CRM software for business

Kwiga offers user-friendly CRM software to manage your business. Forget about countless spreadsheets in Excel, dozens of chats in various instant messengers, and a bunch of papers. Everything you need is in one place.

Benefits of Kwiga's CRM platform

Manage workflows without limits. The educational project management system offers:

  • a single database with detailed data on clients;
  • absolutely transparent sales department. With the help of the Kwiga business CRM software, you can always find out which employee is responsible for certain work tasks;
  • detailed purchase statistics. This allows you to analyze the work of the sales department in specific periods of time and draw certain conclusions;
  • the ability to predict profits and plan the development of the educational business based on the statistics obtained.

Why Kwiga combines the best of CRM systems

CRM system for business Kwiga is universal as it:

  • automates the routine processes of marketing and selling courses;
  • provides customer support with care staff;
  • guarantees unified work with listeners' requests received through various communication channels (email, social networks, instant messengers);
  • customized for you and your business processes;
  • stores data about operations, and also processes indicators using analytical algorithms.

In addition, even beginners can understand CRM software. But even experienced users will be satisfied with the functionality of our CRM business software.

Any course, any learning path - CRM management system Kwiga lets you manage them at the click of a finger.

How to understand if CRM is needed for your educational project

Not in all cases, the creators of online schools really need to implement CRM software for business. We propose to consider both cases.

When is CRM the perfect fit for your project?

An automated online school management system will come in handy if you have hired a team of sales managers. In this case, CRM management system allows you to work with customers and focus on constant communication via SMS, email, or instant messengers. At the same time, you need to keep a history of communication with all students in order to constantly collect leads and build long-term relationships with buyers. This is suitable for many types of business, including educational projects.

When will CRM fail?

However, CRM software for business is not suitable if you are not interested in long-term relationships, do not write letters to clients by email, and do not try to reach them through social networks. Here everything depends on the experience of the manager. However, without CRM management system, it is impossible to imagine a modern online business, especially the work of an online school. After all, CRM software greatly simplifies communication and increases sales.

How the Kwiga business CRM managing software works

The abbreviation CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. With the help of an automated business solution, you can communicate more effectively with a person, avoid mistakes and sell him more.

In the past, spreadsheets were used to store customer data. But the Kwiga CRM software offers so much more! By clicking on the buyer's name, you will see a card. It stores the entire history of communications - from the first contact to purchases. In addition, CRM management system allows you to listen to calls, look at the history of purchases, create documents using ready-made templates, write emails or SMS, and set tasks in the scheduler.

When the buyer contacts by phone, the system offers to get acquainted with his card. That's why you call him by his first name when you receive a call. At the same time, it does not matter which of the managers led this client before - you will be able to answer all the questions yourself. In addition, the Kwiga business CRM software sends notifications by email or SMS about the status of the purchase. As a result, you saved a lot of time not only for yourself but also for the student, who will continue to attend your online courses with pleasure.

What problems can CRM management software for business Kwiga solve

We have developed our own CRM solution software to work with the customer base, new registrations, and sales. An automated solution can solve the following problems

Manage company customer data

The customer database is the heart of any CRM system software. It stores information not only about customers but also about partners and competitors. The customer base is the most valuable asset. Therefore, for the successful development of the educational business, you need to be able to use this information correctly.

And the Kwiga CRM environment will help in this matter. Combining relationship history with the best analytics tools will help you retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Sales planning and employee control on a CRM solution software for business

The results depend on the correct preparation of the plan. After all, the manager should be motivated to achieve the set targets. Therefore, the owners of educational projects have special requirements for CRM management system.

A high-quality CRM management software for business allows you to control the sales funnel, monitor the implementation of the plan, and compliance with payment deadlines. Also, using the online environment, you can assess the volume of confirmed payments and the likelihood of closing deals, manage workflows in the online school and monitor the progress of each transaction.

Direct sales management

CRM management software for business stores a complete history of communication with customers. Therefore, managers can pay attention to their behavior and create personalized offers. Due to this, it increases customer loyalty to the educational business.

Also, Kwiga CRM business software offers accurate analytical and forecasting tools. This allows you to optimize sales channels and increase revenue.

Automated Marketing

In addition, using CRM management software, you can create opportunities for effective marketing management. So, advanced tools allow you to plan a marketing strategy, manage event budgets, and coordinate the work of the marketing department.

Marketers get access to an environment for segmenting customers and automating mailings through various communication channels (SMS, email, social networks, instant messengers). And for the analysis of profitability and efficiency, special tools are offered.

In addition, the list of standard functions for automated marketing through the Kwiga CRM management software for business includes:

  • management of direct marketing activities (mailings);
  • organization of marketing research (questionnaires, surveys, etc.).

As a result, the conversion of potential customers into real ones is growing thanks to using proper CRM business software.

Webinar Portfolio Management

Any educational project is directly interested in providing its listeners with only useful content at an affordable price. Therefore, it is important to constantly create new training and courses, and CRM management system helps you greatly.

CRM management software for business allows you to structure lessons properly and manage the entire set of educational content. You can also keep track of special offers and discounts. This will allow us to identify popular seminars in the future and offer clients the best training conditions.

Automated workflow

An online business solution will reduce the time spent on routine tasks. The CRM solution software provides everything you need to maintain external and internal documentation. CRM management software lets you:

  • generate documents according to ready-made templates;
  • create printed versions;
  • keep data up to date;
  • quickly search for documents in the system;
  • create an electronic data warehouse, etc.

In addition, the CRM management software for business offers to organize group work with documents. The system offers a clear delimitation of access to data, and electronic signatures, as well as the establishment of relationships between individual documents.

Workflow management through Kwiga CRM business software

When running an online business, as in any other case, it is extremely important to structure business processes. If online business workers follow the instructions, the number of errors in the work is minimized. Therefore, the company works faster, the income increases, and the results are much easier to predict. And if the manager is very clear, then the employees need help. After all, it is necessary to identify the weak points of certain processes.

All this can be solved thanks to the Kwiga CRM system software. The combination of customer relationship management and advanced online management tools can speed up the work of all employees. Therefore, managers will be able to correctly keep records of tasks, and managers - to analyze the results.

Rationalization of working time

The development of the entire business depends on the correct distribution and accounting of time for completing tasks. CRM management software allows you to specify the current working hours, as well as to plan the load for the months ahead.

For this, the Kwiga CRM software contains a convenient schedule. It allows you to plan work hours, mark the progress of tasks, and view similar data of colleagues. As a result, the head of the online school receives all the data on the performance of employees.

Optimization of communication between employees

If there is no proper communication between employees, there is no profit. This rule has always worked. Therefore, it is extremely important for the educational business to properly build interaction and exchange of information.

A high-quality Kwiga business CRM system software allows you to organize the correct work of online business employees. In this case, the probability of losing important data is 0%! All actions of the staff will be synchronized, and the functional roles of employees when working with students will be correctly coordinated.

In addition, an automated solution ensures the training of new personnel in the shortest possible time. And all thanks to the use of uniform standards and leading practices in the educational business.

Analytical capabilities of the CRM system software

Thanks to detailed statistics and professional analytical tools provided by CRM management software, even a novice can perform complex data analysis, look at the results and make the right decision.

To analyze and control typical business processes in the online school, standard reports are provided. But you can create a personalized report using the built-in report builder in the Kwiga business CRM management software. You can also track the KPI (key performance indicators) of each employee. This allows you to correctly evaluate the effectiveness of the work of personnel.

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How is Kwiga's CRM system different from other systems?

  • An automated CRM management software for business allows you to increase profits and simplify its receipt.
  • You can grow your educational business more successfully by increasing productivity and speed.
  • Increasing the speed of managers' work increases the volume of transactions due to the large time spent on sales;
  • CRM managing software allows you to increase income by increasing the number of sales and increasing the average check;
  • Thanks to convenient tools inside the platform, it increases the success of the online business and the prestige of its leader.

Frequently asked questions

What is CRM for?
The Kwiga CRM software for business automates the routine processes of marketing and sales of courses, keeps track of task participants and offers tools for optimizing working time.
Do I need to learn how to use CRM?
CRM managing software has an intuitive interface, so even a beginner can figure it out.
What integrations are there in CRM Kwiga?
Now the Kwiga CRM system software provides integrations with instant messengers, email marketing services, chat bots, report builders, and end-to-end analytics services.
Is there an app for mobile phones?
The application is under development; however, all pages of the online business management service have already been adapted for viewing and working on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

Our team from the Care Department is ready to help you 24/7. You can also find a lot of useful information in our Help Center.