Learning Management System (LMS)

KWIGA makes it possible to offer a convenient and effective LMS website for schools and companies. You can customize the format of your lessons to include video playback or live classes, create various types of homework and tests for quick evaluations, and organize small group assignments or projects.

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Learning Management System (LMS)
What Learners Get on KWIGA LMS Website?

What Learners Get on KWIGA LMS Website?

  • Access to numerous series of classes on various subjects;
  • The ability to study from any device with an internet connection;
  • The option to communicate through video and audio with teachers and fellow students;
  • Affordable tuition fees;
  • Receiving a certificate of completion for lessons or courses on the LMS online.

What Tutors and Content Producers Get

Tutors and Coaches
Tutors and Coaches
  • Efficient structuring of the learning process on an LMS website;
  • Streamlining of repetitive tasks;
  • Concentrating solely on student engagement without interruptions;
  • Handling multiple students simultaneously;
  • Producing reports based on defined criteria.
Content Producers
Content Producers
  • Monitoring and effortless generation of real-time analytics on the LMS online;
  • Automated processing of payments, including partial, recurring, and installment plans;
  • Centralized management of multiple projects, with unified statistical reporting;
  • Collaboration with various freelancers, tracking worked hours.

What LMS Tools Are Available on KWIGA?

We've developed a diverse range of products and solutions on the online learning LMS designed to facilitate impactful training for any target group, ensuring the attainment of desired objectives.

Online Courses
Online Courses
You can create numerous online courses tailored to help you reach your objectives and attract a new audience. Provide training and orientation for your individual and corporate students, and host thematic workshops online on an LMS website.
Online Schools
Online Schools
KWIGA provides all the tools for efficient management of your online school, including tracking and documenting teacher hours, attendance, student grade records, and more.
KWIGA offers you to create a product that delivers speedy outcomes for your target audience through immersive classes that utilize a notification, milestone, and incentive online LMS.
Closed Communities
Our LMS online allows for the effortless creation of closed groups or communities, with automatic control of payment for group subscriptions and the ability to add and remove paid and non-paid members.
Individual/Group Consultations
Boost your income by providing online individual or group consultations. This feature helps you easily manage your business by getting paid, scheduling sessions, and receiving timely reminders and reports on LMS online classes.
Guides and Checklists
Boost the value of your online learning LMS content by providing participants with free or paid checklists.
Tasks and Polls
Tasks and Polls
KWIGA LMS website provides tools for creating tasks and polls of all kinds. You will be sure that participants will have fun filling out forms and completing quizzes. Besides, you can analyze the results efficiently and improve students’ learning paces.
Webinars and Live Lessons
Webinars and Live Lessons
With the ability to host an unlimited number of online sessions, you can effortlessly sell your products and services. Boost your sales with banners, buttons, and scripts while keeping track of your progress with convenient reports and analytics.
KWIGA online LMS users worldwide acquire new facts and skills
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Get the Most Out of the Best Online LMS

Our LMS website simplifies every task, enabling you to optimize your courses and webinars. Look at the features that will extend your audience’s learning experience.

Create an Engaging Content

Use a simple and flexible course builder to create an online learning LMS that delights your students and enhances their learning experience. With advanced tools, you can create your first webinar in 30 minutes!

Provide a Top-Notch Service to Your Clients

Set clear objectives for your online courses to let your audience get relevant knowledge and use it in life.

Make Your Learning More Interactive

Engage your learners with practical tasks, tests, and surveys in the virtual classroom to make the online learning LMS experience engaging and impactful. Administering final exams after each module will enable you to evaluate the effectiveness of your LMS online and assess the student's mastery of the course material.

Get the Most Out of the Best Online LMS

Provide High-Quality Content via the Online Learning LMS

High-quality visuals and audio are essential for effective learning. KWIGA assures the quality of your online courses. You can also upload videos to the KWIGA LMS website via a private link from YouTube or Vimeo.