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Affiliate program


How to become a partner on Kwiga and get rewarded for referring new clients.

In this article:

The Kwiga affiliate program allows you to work on two routes:

  • Ask friends and know, recommend service, and take wine for skin client Kwiga.
  • Know marketers, specialists for organizing sales, sms and other facsimiles for your project projects and work with them about mindfulness.
  • Know for yourself a new project to push that development.

Becoming a Kwiga partner is easy - choose Become a partner from the menu and you will be redirected to the affiliate program dashboard.

How do I reward the city for recommending Kwiga?

After that, you became a partner of Kwiga - Open the catalog of projects by clicking on “Select a project”:

There you can click on the Kwiga project, wash the wine for the best clients, and also the Take a part button.

Because of this, in the project itself, the strength of that creativity, where there is a strength for the acquisition of clients.

You can make a payment in the Settings of your partner's oblіkovy record: