Is It Worth Using a Website Builder for Your Business?

Is It Worth Using a Website Builder for Your Business?!

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by Liubomyr Sirskyi
Copywriter at Kwiga

Some business creators and marketers dismiss web page development using a website builder. Therefore, even those companies that start out order custom website development but do not get the expected result. They have no applications and no quality pages.

However, a website builder is a great way out for companies just starting their way into the business. But is it worth using such a solution? Let's analyze the strengths and weaknesses of using such a solution during creating pages and situations where the builder is best suited.

Is Constructor a Solution for Beginners?

As we have already written, website creation with the help of a builder is one of the best solutions for beginning entrepreneurs. Such a solution is inexpensive, which allows small businesses to save money for other purposes. Among other things, the website creator can be used by online store founders who need to create a page in a completely visual canvas with no code.

However, companies tested by time and the market also pay attention to website builders. They allow for quick and inexpensive testing of hypotheses and draw customers' attention to a new product being prepared for presentation.

What Types of Designers Are Available on the Market?

Website builders are conventionally divided into two types: with a monthly payment and a yearly subscription and the purchase of a template for permanent use. And there are dozens of variants of both types available on the market.

Among the products with a monthly subscription are the most popular, Tilda and inSales. Here you can find ready-made versions of web pages for almost all CMS solutions. Users can choose both free and paid templates.

All templates are integrated into the marketplace, which can be found on a separate page. The user should only choose a category, decide on the option and fill in the template with the necessary information. The most popular solutions with ready-made templates are Bitrix: Site Manager and WordPress.

If you need to create a professional website, it is better to choose one of the paid templates. They are made of very high quality and are easy to manage. You can easily place the template on hosting and fill it as you see fit, dragging and dropping blocks from place to place.

The Main Advantages of the Website Builder

So, we have learned the features of the constructor. Now consider the most critical advantages of website builders that can benefit customers.

Ease of Use

Each online designer is designed so that the work does not require special training. That is, using such solutions can be any person without experience as a programmer or designer. And, of course, there is no frightening code. To work with the blocks, just click on them to open a menu of available options.

If difficulties arise during the website creation, step-by-step wizards come to the user's aid. They are virtual assistants who are accompanied by tips on each step of working with the template. Usually, in such cases, the user also gets access to more detailed explanations for the assembly of the page in the help section.

Library of Ready-made Templates

Each builder offers many ready-made templates for different types and themes of pages. Each of them has template data to evaluate the project and decide on choosing a particular template.

The user can access a massive set of settings for basic blocks, from setting the background and colors to editing the page structure. It allows you to make the template more suitable for a future web page.

Quick Startup

If you are working on a typical project (landing page or business card website), working on it will not take much time. The reason is simple: the technical requirements for such a page are minimal. Sometimes you just need to choose a favorite template, build the necessary blocks and add the required information.

In short, operability depends more on having ready-made content and a clear understanding of the website's structure than on the chosen constructor. In some cases, the system offers step-by-step tips for quick site creation and launch.

Basic Functionality Is Available for Free

It allows you to design a ready-made website with minimal restrictions on features. At the same time, the user has to pay for the page based on the online constructor only after the trial period (from 1 to 4 weeks). In some cases, the system gives access to all the features to achieve high page conversion rates in the shortest possible time.

Sometimes the builder allows you to keep the website on the built-in hosting without any time constraints and additional charges. But there are two nuances: the user must specify the developers of the service in the footer section and use only a third-level domain (e.g.,

Subscription System

The option of the monthly or annual payment is another advantage of sites on the web page builder. After all, not everyone can afford the services of individual web development, which may cost thousands of dollars. And we are not talking about paid systems when the price of just the CMS can be several hundred dollars.

Therefore, democratic prices for constructors (starting from $5) attract thousands of users with enough basic functionality to develop and run a simple site. They make builders an excellent choice for any kind of business.

The Disadvantages of Developing Websites With the Help of a Website Builder

But like any other online solution, online constructors have disadvantages. Let's consider them in more detail.

Limitations on Functionality

If you want to create a page for a technology startup, then we hasten to distress you: this is unlikely to succeed. And all because of restrictions on the part of the developers. You can use what is already available, with no specific features. And to expand the range of options, you need to choose a more expensive subscription plan from the builder.

In the case of a regular site, the problem of lack of functionality can be solved simply. The developer should add plugins or write the necessary script. However, the constructor is only a SaaS platform that does not provide access to the source code. Users cannot change the template layout or add their own scripts, so the customization options are limited.

The Actual Lease of the Site From the Builder Service

In the case of creating a website with the designer's help, the user binds it to a particular page without the possibility of abandoning this solution. Therefore, there is a problem: moving pages to another hosting if the user cannot access files, databases, and other essential elements. Besides, the cases of successful transfer of the site from the constructor to another domain are still unknown.

In addition, the terms of service may state that the user actually rents a website from the platform, as developers have exclusive rights to templates. Therefore, moving web pages to another hosting can be a problem.

The Monotony of Such Solutions

If you look at many of the pages created with the help of online designers, you can notice their similarities. Primarily it is traced on pages created using one CMS's tools. There's nothing wrong with that because builders' opportunities are significantly reduced and are often available for an additional fee. But if uniqueness is a priority for you, it is better to pay attention to individual development.

Possible Problems With SEO

Web pages created with a particular service have their drawbacks before the individually designed pages in terms of SEO. Because the capabilities of the builder are limited, there is also a lack of search engine optimization: there are only meta tags settings, SEF URLs, internal linking, etc. Therefore, sites with the constructor often do not reach the level of elaboration of pages on WordPress.

In rare cases, you can find essential things in the website-building solution. These can be HTTPS certificate, Sitemap, adaptability, micropatterning, etc.

Profitability of the Content in the Future

At first, the web page on the designer seems to be an economical and profitable solution. If we are talking about a period of up to 6 months, then a minimum set of ready-made elements and quick assembly of pages really justifies itself. But in the long term, all the disadvantages of using such a solution are revealed.

Among other things, when working with CMS or ordering custom development, a person pays a certain amount for a license or execution of works and gets a ready-made website. If we are talking about the designer, it is necessary to pay a subscription here. The complete package can cost thousands of dollars each year, which can be demanding for a business founder.

When Is It Worth Paying Attention to the Designer, and When Is It Better To Choose Another Solution?

We have analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of creating websites with the help of a ready-made solution. But who is best suited for this option?

The website builder can help you in the following cases:

  • You have not previously engaged in the launch of web pages, and the budget for work is limited.
  • You must create a simple landing page or business card website for your product.
  • Your task is to test the chosen niche to understand the feasibility of investment.
  • You need to launch the page as soon as possible.

These are primary cases where online designers do save the day. However, they will not help in these situations:

  • You need an advanced web page with extensive functionality and hundreds of content pages.
  • You plan to refine and update the website constantly, so you need to edit the source code of the web pages.
  • You work primarily with forums, blogs, and other types of websites with complex structures and filling.
  • You expect to use the full range of digital marketing and SEO tools.
  • Your priority is uniqueness and broad capabilities, so it is difficult for you to anticipate the site's look in the long run.

As a result, the online web page builder is more suitable for creating simple websites for companies just starting. Using the usual CMS or ordering a custom development is a better option for more serious projects.

We hope that this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions about using the website builder, ask them in the comments. We will definitely answer them, and the most interesting ones will become the basis for new articles on our website.