How To Use the Thank You Page To Increase the Target Conversion

How To Use the Thank You Page To Increase the Target Conversion!

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by Liubomyr Sirskyi
Copywriter at Kwiga

How Does a Thank You Page Impact the Conversion

Thank You page can be seen not on every website and landing page, and a well-formed Thank You page can at least double the conversion. In this article, we'll tell you why the Thank You page is used and what elements should be included to grab visitors' attention.

Why You Need To Add a Thank You Page To Your Website

The purpose of the Thank You page is to increase the engagement of potential customers. This insignificant part of the Internet page solves several problems at once:

  • Additional sales. Let's say you sold a service or product. On the Thank You page, you don't just say "thank you" but offer related products that the buyer might not have seen. It will most likely work and force the customer to place another order.
  • Increase the dwell time. It's an essential factor for search engine promotion. If the visitor has already subscribed to resource updates, invite him to view popular materials or provide a link to instructions for using the purchased product.
  • Valuable offer. Create pleasant emotions showing that your client is important. Invite him to download a checklist or a book, watch a thematic non-promotional video. The visitor will like beneficial information, guaranteeing that your page will be revisited.
  • Elevated trust in the company. Share company reviews on the page. But there should be only real testimonials from your actual customers. The fake is immediately felt, and this will deter potential customers. Be honest with your visitors.
  • Subscriptions. Offer your visitors to subscribe to the newsletter if they have already made a purchase. Promise that the client will be the first to receive all the big deals.
  • Creating polls. Include a few questions on the page and learn more lead data. There should not be too many questions so as not to deter the visitor.

A well-designed Thank You page will improve conversion and motivate visitors to buy additional services.

What a Thank You Page Should Include

There is some leeway when creating a Thank You page. But still, some rules and recommendations have been proven by experience:

  • Thank you. Thank the client for their interest or order. It is common courtesy (good manners are known to be good).
  • Confirmation of the correctness of actions. Let the visitor know that he did everything right. Briefly tell what awaits him next. For example, tell your client that a manager will contact them in 15 minutes after placing an order in your online store. You can also provide a list of ordered products so that the client is sure not to forget anything important.
  • Call to action. Create an offer for your target audience. "Force" visitors to perform the needed action: subscribe to the newsletter, buy another item, add the mailing address to favorites, etc.
  • Instructions with further actions. Let the visitor know what to expect next. For example, check the mail and read a letter or download a checklist. You can also offer a quick guide on how to add the address to safe senders.
  • Social media buttons. Invite users to make friends on social networks. Interested subscribers are always a huge plus.

It's not necessary to include all of these elements on your Thank You page at once. Too much data can scare visitors away or confuse them. As mentioned above, you have complete freedom of action. For example, change the content of the Thank You page once a week, and then compare the results and choose the most effective one.

Don't forget about the minimum number of elements - this is gratitude and a call to a specific action. Also, visitors will be interested in a picture, design, and text written for your target audience. Leave it to specialists - web designer, marketer, and copywriter. They will study your target audience and create the best option.

4 Tricks to Boost Conversions with a Thank You Page

When creating a landing page or product site, the Thank You page is often ignored. But if you look at the site through the client's eyes, you can tell that the impression after the conversion action leaves its mark on the site's reputation in the client's eyes.

Thank You page will help you take your relationship with your customers to the next level (and increase conversion, of course). There are the TOP-4 most effective ways to use that page:

1. Link to helpful content. Marketers recommend linking to a blog post, tutorial video, free юbook, or infographic on the Thank you page. But it doesn't have to be bragging. Provide valuable information for the visitor. Nobody cares that you are working for 10 years; the client is interested in solving his problem.

2. Offer to share information about you. It would seem that this is not the best option, far from it. Share information and buttons on social networks, and people themselves will share helpful information with their friends. It works mainly if you're offering discounts or special offers.

3. Poll for new visitors. To increase conversion, you need to collect as much data as possible about your target audience. Ask your visitors what problems they faced, why they chose your product, whether everything is clear during the purchase or subscription process. Remember that the poll shouldn't be too long to scare away.

4. Special offers and discounts. Shopping is usually about emotions. Marketers know that a person is in the right mood after a purchase, which means there is a high probability of making another one. Limited offers are based on the principle of urgency or scarcity. Make it clear to the customers that the discount will be valid for only 12 hours or 70 units of the product left, and you'll see that it will bring outstanding results.


A Thank You page is always an excellent solution to show the customer how important it is. All people are selfish, and they will like the attention. Optimize your page, prioritize customer value, and you'll see sales increase.