Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 17, 2021

TUTERRIA LTD operates an website that provides course-creating services.

Thanks for your interest in the KWIGA platform. Before you start using our service, you must accept that it collects your personal information. We understand that some users may not know how educational platforms elaborate their private information and for what purposes; therefore, KWIGA decided to create this Privacy Policy to provide a proper explanation. Here you’ll learn some new information about how we handle your personal data. KWIGA focuses on being honest and open with its clients.

KWIGA is a platform that helps online course creators download already composed courses or design them from scratch. Our platform also promotes and sells distance courses and educational materials. You must check this Privacy Policy first because we collect your personal information even when you’re browsing our website, and of course, when you use the platform to design courses. We have the Terms of Use that also manage your access to the KWIGA platform.

The Terms of Use require the minimum age of the user to be 18 years old. If you’re older than 13, you can access services having your parent’s permission or under your parent’s supervision. We collect personal information of only those users who are older than 18 years old. If you worry that we gathered personal information about your child, write a letter to our email, and we’ll delete all information we have.

–†ersonal data controller

Tuterria LTD, a legal entity incorporated under the laws of Cyprus (registration number HE 394595) with its registered office at 25 Makarios Ave Constandinos Building 6017 Larnaca, will be the controller of your personal data.

What Data We Gather From Users

If you think of using our website, you must know that we may require you to share your personal information to access certain features of our service and let us identify your personality. You share information when you sign up to the Platform, purchase a plan, or create a course.

Since our Platform lets people upload their own content, people remain the owners and controllers of this content. All we do is process, promote, and store it. Students who sign up for courses also share certain details of their personal information, and course creators have limited access to it. Platform and course creators act independently and may use Students’ data for their own business purposes, but they operate within the bounds of Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Here are the ways we get your data:

The information you specify when signing up for KWIGA, buying a subscription plan, or using any feature of KWIGA.

Information we gather through cookies. Check Cookie Policy to find out how it works.

Information collected and shared with us by our partners (third-party websites).

Integrations and 3rd party services

You may permit that our Platform interacts with third party services (such as Facebook, Google, Zoom). The information you allow to be accessed by us depends on each service and may be affected by the privacy configurations that you and the others with whom you are connected establish when using the services. Third party services are operated, controlled and maintained by third parties, who have no relationship with us. We recommend that you read the terms of use and privacy policies of the respective third parties to understand how your personal data is collected, used and shared by them with us or with other third parties. 

In Zoom integration is used to schedule or host a meeting or webinar, Kiwga is storing only necessary data about the meeting itself, such as meeting-id (or webinar-id) and meeting-password to access the scheduled event. The data is necessary to provide users with the service of hosting the meeting or webinar, rescheduling it. No further data is collected, processed or stored on Kwiga. 

If you no longer want the data about Zoom Meeting or Webinar being saved on Kwiga - you can simply delete the meeting or unlink your account from Kwiga (more about it in the article). If a user’s account on Kwiga is deleted all data associated with Zoom integrations are deleted immediately.

The Processing of Gathered Information

KWIGA aims to be transparent with clients, so we list how we can use your personal information.

Improve the quality of our product (the Platform) to satisfy every customer's needs;

Deliver target advertising, promo materials, coupons, and discounts to your email when it’s necessary;

Facilitate the usage of services and features you’ve requested;

Provide support to you: keep you aware of updates, security issues and answer your support requests as well;

Manage orders, transactions, and purchases made through the KWIGA website.

Audit and analyze our platform, services, and communication with customers.

To improve the security of the platform, prevent loss and fraud to let you feel safe.

Personalize the content we provide to you.

Disclosure of Your Information To Our Partners

Our Partners (i.e., Third-Party websites) cooperate with us for business purposes, and it’s the reason why we may share your private data with them. Here are these partners:

Personal information of students is given to course creators;

Experts’ data is shared with students and the Platform itself.

We share your data with software providers (cloud services, law companies, and technical service providers).

Our advertising partners get access to your data to target ads with you correctly;

Business parties that send you updates about contests and various events.

Here are the purposes we can disclose your personal details to companies and partners mentioned above:

To deliver our services to you;

Promote KWIGA platform or services of our partners;

To show relevant ads and promote products that are interesting to you;

To make our Platform work better;

To ensure the security of our services and the information you share with us.

Even though we disclose your information to numerous companies, we still value your privacy and safety and protect your data from being hacked. We’re always ready to answer your questions and hear interesting offers from you, so find an email at the end of this policy and contact us.

Changes to This Statement

This policy is effective and relevant as of May 17, 2021, and will remain so, but some changes in the future aren’t excluded. We advise you to review it from time to time to keep track of all updates.

However, we always notify users about any changes even in our policies in these ways: an email and a pop-up window on the website. All changes come into effect immediately as soon as they are posted. And if you continue using the KWIGA Platform, you confirm that you agree with them.

Write To Us

We’ve tried to make every statement in this policy as clear as possible, but if you have any question about it, contact us at