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Creation of webinars on the KWIGA platform

The main functionality of the platform for online webinars

Broadcasts of webinars and online workshops

All the necessary tools for setting up and running live classes are available in your personal account. All you need is a webcam and microphone.

Venue for webinars

Fast conference

Create a conference and invite your current and potential students to it.

Live streaming on a webinar platform

Automatic workshops

All the necessary tools for setting up and running live classes are available in your personal account. All you need is a webcam and microphone.

Turn on the air on the platform for online webinars

The benefits of hosting online webinars on KWIGA

Intuitive interface

A step-by-step approach will help you quickly and efficiently prepare for an online lesson.

Work without "lags", video demonstration without freezes

The service broadcasts video and sound without freezing, which will make it possible to better explain the educational material to the listeners.

No additional software

Modern web technologies that KWIGA uses do not require plugins to be installed.

Recording of broadcast and auto webinar

The platform automatically records and stores your lesson on a secure server so that you can continue to work with it.

Support for popular browsers

The webinar service does not need to be installed on a computer. Everything you need is available in the web interface.

Minimum effort

Forget boring instructions. Mastering online webinars within the service is very fast.

Device autoconfiguration

No worries! KWIGA independently checks devices and adjusts the video quality to their needs.

In-house development

KWIGA uses unique technologies to organize live activities. It is also possible to connect additional solutions.

Simple analytics

All the necessary information about the workshop is available in the information card.

KWIGA offers an extensive set of functions for creating and delivering master classes.

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Technologies for maintaining video quality on a webinar platform

How students perceive information depends on the quality of sound and picture. The KWIGA service guarantees the high quality of your activities both during and after live broadcast.

All training recordings are converted to MP4 1080p format and then stored on a secure server. All materials are encoded using advanced codecs and algorithms. They maintain the proper quality of video and audio files, and also open up huge opportunities for the development of your project.

The Full HD standard allows you to read text written in small print, as well as analyze pictures with many details. 1080p quality is supported by all modern devices - computers, smartphones and tablets.

In addition, you can start and record broadcasts of your master classes via Youtube. Share the closed link to the lesson with your students.

Сервис для проведения вебинаров с камеры в высоком разрешении
Разместите свой курс в каталоге KWIGA
Разместите свой курс в каталоге KWIGA

Brand presentation when creating a webinar

A presentation page is a showcase for your project. Therefore, it is important to set it up quickly and easily. You can easily and simply come up with the name of the online lesson, describe it, add the necessary materials, and also carry out additional customization.

Nothing extra

Only the most important functions for organizing trainings are available in the settings menu.

Unique content

Captivate viewers with a bright cover.

Customizable room

Adapt the room to suit your needs.

Создание страницы бренда на лучшем сервис вебинаров

Convenient management of the webinar system

Setting access

Pupils will be able to familiarize themselves with the amount of materials provided by the curriculum. You can also make any lesson open to everyone.

Auto-recording of webinars

KWIGA automatically records live lessons and saves them in your personal account. Share the link with your listeners or download the video on your PC.

Working with tags

The tagging system allows you to divide students and classes into separate groups. Besides, search by tags greatly speeds up and simplifies the work with the platform.

KWIGA offers quality tools so you can share your education business with as many people as possible.

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Interaction with listeners

Create tests and surveys to test your students.

Get customer feedback through comments and live chats.

Тестирование и анкетирование при проведении вебинара прямо сейчас

High-quality communication will allow you to answer all the students' questions, as well as increase their confidence in your educational project.

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Accept payments

Each new listener, after registering at the online school, can pay for participation in the webinar in any convenient way. Connect various payment systems to accept money from any country.


Accept payment for tuition in a currency convenient for students thanks to the support of payment systems.

Professional bookkeeping

All payment data is collected in a separate table. In addition, we manage payment systems remotely thanks to convenient integration.

Quality affiliate marketing tools

Tell as many people as possible about your educational project.

Special offers with flexible pricing

Make learning profitable for you and your students. Offer subscriptions, packages, and more.

Visa and MasterCard support

This will allow to pay for participation in the training by credit card.

Convenient online payment module

Nothing extra, just everything you need.

Payment page design

Make users feel comfortable.

Fast payment processing

The money is credited to the account in a matter of seconds.

About data security

  • Your business is your pride. And we know like no one else how important it is for you to trust KWIGA. Our anti-fraud team ensures your webinars are safe.

  • Get access to flawless hosting to protect your data.

  • KWIGA staff do not influence the content of your online lessons.

  • We monitor the security 24/7 for your peace of mind.

  • Don't wait for new features to appear. All updates are automatic.

  • A 2048-bit SSL certificate guarantees the safety of customers' personal data when logging in and ordering.

  • KWIGA only works with the best PCI DSS Level 1 financial service providers. This is further confirmation that your data is safe.

Безопасность проведения платных вебинаров

Smartphone solutions

Not every student can watch the live broadcast of the webinar from a computer or laptop. Therefore, sometimes you need to resort to using portable devices - smartphones and tablets. KWIGA's web interface automatically adapts to any screen. However, for regular listeners of your training, our mobile solution is being developed.

Convenient applications for portable devices based on iOS and Android will help you easily expand your audience and improve communication with regular customers. Each user will be able to join the broadcast from their smartphone or tablet.

The mobile solution allows:

  • Join live streams at the online school.

  • ask questions about video or audio communication.

  • watch presentations.

  • leave comments and messages in the chat.

  • And that's not all that you will be able to use very soon!

  • Our goal is to create a comfortable learning environment for everyone. Therefore, the KWIGA mobile application is convenient and practical.

Решения для вебинаров с мобильных гаджетов

Integration with third party services

Connect third-party services to exchange data both within KWIGA and from it. Leverage payment systems, social media, and automated marketing and analytics solutions.

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What are video tutorials for?

People like live broadcasts for their real emotions and unique knowledge. Conducting online master classes not only brings students as close as possible, but also increases their confidence.

How to create an online webinar?

Go to your KWIGA account, find the "Broadcasts" tab and select the format you need.

How do I invite people to a live webinar?

Copy the link to your broadcast or your brand page and share it via social networks, instant messengers, SMS, and email. You can also launch an advertising campaign by using the same link.

How to motivate to watch the broadcast to the end?

For example, you can announce the most important information or add bonuses for viewers at the end of the online training. You can find out about the various techniques from our blog.

Can I connect a live webinar broadcast from YouTube?

Yes. In the submenu "Distribution and delivery" you can choose where the live broadcast will go from.

My course has low engagement. What to do?

Take a look at the statistics on the course card and correct any bugs.

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