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Everything you need to create the perfect autowebinar

With the help of auto webinars, you will not experience concerns such as tiredness, poor communication, or disinterested audiences. Instead, you will create compelling presentations and use Kwiga's features to achieve your goals.

Maximum engagement for real results on the autowebinar platform!

A flexible number of participants – the existing modern protocols and solutions will allow you to facilitate meetings on the Kwiga paid autowebinar platform with tens of thousands of participants without experiencing any loss of quality, delays, and other technical problems.

Autowebinar scenario – you will plan the right reactions and remarks of chat participants, display banners and sell buttons during the webinars in order to attain high conversion and sales.

A feeling of real communication - your participants will have a full experience of an autowebinar because of the opportunity to communicate with the audience, observe the other participants’ reactions and take surveys.

You can create a webinar schedule, which might be a one-time show, or even fit into your own schedule to facilitate stable audience growth. You can also plan ahead and run automated sales funnels through the autowebinar platform.

Easy to connect and use - Your participants can view the autowebinar on any device from any browser. You do not have to install any additional applications. You will only complete the registration process in order to provide key personal data.

Post-Sales and Funnels – Helps you to stay in touch with those who failed to attend the autowebinar. You will segment visitors through the online autowebinar platform based on their answers to questions and use various tools to stay in the spotlight and increase your sales.

What is an autowebinar?

An auto webinar is an online live stream that is pre-recorded and then broadcasted at a predetermined time and date via the auto webinar platform. The content of an online broadcast is usually created by an expert in the field and may include live Q&A, multiple slides, and other interactive elements. Autowebinars are a great tool for delivering timely and valuable information to a wide audience while saving time and resources.

Why should you run autowebinars?

  • Autowebinars can be a great way to reach a wide audience and facilitate their involvement in the sessions with minimal effort.
  • An automated webinar can be recorded and used over and over again, so you do not have to waste time on the same presentation every time.
  • You can use the autowebinar platform as a presentation of your organization and services or as a form of lead generation.
  • Automated webinars are more cost-effective in comparison to traditional webinars and they will allow you to reach more people with the same content.
  • Autowebinars can also be a great way to build relationships with potential clients as well as create a platform to facilitate feedback and engagement.

Who will benefit from webinar automation software

More importantly, autowebinars are a great solution for recurring events involving new students. The webinar automation software allows you to optimize the time and money spent as much as possible, but at the same time, maintain the interest of the audience and make it more engaging.

The automated webinar is suitable for the following types of activities:

Regular marketing activities to attract new students to online courses

In this case, you will hold regular events focusing on theory and practice sessions. These events can focus on intensive courses in foreign languages, training for sales managers, or even master classes. In particular, theoretical blocks usually have standard content and can be automated. Furthermore, you can hold lectures on the platform for conducting autowebinars and connect with a live teacher for the practical sessions. This approach will save time and maximize the learning outcomes.

The same type of lessons that do not include live communication

It is not necessary for the teachers to repeat the same material to different groups of students. Instead, you will only need to record a video once and upload it to the online automated webinar services. For instance, if a university wants to give the same lectures to first-year students every year, then an automated webinar will be a great platform to facilitate engagement among the learners. So, the teacher can record the video once and then enhance the lesson's content. This approach will give you an opportunity to offer the students the most illustrative and engaging information.

Typical brand and service presentation events for new partners

Most companies hold introductory product webinars when they are getting to know new partners. Their content rarely changes, yet they will hold online seminars about two to three times weekly. Besides, the webinar automation software will reduce the burden on employees and will allow you to achieve all the tasks of typical partner events.

Standard meeting for onboarding new employees of the company

Each new employee tends to begin his or her acquaintance with an introductory online meeting. In such instances, recruiters and department heads usually explain the basic things such as the history, team organization, and legal issues. However, such a lecture can be categorized as a part of an introductory online course for beginners on an automated webinar platform. This format will allow you to instantly ask a moderator a question and request new employees to participate in these sessions.

In these cases, one might assume that the process is only attained after the creation and submission of the videos. However, there are concerns that might arise when such videos are watched for a shorter time or even postponed for an indefinite period. At the same time, the autowebinar might have a specific date and time, which shows the need for everyone to attend those events. In addition, during the autowebinar, there is an online chat where you can interact with new colleagues.

Can I use the paid automated webinar platform as a sales funnel?

Undoubtedly! Autowebinars can serve as an effective tool for business owners who want to reach a wider audience and engage extensively with other potential customers. You can also use autowebinars to collect user data, which allows companies to track customer engagement and understand customer behavior, as well.

To use automated webinar software as a sales funnel, follow these steps:

  • Create a webinar. You should start by creating effective and engaging content on your automated webinar platform. You can use visual aids (such as slides) and audio (background music) to make your webinar more engaging.
  • Promote your webinar. You need to use various marketing channels (social media, email, paid advertising, etc.) to promote the webinar and reach a wider audience (listeners).
  • Collect data. The automated webinar software allows companies to collect attendee data. This data can be used to track customer engagement, understand customer behavior, and create custom messages for potential customers.
  • Generate leads. You should use the data to generate leads, target customers, and encourage them to buy your product or service.
  • Continue communicating with clients. You can send follow-up emails to those who attended the autowebinar. These emails should thank them for attending, answer any questions that they may have, and offer special discounts or promotions.

Sell and promote products through the automated webinar services

Promoting and selling products through webinars can be a great way to reach new audiences and increase sales. Here are a few steps you can take:

  • Develop an interesting topic for an automated webinar. Study the trends in your industry, observe the specific topics your competitors have covered, and choose a topic that will be in line with the interests of your target audience.
  • Plan your webinar. Create an agenda, set a date and time, and make sure you have all the technology you need (such as an online automated webinar platform).
  • Promote the webinar. Post it on your website and social media channels or send invitation letters and reach out to bloggers to get the attention of the wider public.
  • Prepare your presentation. Create well-designed slides, prepare content that is easy to understand, and ensure that you have understood and removed any technical difficulties that may arise on a paid automated webinar platform.
  • Rehearse your presentation. After you have created the presentations, you need to rehearse various aspects of the entire webinar. For instance, you will need to practice your public speaking skills in front of an audience and get feedback from people you trust.
  • Engage your audience during the webinar. You should ask questions, support discussions, and offer exclusive offers.
  • Follow up with the audience. After the initiation of the webinars, you will need to reach out to attendees with additional resources, email newsletters, and exclusive offers.

Following these steps will help you get a significant return on your investment and increase sales through an auto webinar platform.

Efficiency at every step

Collect and know everything about your participants!

You need to establish how participants should get to the autowebinar and ascertain whether they need to provide any personal data or not. You should consider questions such as; is your phone or Instagram important? Or is the job important to you? All this is set up in a couple of clicks on the platform with automated webinar services. In the future, you can use this data for analysis, segmentation, and post-sales.

Reminder system will ensure high presence

Furthermore, you should also remind your audience about a scheduled event by setting up an alert system through the online platform for autowebinars. In this case, you can choose specific letters and notifications in the social networks that will alert students and a schedule that initiates such reminders.

Behavior Tracking

Moreover, you need to work with each group of participants separately. For instance, you should assess whether the students watched the webinar to the end and bought it, and left at some stage of the autowebinar, or identify if they did not attend the session. You will have to use different strategies for each category.

Modify scripts

You should also improve your successful script with data from every webinar you host. At this point, you need to incorporate the ease of implementation of updates and changes and record each broadcast with the help of advanced features of the automated webinar platform at

Coupons and personal discounts

Besides, you should create promotional offers for those who attended the webinar or identify a viable group of potential customers. In fact, at Kwiga, it is easier to initiate key post-sales activities due to the advanced features that will develop and increase sales.

Your audience will never know it's an autowebinar!

The platform will also nurture a real-life experience in the webinar room right before, during, and after the event on the existing online webinar platform.

You can also create a screenshot of the webinar room with a chat (from a student).

How much does it cost to host a webinar with Kwiga automated webinar software

The cost of holding is established according to the Pay-as-you-go! Principle. For instance, each participant who came to the webinar will need to pay $0.03. Instead, participants will not be requested to pay a subscription fee or additional payments.

You can conduct your first classes on the Kwiga webinar platform absolutely free of charge. Then, after the registration process, you will get a $6 bonus!


Who can run autowebinars?
This feature is available to all users of the Kwiga webinar platform and it accommodates a flexible number of participants for each session.
How will I invite participants to the autowebinar?
More importantly, users can access the autowebinar with the help of a general link or by individual invitations. They are also configured in the same way as for the “live” broadcast.
Can I record an autowebinar?
No, during an autowebinar, it is essential to note that you are simply broadcasting a pre-recorded event. However, you can use third-party screen recording solutions if you still need to record.
Is it possible to combine autowebinars into a chain?
Yes, automated webinars can be turned into full-fledged online courses. This feature is available in the Course Builder on the Autowebinar Platform.

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