Payment systems for online school

Payment systems for online school!

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by Liubomyr Sirskyi
Copywriter at Kwiga

It is essential to choose a proper payment system when creating an online school since:

1) convenient payment method for the customer is also a part of your service;

2) commission amount and withdrawal methods depend on the choice of the payment system.

In this article, we have analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of popular payment aggregators in CIS countries.

What types of payment systems are available for online schools

Payment aggregator is a universal tool for accepting payment, which simultaneously includes various payment methods: electronic money, cards, cash through the IBox terminal, Apple Pay, etc.

Internet acquiring makes it possible to pay on your site using bank cards or Android, Samsung, and Apple Pay. The advantage of this type is that acquirers cooperate with a large number of banks simultaneously. If the transaction is rejected in one, it will be forwarded to others until it is completed.

Individual self-describing analogs for connection with payment systems. This type will be needed only for a very large-scale business when it becomes unprofitable to pay the commission to aggregators.

Internet acquiring and self-described analogs are currently not as popular in the CIS countries as payment aggregators.

Important criteria for choosing a payment aggregator

Amount of payment method types. The client should have the opportunity to pay in a way that is understandable and familiar to him.

Commission rate.Your final income depends on this.

Specifications. Usually, the plugin is easily installed on your site, but sometimes you need an API connection. Pay attention to whether the aggregator has this option.

What's the withdrawal of funds method .and its transaction speed.

Does the aggregator process foreign payments? Make sure that not only Russian cards are accepted.

TOP-5 payment systems for online school


Payment Options:

  • credit and debit cards;
  • digital currency (UMoney, wallets WebMoney and Qiwi);
  • online banks (Sberbank Online, Alfa-Click, etc.);
  • cash (in bank’s cash desk);
  • payment from mobile balance;
  • partially (with credit or in installments).

Connection. You only need a manager's passport and an account in "Yandex.".

Rate.There is no subscriber fee. Card payment fee - 3.5%, digital currency - 6%. With a turnover of more than a million, the commission will be reduced.

Withdrawal of funds. Money can be transferred to the checking account within 24 hours after payment.

Possible countries. Ykassa is a Russian payment provider. The service can also be used in Belarus, where you can connect Hutki Grosh, BePaid, WebPay, or electronic payments from Alfa Bank. There is no possibility of connecting this payment module for residents of Ukraine..


Payment options:

  • credit and debit cards;
  • digital currency (UMoney, wallets WebMoney, and Qiwi);
  • online banks;
  • cash in "Svyaznoy" and "Euroset";
  • payment from mobile balance;

Connection. Pass the registration process of your personal account and upload scan copies of the requested documents. Next, you need to set up a payment module on your website, make a test payment, and then submit an activation request.

Rate. The starting fee is 3.9% for card payments, 4% from electronic wallets, and 5% from the phone balance. Later, the tariff can be changed to a more profitable one. There is a reduced rate of 2.9% at the "Real" tariff and 2.7% at the "Dobrokassa" tariff if the payment is made using cards issued in the territory of the Russian Federation..

Withdrawal of funds. Money can be transferred to the checking account within 24 hours after payment.

Possible countries.The service can be hooked in Russia, as well as Belarus. Users from Ukraine can't be connected, but at the same time, it is possible to accept payments from Ukrainian customers.


Payment options:

  • credit and debit cards;
  • digital currency;
  • cash in terminals;
  • international bank transfers;
  • payment from mobile balance;

Connection. You must create a business account and send scan copies of documents for verification.

Rate. The size of the commission depends on the type of payment. Overall, this is 0-2.8%.

Withdrawal of funds.Withdrawal fees range from 2.5 to 5%. It is possible to transfer money to a personal card.

Possible countries. Payeer is an international payment system that can be hooked in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. But there is one thing — the aggregator supports only three main currencies: the Russian ruble, the dollar, and the euro. Users from Russia can withdraw funds directly, and users from Ukraine and Belarus need first to convert funds into national currency.


Payment options:

  • credit and debit cards;
  • digital currency;
  • cash in terminals;
  • international bank transfers;
  • payment from mobile balance;

Connection.Contracting is not necessary. You can just register in the service.

Rate. The fee at the Basic tariff (turnover up to 1 million/month) is 3.5% for card payments, 7% with digital currency, and 20-25% transfer from a mobile balance.

Withdrawal of funds. The advantage of the aggregator is that the money goes instantly to the checking account.

Possible countries. UUnitpay is available in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.


Payment Options:

  • credit and debit cards;
  • digital currency;
  • cash in terminals;
  • international bank transfers;
  • payment from mobile balance;

Connection.You must create a personal account, fill in the data and submit a request to register in the system. The service carefully checks the sites and considers the request within three days.

Rate. The fee for payment by card is 2.7%, 2.5-4% in digital currency, and 2.9% from the mobile balance

Withdrawal of funds. You can set up a permanent money output or create a one-time request. A fund transfer will be done within 2-3 days, depending on the bank.

Possible countries. PayAnyWay is available only for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities of the Russian Federation.

Which payment system is better for your online school

YKassa (Yandex.Kassa) is a multifunctional solution, as it covers almost all possible forms of payment.

Robokassa is almost identical but also works with individuals. And there is even the opportunity to embed payment to Instagram.

Payeer will be the best choice if you plan to enter the international market.

Unitpay is easy to activate and also pleases instant withdrawal of funds. But tariffs are quite high.

PayAnyWay has the most profitable commission, but it is more difficult to go through connection and verification.

How to connect a payment aggregator for an online school?

Most services are installed on the site quite easily and without programming. If you want to integrate a self-described analog, a special design or your site is created without CMS — you can connect the payment module also through the API using the developer.

How to deal with the payment freeze-up

Please note that the payment processing speed depends on the number of transactions in the payment system at this time. If a large number of payments are made from different buyers simultaneously, it leads to a virtual queue building. As you know, a modern buyer is used to getting a quick result, and such delays can affect the decision to buy.

If you have created an online course with a large number of competitors, it is worth thinking about Internet acquiring in servicing payments on your website because acquirers work with many banks at the same time.

Choosing a payment system for an online school depends on whether you focus on the international market or a local buyer within the country. The types and number of payment forms depend on this. Choose the most profitable rates for you, and don't forget to pay attention to the fee rate for payment and the fee rate for withdrawal of funds.