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Email marketing is a full-fledged channel for educators to interact with their students. Any business type needs to set up email campaigns to spread the word about new services or just send out transactional emails related to orders and purchases. You would need to understand the needs and interests of your target audience in order to generate more useful content. Therefore, it is crucial to compose a more appropriate series of newsletters for the target audience to foster engagement.

Kwiga email marketing platform offers various tools that will create and launch email campaigns that serve different purposes. Moreover, you can easily create the first sequence of letters and tell the audience about new activities.

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What email marketing can do with Kwiga

A well-structured sequence of emails is more likely to improve:

  • Direct sales - potential leads who are hesitant of making a decision will subscribe to the mailing list in order to access offers and discounts.
  • Brand mentions and repeat sales - this approach will encourage customers who previously bought the product to find other better attributes that they appreciate.
  • Attention to the target audience - the mailing list will provide valuable advice and different forms of entertainment for the subscribers. This approach can also improve the customers’ confidence.
  • Communication with the target audience - you can send a small questionnaire to the client so that they can express their opinions about different products under the existing educational programs.

How to create an email marketing campaign with Kwiga emailing service

To launch an email campaign, you need:

  • Build a subscriber base. The existence of a reliable emailing service for your business will give you the ability to import a database of contacts such as email addresses and additional information from a file. The additional information might include names, phone numbers, social profiles, networks, and other data that allow you to facilitate the segmentation of the audience.
  • Write good text for each email. You can also prepare a simple text or ask the editor to create a more engaging email for your target audience.
  • Create an email. Kwiga email marketing platform allows you to create a beautiful layout that will look equally good on all electronic devices.

How much does it cost to use Kwiga email marketing automation platform

At Kwiga, we believe that the Pay as you Go approach is fair for all our clients. In this case, you pay only for the emails that you send within a particular period.

The invoice is issued in the end of the billing months and you can track your expenses every day to avoid any surprise on that side. We do not implement price plans that might limit your opportunities or even the ability to access useful and convenient functionality that will make your work easier. Moreover, you will enjoy other features such as segment campaigns, automation, email editor, reports, and CRM. Right from the start, you will not experience any compromises. Apart from that, you will only pay for packages that start from an amount of $1 per 1000 emails in a month in addition to other options.

You can also launch your first newsletter campaign using bonus money on your account, so no payment is required!

4 Easy Steps to Start an Email Campaign with Our Email Marketing Tools

Step #1. Collection of address base

  • We have created a simple subscription form and “goodies” that the client will receive after subscribing to a specific package. You will also access services such as a pop-up window that can the attract the attention of online users quite easily.
  • In instances where email marketing is a priority in the promotion of your product, then you will only need to create a small one-page. On that page, you will mention the letters and place the subscription form in a more noticeable position. This type of email marketing will be perfect for the ones who exclusively rely on email newsletters and the collection of user data at the subscription stage. As such, they will rely on user data to compose personalized letters.

How to increase the number of subscriptions?

You will need to use some tricks that should help improve the level of user engagement:

  • You should create short and interesting texts to encourage your subscribers to share them with their friends;
  • You need to tell us about the benefits that email marketing will bring;
  • You will need to offer attractive bonuses that should persuade others quite easily;
  • You should also establish targeted advertising for social networks. Users can subscribe by clicking on adverts and find a well-structured and simple form to facilitate the subscription process.

Step #2. Content creation

From that point, you will identify the type of content that should be integrated into the emails. Kwiga tends to offer email templates that will create these types of emails:

  • New content. The content includes blog articles, business email marketing news, and infographics.
  • Unique information. At this point, you can integrate useful materials or discounts for the subscribers who receive email newsletters more frequently.
  • Product quality surveys. Subscribers will receive a small gift after they have submitted a product review.
  • Launching new courses or master classes. You should arrange for workshops with the students and use the platform to connect with the audience emotionally before the launch of the product and also talk about the upcoming activity.
  • During holidays, you should also send a letter through Kwiga. For instance, you can match the congratulatory text with a new and more personalized sale package. By integrating a festive virtual postcard or a training discount into your email templates, you will increase your chances of getting another client.

Each of these different types of email marketing will help you enhance the level of engagement among your subscribers. However, you should also create a content plan, select interesting topics and schedule the periodical publication of new letters. Our email marketing automation platform will provide you with all the necessary tools to sharpen your skills.

Step #3. How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign in Kwiga

The layout editing menu has a simple interface that is similar to a typical website builder. As such, you should choose a letter template for the marketing emails from the list and change it to your own preferences. You can incorporate new blocks, swap them, as well as choose different headers and footers of letters

More importantly, we should understand the key components of a letter template:

  • Logo and preheader – at this point, you should introduce a brief content, which should also serve as the subject of the email;
  • The general message can be an invitation – it will serve as a promo code or an announcement for a specific activity. In this case, the email templates will also include a large banner and a call to action button;
  • Main part – this section will help the user get acquainted with the list of materials and special offers that they might access;
  • Footer - contacts from the email and social network will be placed here. Besides, in this part of the letter, it is essential to remind your clients of the purpose of the letters and provide a link to allow them to unsubscribe from the services.

Even after the text was written and the layout was created through the letter constructor, there is still another equally important issue

How to properly set up an email campaign through an email marketing platform so that a client opens an email?

You will need to choose the right name, sender address, subject line, and subtitle. It is essential to note that these parameters of email marketing will determine whether the students can open the letter or not. Here are three tips:

  • Send emails on behalf of an educational brand. Otherwise, you will face a higher likelihood of scaring off the receivers of your emails.
  • Add some intrigue to the title. However, you should not promise any offers or benefits that are not in the text of the letter. Besides, Kwiga marketing email platform allows you to add emojis if they match your brand.
  • Be sure to use a subtitle. It provides an additional opportunity to convince your clients to open the letter.

Step #4. Checking email before sending

Before you send the sequence of emails, it is worth checking how the email campaign looks in the mailbox. To do this, send a test email to yourself and open it in different mail programs and browsers on desktops and mobile devices. This approach will ensure that the information is displayed correctly. In the Gmail client, at times, one might encounter concerns with the display of background images and Outlook can hide some of the images.

Kwiga automated email marketing platform composes the HTML letter template in a way that eliminates any errors. However, if you have changed the code, then it is essential to initiate a final check before starting the distribution.

How to properly unsubscribe from marketing emails?

  • The client should notice the unsubscribe button to reduce the likelihood of the letter going to spam. At this point, you do not need to be creative since the phrase “Unsubscribe” on the link that leads to the form will be enough.
  • You should also try to understand the reasons that have pushed the client to hit the “unsubscribe” button. You can attain such outcomes through the creation of a simple multiple-choice survey. The answers you receive will help you draw the right conclusions on how to improve emails with our email marketing tools;
  • You should not allow a client to leave that easily. Instead, display the benefits of other subscription packages as a way of getting the person to subscribe to the services again.
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How to reduce the chances of being spammed

This approach allows you to test the process of sending emails to personal addresses. You should send emails to yourself, open your mailbox and check if there is anything new in your Spam folder. Besides, you should keep in mind that email clients pay attention to user behavior. So, Gmail automatically sends an email to spam, if an earlier email from this address was marked as spam by the user.

For the same reason, you should not collect an email database on the Internet or buy a ready-made one. Instead, in order to compose mailing lists through an automated email marketing platform, you will have to create legitimate email addresses.

There are also technical factors that will contribute to emails getting into the Spam folder. So, for a letter to get into the “Inbox”, you need a positive mailing history. If email marketing activity from your domain has already been flagged as spam by users, they are more likely to end up in spam again.

Therefore, email marketing activities for businesses must be targeted in order to earn a reputation as a “good” domain. You will need to take a small sample of emails and follow the reaction of those who received letters. In fact, it is much easier to prove to the email algorithm that you are not spamming than it is to get the people who mark the mail as spam to be interested in the email marketing platform.

How to work with subscriber base on email marketing platform Kwiga

In addition, you need to watch the interaction. For instance, subscribers can open them, click on embedded links, forward emails to other people, or unsubscribe altogether. As such, tracking the dynamics of engagement through emailing service will clearly show interest in your content.

So, during the analysis, you need to divide customers into separate categories, which are based on factors such as the degree of activity, location, time of the last purchase via email, clicks on links, and date of birth.

You will also have to remember that working through Kwiga emailing service contributes to a positive impact if the letters are addressed to a specific subscriber (i.e., personalized). In this case, the letters take into account the personal data of the person:

  • Name;
  • date of birth;
  • purchase history, etc.

How to create a personalized email using an email newsletter template? The easiest way is to provide a name. However, the effectiveness of this method is highly questionable. It is much better to pay attention to the behavior of a person in letters. So, if the subscriber clicked on the links from the letter and was interested in a specific course or training, you should offer the client a special offer or a personal discount. If the subscriber did not read the text, then you should send another one with a reminder to read the initial email.

Also, when using personalization in mailings through Kwiga email marketing platform, you need to choose a unique and interesting email subject line. This will increase the likelihood of the subscriber opening the email.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of email marketing for business

You can notice the benefits of email newsletters through special metrics. In particular, you can observe the internal metrics such as clicks to the site or open emails and external metrics that focus on the purchases from emails.

Kwiga email marketing tools allow you to see the following internal metrics:

  • The interest of subscribers to letters (open rate and click-through rate). The higher value of these indicators portrays that more people trust your brand and they are interested in working with you.
  • Customer retention (churn and frequency of interactions). If subscribers massively unsubscribe from the newsletter, then it is evident that they don’t like something in the text or visual design. Besides, the frequency of interactions will indicate the interest and usefulness of your newsletters.
  • Quality of distribution via marketing email platform (delivery errors and spam complaints). If subscribers do not receive letters due to an error in the mailbox address, it is better to remove them from the database. This will allow you to get more objective data. In addition, it is useful to pay attention to the number of complaints and the reasons why your users tend to mark emails as spam.

Such data shows the specific aspect that you need to improve in a business email marketing strategy. For instance, you should make the content more relevant or even increase the reputation of the domain in order to improve the address base. Kwiga email marketing automation platform helps you create a successful email campaign and grow your business.

As for external metrics, they show:

  • Attracting new subscribers (the cost of a lead and the growth of the address base). At this point, it is advisable to calculate indicators from different communication channels in order to evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Monetization (conversion, total profit per email, return on investment).

The easiest way to evaluate how useful email marketing activity is in your database is by calculating the total revenue per email (the ratio of revenue from purchases to the number of emails sent). This is where data from Kwiga marketing email platform or reports from integrated solutions can help.


Do I need to have the technical knowledge to create and run a mailing list?
Anyone without the technical knowledge or email marketing experience can create and run their campaign on Kwiga marketing email platform. Moreover, our customer care team will always help you when you have any questions.
How much does it cost to use an automated email marketing platform?
The cost depends on how many emails you send per month. The cost of 1000 letters starts from $1. However, there are other offers and discounts that you might get when your package needs large volumes.
Are there any limits on the number of emails or contacts?
There are no limits in place. Instead, you can send a vast number of emails and also add an unlimited number of contacts to the database. We want you to grow with us!бой
How can I transfer data from another platform?
You can use bulk import, which will allow you to transfer all your data from another platform. You can contact customer care team who will guide you on a more appropriate way to facilitate such a transition.
Is there a CRM system that I can use for mailing lists?
Kwiga marketing email platform has a free basic CRM system that allows you to store an unlimited number of contacts and segment your audience. We are also working toward introducing an extended version of CRM, which is suitable for organizing the work of the sales department.
Can I schedule mailings for a specific date?
Yes. On Kwiga marketing email platform, you can specify any date and time that you want to send your emails.
How fast are emails sent?
Emails are always sent out to all subscribers within a matter of seconds. So, with our emailing service, it is clear that the recipients will receive the emails instantly.
Does Kwiga track email open rates?
Kwiga marketing email platform keeps track of whether the recipient opened the letter. For instance, you can see the date and time that the subscriber opened and read the letter in the mailing report. If you are using other Kwiga products such as polls, forms, quizzes, and more, you will be able to see clicks as well.
Can I create an email sequence using conditions?
Yes. Our email marketing automation platform allows you to plan both simple sequential mailings and create automation and scripts. In this case, the platform will send emails based on specific conditions or user actions.
Do you have a trial period?
We add bonus credit to your account in the amount of $1. This bonus is sufficient to send 1000 letters and you can use it within 1 month from the moment of activation.
Can I extend the trial period?
The test period starts from the date of sending the first letter and it is limited to a 1 month period. We hope that this period is sufficient to evaluate the possibilities. If this period was not enough for you, then please reach out to customer care team to discuss details and prolongation.

Our team from the Care Department is ready to help you 24/7. You can also find a lot of useful information in our Help Center.