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KWIGA has maintained a sense of simplicity in order to establish an advanced platform that allows users to create an online school. You will have an easier time creating your first online lesson within the first 30 minutes and have an opportunity to share your knowledge with other people.
Do not postpone your opportunity to pursue such a successful venture! The process of creating an online school has transformed into an easy and simple task! Start your own online school now!

Solutions for creating online schools on Kwiga

The practicality of the Kwiga platform gives you the opportunity to create online school and arrange key educational processes with respect to the specific academic domains of a virtual learning context. We tend to interact with each client, seek feedback and come up with personalized solutions that address each concern that the users might have.

Online language school

Clients who want to create online lessons will have to focus on the integration of blocks of theory and practice into the virtual space as well as blocks with vocabulary (dictionary). These initiatives will allow you to enhance the learning process and contribute to the student’s involvement and maximum immersion in academic activities.

Online programming schools

In addition to that, the platform accommodates sections that help students and teachers to assess homework assignments, which will create room for adequate feedback. Similarly, students will even upload their homework assignments, find comments for revisions, outline key points and organize the academic tasks into groups of students, which should address the entire content in the curriculum.

Online comprehensive school

We have prioritized all the key attributes of the academic process for starting your own online school. More importantly, the platform will allow you to establish a schedule for different classes and teachers, create a news feed, and set up reminders of classes and tests. Even parents and children will experience a sense of convenience due to the creation of special accounts that capture and monitor their progress logs.

Online art school

In addition to unlimited storage space for learning materials without loss of quality, the Kwiga platform also has the ability to facilitate communication between students and initiate joint discussions. Once teachers create online school, they can also give quality feedback through video and audio messages.

Educational and professional online projects

It is easy to create online school on Kwiga by compiling training programs from various products, which focus on establishing lessons of different levels and levels, free marathons and guides, as well as webinars. Besides, teachers can add gamification as a way of incorporating value and engagement in the pedagogic activities.

Exam preparation program, work with tutors

You can easily combine lessons, create quizzes, receive feedback from tutors, and request additional private lessons from tutors. More importantly, you can also account for the tutors’ and consultants’ working hours in the online school for monitoring, reporting, and payroll purposes.

Training and adaptation of employees, improving their skills

You can create lessons and check whether the tutors’ teaching materials and strategies are comprehensible, practical, and effective. Additionally, you will have the ability to add a corporate logo, track the dynamics of changes, collect statistics and keep reports of the key areas.
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Simple solutions to start your own online school from scratch

Video or audio lessons

In the process of launching an educational project, it is always essential to have high-quality content. Similarly, KWIGA relies on the lms online academy platform, which offers key components that you will need for online learning. Thus, you will not be required to assemble vast and complicated resources to create online school.

Mini Lessons

Moreover, as an online platform, KWIGA, strives to create an online school with a series of short lessons. Your students will use these short lessons to gain new knowledge on various topics within the shortest possible time. After the students have completed the series of lessons, they will receive a certificate that confirms that they have acquired a higher level of knowledge.

Live lessons

In addition, the personal accounts of KWIGA’s lms online academy will contain key tools that can be useful in conducting webinars. However, you will have to access a HD camera and a microphone to proceed with the webinars.

KWIGA Benefits for Students

  • The presence of well-packaged lessons on different topics.
  • KWIGA is a mobile-friendly webpage that, which helps students to use different portable electronic gadgets.
  • The platform allows teachers and students to initiate interaction through video and audio communication.
  • Students only need to pay a manageable amount of tuition fees.
  • Students will obtain a certificate after they have completed a specific set of lessons on a specific topic.

KWIGA Benefits for Educators

  • Teachers will find simple steps on how to create an online school, facilitate design management, identify their target audience definition, and proceed with in-depth testing.
  • Teachers can access tools to conduct live classes as well as record and download lessons in Full HD quality, thereby improving key pedagogic initiatives.
  • Teachers will attain convenient school management by creating modules, obtaining key analytics, as well as accessing and collecting customer databases.
  • They will communicate with students quite easily via webinar chat or private messages
  • They will accept payments from students easily.

Easy service setup for online school

It is simple to initiate the key setup steps. You need to take advantage of intuitive solutions and launch an online school. Create your own online school and share your first online lesson effortlessly.

Create like an artist

A simple and flexible platform will help you to create an online school, which students can perceive and comprehend quite easily.

Aim at the target target

Establish a learning environment that allows students to access vast knowledge. Create online school and set clear goals, which will determine the minimum grades that students should attain in order to pass their online lessons.

Add some interactivity

You will assess students' level of knowledge easily. For instance, you will initiate practical assignments, tests, and final exams that will determine whether students have embraced the content from the learning material.

Responsive presentation page

The landing page will create the “face” of your online school. Similarly, we have implemented the basic components that will establish your educational platform. Within a few minutes, you will start your own online school and specify the names of your lessons, describe them, and outline the learning objectives.

Automatic notifications for online school participants

You do not have to create mailing lists to inform your clients about upcoming activities. Instead, you can use a flexible notification of our lms online academy to engage with the clients and inform them of key changes that you will implement.

Customer base collection and advertising

You will embed adverts in different visual learning materials. You will also add buttons and special fields that should collect information to identify people who are interested in other products.

Simple analytics tools

You should not worry about stuffy menus. Instead, the lesson cards will display all the key components of the website and act as a simple navigation menu.

Convenience of online school management in the system

Import student database

You will create online school and launch your educational projects on KWIGA. You will download a list of students easily from another service and also add it to the current customer base on Kwiga.

Setting permissions

Students will receive an adequate amount of educational material, which is necessary for the completion of the entire course. In addition, you will have an opportunity to make lessons public and accessible to everyone.

Automatic recording of the lesson

The educational platform has the ability to record and save live classes automatically on your profile. You can even share the link with students or download the video to your computer.

Create a webinar series

Kwiga’s lms online academy allows you to combine the modules to allow teachers to conduct online lessons quite easily in the future.

Working with tags

The tag system will help you organize webinars and students into separate groups. Also, you will have the ability to search, simplify, and speed up key activities in the system.

Comfortable communication with students after creating an online school on the Kwiga platform

Creating an online school with Kwiga’s lms online academy offers a chance to transform your educational business. You will engage with clients through the comment box, which is under the class recordings and online chats during webinars. Your listeners will also learn about new activities through social networks, instant messengers, and email.

Going live in an online class

Student can ask their facilitators various questions via the video link. They will also have to activate screen sharing or webcam images during each lesson. Create your own online school with the help of conferences with students or other teachers.

Use a convenient grading system

You should evaluate your clients in a way that suits you. You can create surveys and check your level of knowledge quite easily with the help of tools at Kwiga’s lms online academy. An intuitive constructor will help you choose questions, set the time for completing tasks, as well as create the minimum grade that determines a higher accomplishment in the course program.

How much does it cost to create your own online school on Kwiga?

The minimum tariff starts — from 15$ per month. Kwiga’s lms online academy offers package solutions, that are designed for a specific number of participants.
You can choose any combination of services and a specified number of resources, which is based on the needs of your business at the current moment of development. You are not limited by any tariff plan or limit and do not pay for functionality that you do not need.
After you have decided to create online school on KWIGA, you will start earning based on your vast level of knowledge today!