OBS in simple steps. How to set up by yourself?

OBS in simple steps. How to set up by yourself?!

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by Liubomyr Sirskyi
Copywriter at Kwiga

The E-Learning market is growing at a rapid pace, which increases competition in this field. It is not enough anymore for the viewer to watch boring videos from the webcam. To make the webinar engaging and memorable you should use multiple media sources. OBS will help you organize a webinar with different types of content during one broadcasting.

1. What is OBS?

OBS (open broadcast software) is a free program that allows you to switch between media content during a webinar. This cross-platform brings together webcam streaming, images, presentations, browser windows, and even connects users from Skype.

2. How OBS can be useful for your E-learning business?

Free software is not the only advantage of the webinar broadcast software. Options and features in OBS Studio:

  1. Allows you to stream any number of cameras.
  2. Video resolution up to 4K.
  3. Multiple audio streams.
  4. Supports live stream from Skype.
  5. Ability to manage the webinar screen.
  6. Supports live streaming on YouTube.
  7. Video recording.

3. General OBS settings.

Download the Oq5W BS installation and open the downloaded file.

Next, the OBS will open the auto-configuration wizard window. To minimize delays during the webinar select "Optimize for streaming, recording is secondary".

Choose the resolution and frame rate of the video stream.

How to set up Scenes

The scene system in OBS allows you to place several elements and control their size during live streaming. Create a scene by clicking a "+" button.

To fill the scene with content, you must select a source.

We show how to do this using the example of adding a video from a webcam. Select "Video capture device".

Create a new source and name it "Webcam". Press "ОК".

Keep the default settings.

Webcam video streaming has been added and you can now control its size and position on the screen.

How to add a music background

To add background music, create a source "Media".

Upload the required audio file, which will be the music background before the start of the webinar.

You can adjust the volume of the added audio in the "Audio Mixer".

How to stream a browser window

Add a new source "Browser" to stream the browser window.

Copy the link to the needed website in the "URL" field.

The browser window becomes active for clicks if you use the "Interact" option.

Create scenes separately for each website you plan to use during your webinar.

How to stream Skype using OBS

There are two ways to connect a user from Skype:

  1. Using the NDI driver.
  2. Using Skype and OBS webcams.

Connection via NDI driver requires the following steps:

  • Install NDI driver.
  • Enable NDI in Skype (Settings – Calling – Advanced – Allow NDI usage).
  • Reboot your PC.
  • Create a new source "NDI" in OBS. Name it Skype.
  • Make a call via Skype and in the NDI source settings select the person to be shown on the screen during the broadcast.

The second way is a little easier, but only possible if you are using the Skype for Business version.

Follow the steps below to pair Skype and OBS webcams:

  1. In Skype settings, go to the "Video device" section and select OBS-Camera as the active device. To prevent the screen from square trimming you should activate "Trim and center my video in meetings".
  2. Create in OBS source "Display Capture".
  3. Send an invitation with an attached Skype meeting.
  4. Go to Tools – VirtualCam.
  5. Select OBS-Camera as the target camera.
  6. Click on the camera icon in the Skype meeting window and confirm the start of the broadcast with the "Start my video" button.
  7. Pin your video. To do this just select "Place video in the spotlight".

4. How to host a webinar using OBS and Youtube

To run a webinar on Youtube using OBS, first create a planned live stream on our YouTube channel.

Then in the live stream settings copy a special key to the webinar to create a connection between OBS and Youtube.

Next go to the OBS program and add the previously copied key to the settings.

Now all scenes created in OBS will be duplicated during your broadcast on Youtube.


To run a webinar with several types of content, you don't need to have complex technical skills. Just use the OBS program and surprise your audience!