actions with contacts
  • Add custom fields
  • Adding required fields for project registration
  • Contact tags and building automation
  • Create marketing emails
  • Segmenting the contact database, creating mailing lists by segments

Customization and Branding

  • Connect your own domain / subdomain
  • Building a landing page using the site builder Kwiga
  • Editing and customizing all emails sent to students from your project