Online teaching platform for your educational business

The organization provides efficient and effective distance teaching, which is a necessity for many schools and universities. On Kwiga, you can use different teaching formats such as watching recorded lessons and conducting live lessons. Besides, you can provide homework, tests to assess the student’s knowledge, work in mini-groups, and project assignments.

What do students get on our distance teaching platform?

  • Compile their learning materials in one place.
  • Access a consistent delivery of information.
  • Convenience in their ability to access materials.
  • The presence of a convenient system that facilitates communication among students.
  • The display of real-time progress and feedback from teachers.

What do teachers and coaches get on our platform?

  • A convenient and organized learning process.
  • The automation of key pedagogic activities.
  • Channels to facilitate direct interaction and engagement with students.
  • The presence of a large number of students.
  • The generation of reports that are in line with key academic parameters.

What admins and production centers get:

  • The ability to track academic and productivity analytics in real-time.
  • The automation of payment acceptance as well as partial, regular, and instalment payments.
  • Maintain several projects in one place and collect statistics in a single format.
  • Work with multiple consultants and account for their working hours.
What admins and production centers get
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Easy settings of the online teaching platform

The platform has simplified each task. Take advantage of our offers to enhance distance teaching.

Creative approach to teaching

A simple and flexible constructor will help you create a platform for online teaching. Let your students enjoy the ease and convenience of distance learning.

Create online platform for teaching your audience

Let the ones who are yearning for success to seek more knowledge. Establish key goals and outcomes for online courses.

Add some interactivity

The platform will have practical tasks, tests, and surveys to facilitate engagement and seek feedback from students. Besides, students will take their final exams at the end of the module, which should assess whether students have learned key academic material and determine the effectiveness of the platform for online teaching.

Creative approach to teaching

Uploading Full HD recordings of classes to the system for online teaching

You will have an opportunity to upload educational materials that have a higher visual and sound quality in order to improve how listen and to comprehend the information. For this reason, it is clear that KWIGA guarantees a higher quality of your online courses.

In addition, the KWIGA distance teaching service offers you a space to download videos via YouTube and Vimeo using a private link.

Create your landing page

The presentation page is the “sign” of your educational project. Our team has undertaken all the key measures to reduce the time that you need to create a platform for online teaching. You will create a name for the course, provide a detailed description of the program, and offer an outline of its key goals.

Automatic notifications for students in the online teaching program

The platform has gotten rid of complicated notification systems. Instead, the platform has a flexible notification system of the online platform for teaching online. The notification system alerts students on key academic activities such as pending assignments or deadlines, as well as new comments and reviews, which will allow your students to be aware of key events.

Collecting the base and advertising on the platform for training courses

You will embed ad blocks on top of your video tutorial. Similarly, you will have buttons and special fields that can help you collect crucial data from potential users for your information products.

A simple distance teaching analytics system

The platform has also abandoned complicated menus. Instead, you will monitor the required indicators directly in the course card. Thus, one can notice how the online teaching platform Kwiga acknowledges and prioritizes your success and growth.

Create your landing page

Ease of use of the Kwiga online teaching platform

Import listener lists

Furthermore, KWIGA offers you an opportunity to download contacts from other platforms and add them to your student database. In this case, all users will also receive an invitation to the online classes through their e-mails.

Access system

After subscribing to the online teaching program, each teacher will receive educational materials that match his or her training option. You will also have an opportunity to post webinars in the public domain.

Get paid on a popular platform for online teaching

Try our programs and you will get adequate financial returns that will make your life easier. Others have also benefitted from such programs.

Accounting without problems

We will even take care of the paperwork while you participate in the teaching activities. Kwiga online teaching platform is a profitable and affordable teaching program!

Accept payments directly on the online teaching platform

During the registration process, students will pay for courses in multiple convenient approaches. Students will have to connect to different payment systems since the platform accepts money from anywhere in the world.

Simple pricing options

The platform also accepts payments from different pricing options such as coupons, subscriptions, and bundles.

Speak more loudly

You should also try our affiliate marketing tools. The experience will help you understand how the online teaching platform has scaled your education business.

Tools for distance Kwiga online teaching platform for teachers and students

We have prepared various solutions and products that make it possible to create effective training for any audience and achieve your goals:
Online courses or a series of online lessons, or seminars
You will access different types of online courses that have unique goals. You will feel free to attract an audience and offer paid online courses that have an unlimited number of tariffs and streams and other courses that will facilitate training and onboarding employees or testing of knowledge. The online teaching platform allows you to conduct live seminars and create a series of online lessons for an in-depth study of a topic or discipline.
They provide a special tool to achieve quick results for your audience in an online format. Similarly, you will have intensive classes with a built-in system that provides alerts, departures, and rewards.
Closed communities and groups
Closed communities and groups
The platform creates online communities, organizes project work, and contributes to a separate channel for communication on the effectiveness of the online course via Telegram channels or the built-in chat on Kwiga. We also offer easier procedures to create paid groups or communities in Telegram through the automatic control of payment for group membership and the process of adding and deleting members upon payment/non-payment.
You can accept payment for a consultation or conduct individual and group lessons easily. Besides, you will schedule a consultation or lesson at the time of payment and create reminders of upcoming events and reports on completed activities.
Checklists, guides
Checklists, guides
The platform for online teaching offers the opportunity to create and access a checklist, or even guides that have free or paid access, which will depend on your goals.
Polls, assignments, tests
Polls, assignments, tests
You will have the ability to create a set of tests, and assignments to assess the student’s knowledge, and surveys to collect feedback. They can be part of a course, a marathon, or a stand-alone product that can be integrated into another process that is outside of the Kwiga platform.
Webinars, Seminars
You will conduct online broadcasts and communicate with your audience, which might vary from a few people to even tens of thousands of participants. You can even record broadcasts using the tools of our online platform for teaching and selling.
And this is not all that will be available to you soon!
Our goal is to create a convenient and effective LMS system for distance teaching. For this reason, the KWIGA app has emerged as the most feasible platform for such academic activities.
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The cost of the Kwiga distance teaching platform

from $15 / month

More importantly, each program will be structured based on the individual requests and requirements that the clients might have.

The cost of the service will start from $15 per month for small schools. This model allows you to save money and clearly understand what tools you pay for. The payment is based on an autorenewal approach and on a monthly basis as long as the account has enough funds. However, you have an opportunity to change the schedule and replenish the balance every few months or even on a biannual basis.

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And another moment!

How LMS Kwiga differs from other teaching platforms and solutions

You will access flexible settings and improved functionality of LMS. The online teaching platform has a full range of tools to conduct an educational business.

You will have a 24/7 care service that listens and responds to all your requests. We also provide feedback quickly and portray the commitment to continuously improve the teaching platform.

You will get a transparent description of prices and payment for the service, as well as payments for the resources that you have used.

You will also access an easy and intuitive interface. You do not need a technician to set up multiple courses, or even run a school with many experts and curators. Instead, our care service will help you with any technical questions.

Besides, you will get free customization to your requirements. The online teaching platform for teachers and students facilitates the transfer of materials and student databases from other services to this platform.

You will have the ability to use other Kwiga products without seeking any additional integrations such as CRM, email service, chatbot, website builder, and others.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the specific solutions that Kwiga offers for distance teaching?
We create online courses, checklists/guides, tests/surveys, and homework assignments, as well as offer a solution for marathons, organize consultations, and establish closed communities (Telegram groups).
Is it possible to check homework assignments and give feedback to students?
Yes, the Kwiga online teaching platform for teachers and students offers an opportunity to communicate with students and give feedback in a written or audio format.
Can I create a series of online lessons?
Yes. You can create courses in Kwiga with any number of lessons grouped with respect to different modules.
Do students need to install any software to work on the teaching platform?
No. you do not need to install any specific programs or applications. The platform for online teaching only requires the Internet and an electronic device to access the online program.
Can I use the platform for private lessons?
Of course. The distance teaching platform Kwiga allows you to plan, reschedule and conduct lessons with a personalized and individualized approach.
How many students can be added to the course?
Teachers will not face any limits on the number of students. Instead, the number of students can even reach tens of thousands. This will not affect the effectiveness and efficiency of the platform since it has the capacity to handle huge traffic.
Can I connect my domain/subdomain to your platform?
Yes. The Kwiga platform for online teaching provides such an opportunity. We have created detailed connection instructions, so you do not need a technical specialist.
Still have questions?
The answers can be found in our Help Center or ask us personally
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