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How to use the platform and create quiz online?

An online quiz builder is a software solution or standalone platform that allows users to create and manage online quizzes. These quizzes can be used for various purposes: education, training, typical knowledge testing, or just for fun.

Quiz maker usually offers a list of features that allow users to create an online survey and customize it to suit their needs. Also, the distance learning platform allows you to add multimedia content, such as images, audio, or video.

Test Builder is a great choice for educators, coaches, companies, or general users who want to create their own test on a specific question and sell it using Kwiga sales funnel builder. The quiz maker is available online from any device.

Benefits of creating surveys online

Each eLearning platform offers a user-friendly quiz builder. They differ in features and functions that teachers and students can use. But they all have common advantages:

User Friendly

Each student of online courses can take tests at any convenient time. This is especially important for cases when a student takes an asynchronous course and independently determines the lesson schedule for himself.

Save time

Online quiz maker allows you to quickly check the knowledge of the participants through automatic testing of tests. This makes the testing process easier, faster and cheaper.

Deep knowledge test

Each quiz composed with online quiz creator uses different question formats, so users won't be able to guess and move on to the next quiz.

Maximum involvement in the learning process

Modern educational platforms allow you to create quiz and anonymous test that makes participants more motivated and improves the quality of knowledge testing.

Objective evaluation

Automatic check of answers eliminates the human factor and the influence of personal relationships between the online quiz builder and users.

Instant feedback

Modern quiz builder offers the ability to customize tests in such a way that when choosing the wrong answer, a person receives an explanation of the material on this issue.

Detailed results analytics

Teachers get access to the statistics of test results. This allows you to focus on the results of specific participants, make changes to the course program, and create a lead generation quiz to get even more participants.

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7 easy steps to create an anonymous test by quiz builder

Now it's time to familiarize yourself with the process of creating a quiz online. Let's consider online quiz maker in detail and step by step.

Choose a test creation tool

In our case, it's pretty simple to create a quiz using a quiz builder. LMS Kwiga has a built-in constructor that allows you to create a questionnaire with different question formats.

Define the type of testing

Tests in online courses are divided into two main types:

  1. Educational (intermediate). They are needed to consolidate knowledge and have few restrictions both in time and in attempts to choose an answer in the task.
  2. Checking. In this case, the test has a clear time limit and only one attempt to give the correct answer.

Before you create a questionnaire with a quiz builder, you should review the course program again and think about the purpose of the test.

Select the format of tasks

Online quiz maker provides various question formats. Here are the most common types of jobs:

  • Choice of one answer - the participant chooses only one correct answer.
  • Multiple choice - the principle is the same as in the previous option, but you need to select several correct answers from the list provided. This question format is more complex and requires precise knowledge of the topic.
  • True/False - The participant determines whether the statement is true or false.
  • Short answer - in this case, the user must enter the answer in text or number format. It is impossible to choose an answer at random here.
  • Sequence - the user must arrange the proposed options in the correct order. Most often, this format is used by quiz maker in questions to restore the chronology of historical events or the arrangement of numbers.
  • Fill in the Blanks - This type of question is suitable for questions about certain concepts or rules. The user must fill in the gaps by dragging words or parts of phrases from the list or by entering the answer manually.
  • Matching - the participant must connect paired words, pictures, or phrases. To complicate the question, add a few deliberately incorrect options.

The complexity of testing depends on the selected number of question types and quiz builders you choose.

Work on the questions and answers

Its effectiveness depends on the correct wording of tasks during the creation of an online quiz. Remember that users are left alone with tasks, and quiz builders allow you to create sophisticated tests for every level of knowledge gained. And if they do not understand the essence of the issue, they will not be able to ask the teacher for advice. Therefore, you need to work carefully on questions and answers using Kwiga online form builder. Here are our tips:

  1. Keep assignments simple and clear. Ideally, your question is a sentence of up to 20 words without complicated phrases.
  2. The text should not contain repetitions or mutually exclusive phrases (this is especially true for tasks like “True / False”). Otherwise, participants may not understand the question created by the quiz maker.
  3. Mention exact facts. Online tests do not tolerate approximation.
  4. Open-ended questions should start with the words “what”, “why”, “how much”, etc.
  5. Think carefully about answer options that fit the structure but are distracting.
  6. Avoid using “all of the above” and “none of the above” response options when you make a quiz online.
  7. For questions that require filling in blanks, do not use options where you can accidentally write a lowercase letter instead of a capital one or add extra letters. The answer may be correct in this case, but the system will not automatically count it.

All of these rules are critical to creating clear assignments that truly assess users' knowledge.

Set specific options when you make a quiz online

The choice of parameters depends on the specific purpose of testing: to consolidate the acquired knowledge or to check the assimilation of the material. You can also use our online personality quiz maker to develop a test to evaluate individual traits, preferences, and characteristics. In any case, course creators set four important parameters using quiz builder.

Setting a passing score

When you create an anonymous test with a quiz maker, you may have doubts about the passing score. In this case, there are no universal tips, so start from the goal of the course.

For example, let's say you're creating a web design basics questionnaire. Its main goal is to consolidate the material covered by students and fill in gaps in knowledge. The optimal passing score is 70 out of 100 possible.

If you conduct a final test of health workers' knowledge, then 100 points out of 100 can be passing. It is quite simple to explain this: in real life, the fate of the patient depends on the actions of doctors. And if you make a mistake, it will be very expensive.

Random selection of tasks

As for the length of the test, teachers often make a quiz online with a quiz builder and ask 25 to 30 questions. However, making the total pool of tasks somewhat larger is recommended - from 75 to 120 questions. In this case, the system will automatically select questions from the list and offer them to users. Such tests will be unique for each participant if built with quiz maker online and can significantly reduce the likelihood of cheating.

Number of response attempts

If the purpose of the online questionnaire is to check the final preparation of users, give them only one attempt per answer. Then it will not be easy to solve tasks at random, but at the same time, participants will receive more objective assessments.


This parameter of the online questionnaire is extremely important for intermediate tests. The essence of branching is extremely simple: when the user makes a mistake, the system displays an explanation of the correct answer on the screen. If he answers correctly, he moves on to the next question. This approach of online quiz maker allows participants to understand the material of the online course better.

Pay attention to the design of questions in the online questionnaire

Not every user enjoys passing the test, and for some of them, testing is akin to a nightmare. To make a quiz online with a quiz builder, you must work hard on the questions and add some interactivity. You can do this in two ways:

  • Visual design of questions. Choose a new design for each task: choose a unique font or color for the background of the question.
  • Voice-over tasks. Add a pre-recorded file or record an audio version of the question directly in the Kwiga LMS. After that, you can edit the file so that the voice acting does not have extraneous noise.

With the right approach to interactivity, you can create online quiz and add interesting tasks that your users will surely like.

Determine the time for the participant to pass the test

Another major factor for quiz maker is the time limit. It must be set in such a way that the participants answer honestly and do not have the opportunity to cheat. Depending on the length of the online questionnaire and the complexity of the questions, choose the passage time from 10 to 30 minutes.

This is quite enough to solve all the tasks. After all, if an employee understands nothing about a topic, then cheat sheets will not help him.

How much does it cost to create online quiz?

Quiz Builder is available for free. You immediately get access to the full functionality of the platform, can create online quiz, and pay only for passing the quiz - from $ 0.008 per pass. The first 20 playthroughs every month are free!

There is no charge for quizzes that are part of a course or marathon on Kwiga quiz builder.

The number of passes in all cases is unlimited.

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Common questions about creating online surveys

How easy is it to create online quiz using the constructor?
You have a choice of hundreds of templates for creating an online survey. You can choose any of them, add your own content, and publish the test for further passing.
Where can I find the test results?
The results of all quizzes are available in your personal account. There you can read the answers of each user and think over a personalized learning strategy or simply check the level of knowledge on certain issues.
What types of tests are available on the service for creating questionnaires?
You can create online quiz with any type of knowledge test - tests with one correct answer, questions with several correct answers, questions with an open form, true/false, etc. This allows you to assess participants' knowledge levels as objectively as possible.

Our team from the Care Department is ready to help you 24/7. You can also find a lot of useful information in our Help Center.