How To Make Live Streams on TikTok: Step-by-Step Guide

How To Make Live Streams on TikTok: Step-by-Step Guide!

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by Liubomyr Sirskyi
Copywriter at Kwiga

Hi everyone! We continue to talk about the promotion methods on TikTok. In the last article, we discussed 11 ways that will help you effectively promote your account. Today we're going to learn how to use live streaming on TikTok Live. Go!

Before starting the broadcast, you must carefully think about what you want and how to achieve it. The whole algorithm is divided into five simple but essential steps.

Define the goal of the live broadcast

Live streams on TikTok play the same role as live streams on Instagram. You interact with your audience through them. Attention: the TikTok Live feature appears only when the level of 1000 subscribers is reached.

Even if you have more people subscribed, you must think carefully about what you want to say or do during the broadcast. But the key thing is your ultimate goal. For example, promote a free newsletter for something, attract traffic to other social media accounts, or sell a specific product.

If you've decided on a goal, proceed to the next step.

Choose the topic

Sit down, grab a piece of paper and a pen (or open a notebook app on your smartphone) and think of what you could talk about for 15 minutes a day.

For example, if you created a course for young entrepreneurs, it's a good idea to list the most common newbies' problems. Pick one topic from the list and make a live stream on TikTok. And when you answer audience questions, you can describe your course in more detail and sell it. Seems simple, right?

Besides, it's great to make all topics into a content plan. It is also necessary to decide where to redirect the viewers:

  • to the landing page;
  • to the link in the TikTok bio;
  • to a link to buy a real thing;
  • to accounts in social networks.

Advice! Organize TikTok Live streams at the same time. Then the audience will know when to visit your account.

Create a structure of your live stream

Here's our next step. It's not necessary to create an exact scenario, but some structure needs to be present. It'll look something like this:


At the beginning of the live broadcast, say hello to the audience and invite them to introduce themselves.

The proper conversation on a topic of the live stream

Share unique knowledge that will be useful to your audience. Make sure to follow the topic precisely since your viewers were waiting just for it.

For example, if you're making a training broadcast, then its beginning may look something like this:

"Hi everyone! Glad to see y'all here. Now we're going to talk about how to make money with TikTok. I warn you that this video will not be recorded. So take a pen, a piece of paper and make notes!"

Remember to remind viewers to ask their questions at the end of the broadcast. It'll help save time and retain your audience.

Call to action

Once the number of viewers on the live stream begins to grow, you can pause the story and advance your goal. For example, ask to subscribe to an Instagram account (most often done by Tiktokers). You can direct them with the following words:

"Let me remind you that this video will not be saved in the recording. Sadly, TikTok doesn't allow this. But if you want to learn more exciting things, follow me on Instagram!"

It's prevalent for TikTok bloggers to attract traffic to their Instagram accounts. Therefore, tell your viewers also about the live streams on this social network.

Q&A Session

Near the end of the broadcast, announce that viewers can ask their questions in the comments. It's much more convenient than reading them while discussing the topic of a live stream.

Advice! Tell viewers to ask the question multiple times to get the answers. It'll also increase audience engagement during the broadcast.

Closing words

At the end of the broadcast, thank the viewers for their attention and activity. You can also invite them to follow your TikTok account and share your content on other social networks (like Facebook or Instagram).

Another important detail: live broadcasts are available not only to subscribers. Sometimes, TikTok users can find your live stream in the "ForYou" feed and even subscribe to your account. Then you'll see the message "@username followed the host."


The TikTok Live feature allows you to promote your business qualitatively. For this, you need to:

  • decide on the purpose of the live stream;
  • create a list of topics for each broadcast on TikTok Live;
  • think over the broadcast structure.

Are you excited to learn about live streams on TikTok? Share your opinions in the comments below. See you in the following articles!