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Constructor of Chat Bots on the KWIGA platform

Build chatbots for improved communication with your audience. Your listeners no longer need to spend a lot of time using the services. Sales, technical support, auto funnels - all in one solution!

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Creation of chat bots on the KWIGA platform

Messengers and other communication channels

It is much more convenient for users to communicate through instant messengers, which they open ten times a day. Therefore, it is best to reach out to the audience via Viber, Telegram or WhatsApp.

But it's not just messengers. KWIGA's AI chatbots also interact with users via SMS and email. These virtual interlocutors provide support, answer student questions, present products, launch promotional offers, and promote your educational project on social media.

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Who needs online chat bots and why

Smart bots help those promoting their own online courses or webinars. They greatly facilitate the routine work of registering clients for trainings and can do whatever is necessary even without your participation. However, virtual assistants have more interesting uses.

For sales and attraction

Sell ​​your educational services where your customers talk. Use smart conversationalists for a unique way to attract students to your trainings.

Manual mailings and chains

Notify a certain circle of customers about updates and new activities through a convenient communication channel for you.

Chatbots and auto funnels

Smart bots will help increase sales and reduce time spent, while not missing out on important moments of interaction with listeners. With this innovative method, you will be able to retain your established clientele and get new customer traffic to your educational project.

For customer support

Create chat bots, provide support and get feedback from students. Artificial intelligence is able to recognize human speech, and the neural network allows the system to capture the context of the client's request and provide accurate answers. Plus, the chatbot is constantly learning from the needs of your audience.

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Experience the benefits of a chatbot builder on the KWIGA platform

The main functionality of chat bots

Chatbots for the site will become indispensable helpers - they will completely replace the usual online consultants, reduce maintenance costs, increase sales and increase customer loyalty. And you can spend more time learning.



Smart bots are capable of resolving customer issues. They imitate human speech and act as a dialog interface in any communication channel. It's a pleasure to communicate with such an application.

  • Connecting the operator to the dialogue at any time during the script execution

    The operator can connect to the chatbot conversation at any time for a more efficient solution of the issue. This is especially important when you need to help with a standard situation.

  • Distribution of zones responsible for closing a deal

    Assign operators to each individual correspondence or group of correspondence. This will help ensure that you close as many trades as possible.

  • User filtering

    Sort listeners according to individual items - the presence of a phone number or e-mail, the messenger used, etc. This way you can understand what is best to offer to a specific group of students.

  • Statuses of scripts, bots, subscribers

    Track the status of scripts execution by virtual chat bots, and set priorities for individual correspondence. After all, the main task of a smart assistant is to bring a client.

  • Customer card with his data

    By clicking on the student's avatar, you can see all the necessary data - personal information, products used, access and much more.



Also, the implementation of a chat bot will help to effectively manage the listeners of your online courses and webinars.

  • Import

    Upload ready-made files with lists of subscribers in .csv format through a special form in your personal account.

  • Table with filters, sorting and custom fields

    Filter listeners according to the parameters you need and change the sorting parameters.

  • Customer segments

    Divide clients of internet chat bots according to separate parameters - age, gender, place of residence, etc.

  • Editing customer data

    Modify the existing information and add the actual data of your listeners.

  • Database export

    Upload the lists of students to a separate file for further work with the database.



After launching the chat bot, you can send mailings to listeners of online courses and webinars. They will always be aware of news about your educational project, as well as personal suggestions.

  • Instant / Timed

    Create mailings for instant launch or set a specific time for sending messages.

  • Base segment selection

    Choose specific users to send messages. Create unique conditions for each student of your trainings.

  • Chain creation

    Combine individual message blocks into an automated chain of dialogues. You just need to specify the keywords and move the elements of the chain, sequentially adjusting it.

  • Configuring Messages

    Make your smart conversation partner as attractive as possible. Add titles, text, images, links, buttons and more.

  • Channels of connection

    Customize your mailing list for instant messengers, SMS and email. You can also combine multiple communication channels for maximum audience coverage.



The platform for chat bots will allow you to create the most useful virtual assistants. Moreover, they can work much more efficiently than a living person.

  • Sales tunnel, scenarios

    An automated sales funnel in chat bots will help bring old customers back and attract new ones. It is enough to configure the autofunnel once.

  • Shipping conditions

    Customize absolutely everything - from the age and gender of users who should receive a message, to specific situations (clicking a button, visiting a website, etc.)

  • UTM tags

    Add UTM tags to links to get more traffic data and optimize new customer flow channels.

  • Visual constructor

    Easily and quickly assemble a mailing chain.


Mini landing page

Collect presentation pages to ensure a steady flow of students from messengers.

  • Creating a mini page with a link

    In just a few minutes you will create a chatbot marketing landing page. You will also receive a landing page link to use in your virtual assistant advertisements.

  • Loading a banner

    Choose a mini landing page cover that will surely grab the user's attention.

  • Loading text

    Add your message in a few clicks. And nothing more.

  • Connecting buttons

    Make your subscription page even more effective. Add messenger buttons so listeners can learn about new activities on social networks.

  • Data collection (mail and phone)

    You just need to select the options you want when setting up a mini landing page. The rest is up to your students.



Create automated chains for more customer engagement. Implement all the features of the KWIGA chat bot.

  • Creating letters for mailing

    All tools are in one chat bot constructor. Marketing has never been easier.

  • Creation of conditions for mailing

    Add specific conditions to automatically send messages to your listeners.

  • Ability to switch subscribers to other chains when unsubscribing

    Let your students always remember about your educational business. Tell them how much better he has gotten.

Importing students when developing a platform for online courses

Simplify the management of your online courses and webinars.
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Experience the benefits of a chatbot builder on the KWIGA platform

Interaction with platform tools

Business chatbots are capable of seamlessly interacting with everything on your platform.


KWIGA's chatbot features allow you to collect your customers' requests and route them directly to your CRM.


Smart bots will help you analyze user behavior and optimize sales. This way, you can increase your conversions.


A solution from KWIGA will automate the promotion of your educational business. Do more in less time.

Websites / Pages

KWIGA chat bots will increase traffic to the site from different communication channels - e-mail, SMS and instant messengers.


Virtual assistants will simplify the process of registering for trainings and online lessons. Your listeners only need to leave an e-mail and phone number.


Your listeners no longer need to search for the broadcast on the site. Send invitations to instant messengers or by e-mail with an active link.


Connect your payment system so that students can pay for courses through instant messengers.


Create automated chains for more customer engagement. They will always be aware of the news about your educational project.

Make your business even more efficient than before.

Try the benefits of chat bots now!

Integration with third party services

These are not all the features and tasks of chat bots. Connect other services and tools to make virtual assistants even more effective!

To exchange data with social networks

Get information about users from social networks. The data collected in this way can be used when setting up advertising campaigns.

To other CRMs and platforms

Get information about users from social networks. The data collected in this way can be used when setting up advertising campaigns.

Payment systems

Connect payment systems and accept payments for trainings and online courses right in the messenger. Students will be able to pay for tuition conveniently and easily.


Feel the freedom to run your business. Thanks to our API, you can integrate any of your solutions that can benefit an educational project.


Connect third-party analytics services to better track leads and conversions through Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica and other counters.



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