How Can Online Consulting Platforms Help Startups?

How Can Online Consulting Platforms Help Startups?!

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by Liubomyr Sirskyi
Copywriter at Kwiga

Every startup owner dreams of one thing: to develop their brainchild into a major company and take a significant market share. However, sometimes this is not the case because entrepreneurs may not have enough ideas to develop a new niche or expand a project. As a result, business people start looking for help on the other side. It is where online consulting platforms come to the rescue, but how exactly can they be useful for startup owners? Let's consider this question in more detail.

Is It Easy for Startups To Succeed?

To succeed in the market, a startup must have three basic things: a strong product, a well-thought-out launch, and go-to-market strategy, and a solid corporate culture. Each of these elements is critical, but ensuring they are compatible and work together is challenging.

It leads to the fact that about 40% of startups fail sooner or later, and investors lose their investments forever. There is a pattern that a new company turns a profit in two years. However, two-thirds of startups do not make it to their second year and leave the market.

Other reasons can also lead to the failure of business development. First, it is worth mentioning the ordinary lack of demand for the product or services offered by the new company. In addition, the collapse of a business is possible because of a weak or poorly developed marketing strategy.

And the last reason that causes 50% of new companies to fail is the lack of employee training programs. Company employees must regularly acquire new knowledge, so employee training is a must for any company aiming to grow. If this is neglected, there will be problems with marketing and the effectiveness of the technology used.

Of course, it also affects the startup's profitability because the company has to show a high-income level and afford to maintain a team. Besides, when a new company needs investment, it should also offer a high level of profitability. That is why business people should invest in eLearning programs to turn an idea into a successful project and achieve the expected results in the target market.

However, entrepreneurs do not always understand how to perform such a vast amount of work independently. It can happen for various reasons: lack of ideas, few internal resources, or a small budget. Employees may also have problems if they lack the knowledge and skills to perform their work tasks.

All this forces them to seek help from other people online or in person. And turning to a consulting platform is one superb idea. But why should they ask for professional assistance?

Why Do Startups Need the Help of Online Consulting Platforms?

When discussing business development, consulting employees and founders of startups is one of the primary things. After all, it is impossible without new knowledge: companies cannot recruit new employees, and founders cannot introduce new ideas and technology into their work processes. Consultations can be in different formats: individual and group, via video and text messages. Both options can help achieve training goals.

Every startup needs up-to-date knowledge for the entire company, which can be one of the crucial steps to success. If there is a lack of consistency in workflows (especially in the sales funnel), customers may lose faith in the brand. And that is entirely unacceptable for a company that tries to gain the trust of its target audience. Online consulting platforms can create a unified knowledge base in the company, contributing to the professional growth of sales, marketing, and operations pros.

Help With Sales

New companies often need counseling and support as they begin to build their workflow and gather a team of professionals. Among other things, it is essential to conduct sales training based on the information provided by consultants online. The goal is to educate employees about the product and its unique features, which are worth considering when planning a sales strategy.

In addition to unique information from experts, startups can use video interviews with more experienced employees with vast sales expertise. They can help teach new staff members about building a unique selling proposition and creating scripts for working with customers.

Targeted Marketing

Most startups need help with marketing. The reason is quite simple: they have a reasonably limited budget that can cover operating expenses and employee salaries. And despite the availability of many available promotion options, they cannot choose one of them and get started. So they have to solve the problem quickly to retain customers.

Online consulting platforms can help advise management and marketing staff on strategy choices. However, it depends on the behavioral pattern of the target audience. For example, advertising on social networks will not bring the right effect if potential customers do not have time to search for products and services on online platforms. For example, if the company is engaged in computer literacy courses for people 60+, it is better to use other communication channels.

Procedural Knowledge

Startups often use many business processes during product development and promotion. Therefore, clear instructions should be developed for employees to work by. With this information, it will be much easier for them to understand the company's goals and how it plans to succeed in the marketplace.

Moreover, training in new companies may not be appropriate because only company employees can conduct training. And if they are unfamiliar with a new field, it is much better to turn to professionals. Using an online consulting platform that allows meetings to be held even for disparate teams is ideal here.

What Is the Likelihood That the Counseling Will Not Have the Proper Effect?

Indeed, this scenario is quite real. But it is possible only in one case: if you have not thoroughly worked out an employee training strategy. If you want to raise the team's level of knowledge, it is worth spending more time and effort to understand the company's needs better. Otherwise, it is not worth discussing conquering market share and making big profits.

In any case, you can always get valuable advice on developing a startup, improving operations, correcting mistakes in marketing strategy, and managing a team on an online consulting platform. So the help of experts will always be helpful when planning the work of a young and promising company.


For all of these reasons, online consulting platforms can provide professional assistance to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to launch a startup and succeed in a chosen market. Such online solutions are helpful for new companies because most entrepreneurs are extremely busy people. They have a whole bunch of things to do, so making time to meet in person is extremely difficult. That leaves only one option: a simple app for PCs and mobile devices that will help business people in real time.

Besides, online consulting platforms are a convenient option for any company that aims to conquer the market. These advanced systems can be a key to significant business results and customer trust.

We hope you found our article helpful. If you still have questions about the use of online consulting platforms, leave them in the comments below. We will definitely answer them, and the most interesting ones will become material for new articles.