Cookies Policy

May 17, 2021

TUTERRIA LTD operates the KWIGA website that provides service. Please be advised that KWIGA uses cookies on its website, and if you decide to use the service, you must agree with the use of cookies.


This document will give you an insight into the nature of cookies, the ways and purposes for their usage. You’ll also find out information about the interaction of third-party companies with the data we collect, etc. We advise you to check this policy before you accept cookies to avoid any misunderstanding. Besides Cookies Policy, you’d better check the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to know your rights and duties.

KWIGA aims to clarify how we collect cookies and use other technologies to collect your personal information. Here you’ll find out how you can manage your browser's settings to change your choices regarding cookies.

Cookies: what are they?

Any website, including, uses cookies. In simple terms, a cookie is a small fragment of data sent by a website to your computer hard drive. They are also stored in phones, tablet PC’s and other devices that have access to the internet. Avoid confusion with malware: cookies are useful files because they help make your next visit to the KWIGA easier. They help authenticate the user, their login information, settings, and preferences, collect statistical data about users, etc. All this information is stored in a single file. Pixel tags or web beacons also collect your browsing activity and preferences.

Note that KWIGA uses only two types of these data files. The first type is cookies generated by the KWIGA platform and is usually called first-party cookies. The second type we use is third-party cookies. As you understand, they are created by third-party companies (our companions) for advertising purposes.

The ways KWIGA uses cookies

This section of the policy is devoted to the KWIGA purpose and the functions of each type of cookie. Here we mention only the most often used ones, so this list isn’t full.

1st Type: Strictly Necessary

Our website can’t operate without this type of cookie. It’s the only type that doesn't require your consent because they aren’t considered private data. Strictly necessary cookies help store your settings, preferences, and login information on KWIGA.

2nd Type: Analytical and Preference

We need to use Analytics Cookies to get information about the interaction of KWIGA visitors with the service itself. They let us know how many people are browsing KWIGA at the moment, what sections they visit and how long they stay on the website. What about Preference Cookies? They help KWIGA visitors save their preferences. These types are crucial for us since they let us understand visitors' preferences on our website and improve users' experience.

3rd Type: Advertising

They are often called targeting cookies since they are necessary to show you relevant ads. When you enable these cookies, our partners and we collect information about your preferences and topics that interest you. As a result, KWIGA shows you only those ads that may be useful to you.

How can you adjust cookie settings?

Some browsers accept cookies without your consent. If you don’t know whether your browser accepts them or not or want to set your preferences, please visit the settings page and find the necessary section.

We’ve already mentioned that cookies help us improve the way KWIGA works, so if you opt-out of them, be ready that certain functions of KWIGA may not work or work slower than usual.

Contact Us

We tried to make this cookie policy as clear as possible, but we don’t exclude you from questions concerning certain aspects. Don’t hesitate to contact us by this email: We’ll answer all your questions.