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Do you want to get a professional website quickly and easily? With the Kwiga website builder, you can easily bring your ideas to life!

Choose the template you like and modify it to your liking. Flexible design and management settings allow you to make the possibilities of your business truly limitless.

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What is the easiest website builder

An online website builder small business needs is a special system that allows you to create a website without programming knowledge. It has a user-friendly interface and a large number of ready-made blocks for creating a personal or corporate website. Thus, anyone will be able to engage in development without prior preparation.

Why is it a good idea to create a website in the builder?

In addition, to quickly and easily collecting business pages, there are other benefits of using a page builder:

  • a large selection of ready-made templates for different types of businesses;
  • it is not necessary to have deep knowledge of design or programming;
  • no dependence on third-party developers;
  • the presence of minimal functionality in the free plan;
  • constant updates of the designer;
  • 24/7 and responsive support.
Take advantage of the easiest website builder and achieve success in your new business!

How to create your site using the builder?

Selecting a website builder

There is a clear list of criteria by which you should choose a business solution:

  1. 1. The presence of a marketplace and an adaptive interface. Support for your native language and a large selection of templates from numerous designers will also be a plus.
  2. 2. Rates. Each service offers free and paid plans. They differ from each other in the number of available templates and the list of functions for connection. At Kwiga, we don't limit your options to pricing plans. Use full functionality and create a website for free!
  3. 3. Template quality. This directly affects the quality of the site itself. If you have chosen a template that does not suit your business, then you are unlikely to get into the top Google search results for your topic; and on Kwiga you have the opportunity to order a design for your site directly on the platform.

The easiest website builder from Kwiga has everything you need to create high-quality and attractive pages.

Domain and hosting for site hosting

After creating your site, you need to take care of a unique and striking domain name, as well as reliable hosting for hosting the page. Kwiga online service offers a custom solution for your website.

  • We take care of many technical issues, from sending notifications to maintaining the site;
  • No need to spend money on CMS or custom development;
  • You can insert your own ads and use the banner rotator to display ads properly.

These benefits attract entrepreneurs who want to save time creating pages with the easiest website builder online.

Selecting a design template

One of the keys to success is proper template selection. This directly affects the structure and appearance of the site. The easiest website builder from Kwiga allows you to do this in just a couple of clicks, without the need to involve a designer in the work. All you have to do is add content to the pages.

Here are our recommendations for creating a unique page.

  1. 1. Add new sections or separate pages with key data (company history, team, services, etc.) to the template. This is the easiest way to make your site stand out among hundreds of others.
  2. 2. Fill the site with “live” photos. Stock images can negatively affect the uniqueness of the site and lower it in the SERP.
  3. 3. Pick a color scheme. It should match the branding of your project. In the Kwiga website builder for small business, you can use special tools to match colors.
  4. 4. Work on the structure of the page. Don't be afraid to change the layout of text blocks, buttons, and other functionality.
  5. 5. Choose readable fonts. Properly chosen typeface and size will make the perception of content more comfortable.
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Preparing content

This is the most difficult, but no less important stage of work on the site. The hardest thing to work with is the text because it must be as original as possible in order to get a high position in the SERP.

There are also other content requirements:

  • Texts and images should simultaneously attract attention and carry a semantic load. Otherwise, they will not benefit readers, and the search engine will lower the ranking of the site;
  • Literacy is the key to success. Therefore, the text should not contain grammatical, spelling, or other errors. Users are unlikely to like poorly written text;
  • All data must be "fresh". Irrelevant information will also not benefit the reader;
  • Every text must have a message. Think about what the material is for - increasing sales, attracting new customers, or just signing up for a newsletter - and add the appropriate material through the site builder;
  • Content should be easy to read. Therefore, immediately forget about the publication of “sheets” and pay due attention to formatting (headings, subheadings, lists, and pictures);
  • Each text should be SEO-optimized, as users will search the site for certain key queries. Therefore, correctly enter keywords and phrases, and do not forget about captions for images. The better the text, the higher your position in the search results.

Final edits and publication

Once the preparation is complete, you should select the “Preview” function in the Kwiga website builder and check the page for:

  • Grammar, spelling, and stylistic errors;
  • correct formatting of the text;
  • Relevance and location of the photo;
  • Clickability of buttons and links;
  • General usability of the site.

You can also assemble a small focus group of friends and acquaintances. They will look at the page and share their constructive (!) feelings about using the site. You can also create a small questionnaire so that users can describe their experiences in detail.

As soon as the first feedback has been collected, and all comments have been taken into account, you can publish the site and collect applications from customers.

Try Kwiga website builder and take your business to the next level!

How much does the Kwiga website builder for small business cost?

Kwiga allows you to create a website of any complexity for free. You are charged solely for connecting a domain or subdomain to web pages.

Domain connection fee — 3.00 USD/month

Domain connection means that you can create a unique URL in the site builder without mentioning the Kwiga subdomain. One project can contain up to 10 sites.


Can I create a website without programming knowledge?
Naturally! The Kwiga website builder for small business has an intuitive interface, so you don't need the help of programmers. Flexible settings and a huge selection of ready-made blocks allow you to quickly assemble a website with a unique design.
Is it easy to create a website using the builder?
Yes, online website builders make it much easier to work with web pages. Choose from hundreds of pre-made templates, customize the design and branding, add content and important features, and that's it!
Is it possible to assemble a landing page using the builder?
Certainly! Kwiga is great for creating landing pages, online stores, blogs, and portfolios. We provide beautiful HTML landing page templates, so you are sure to find something you like. Check out beautiful HTML landing page templates and make your own.
How to make a mobile version of the site using the Kwiga website builder?
A site assembled using templates has an adaptive layout (that is, it looks good on any device). However, you can always select the mobile version of the page in the editor and change the settings as needed.

Our team from the Care Department is ready to help you 24/7. You can also find a lot of useful information in our Help Center.