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An educational online platform for the integrated creation, delivery, and automation of distance learning. In just 30 minutes, create your first course and start promoting it all over the Internet.

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KWIGA online platform for creating and promoting educational projects

Why is our platform good?

KWIGA is an educational platform to help transform your expertise and know-how into a thriving knowledge business.

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The main advantages of a platform for educational projects

Build a course, build a brand, build a business

Here's what KWIGA
educational service can do for you!

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It’s as easy as it seems

On this educational site, in a matter of minutes you will have access to everything you will ever need to create and sell online courses and training. No technical skills required.

Teach how you want to learn

Uniquely package your course and make learning easy and enjoyable for your students. Use the settings of the digital education platform to personalize your learning.

Sell easily and everywhere

Forget the complexities of money turnover and record keeping. Selling on the KWIGA educational learning platform is made accessible and easy through simple integrations.

Feed adaptability

Courses on KWIGA automatically adapt to the size and orientation of the screen and look decent on computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Create a course in just 30 minutes

Our team has analyzed and incorporated all the most important educational tools needed for comfortable teaching and learning.

Step-by-step creation of courses, classes and automated tests.

The "Products" module in the educational platform includes a set of various tools for creating your own individual learning format. The process of creating a course is built on the flexible, fast-working, and interactive educational platform KWIGA, which allows a trainer, expert, or coach to come up with and implement any of their ideas in the shortest possible time.

More about the module
Creating courses on an interactive educational online platform

Online broadcasts, webinars and group live sessions.

The functional features of creating live webinars and broadcasts allow users to conduct classes in a format convenient for themselves using various additional teacher tools (whiteboard, closed room, etc.). The multilingual interface provides an expert with the opportunity to train viewers in several languages or from different regions at once.

More about the module
Creation of broadcasts in a digital educational service

Creation and maintenance of channels in the service for teachers.

This module allows you to automate key business processes of customer acquisition, support, and sales using chatbots in messengers and artificial intelligence. Receive and respond to all requests from your clients in one window, while using various filters and teacher automation tools.

More about the module
Automation of communication channels on the site for teachers

Step-by-step website creation for any task.

Create an impressive website for any task. Using the tools and modules of the platform for teachers, you can set up an automatic process for promoting and selling products right on the site. By using the KWIGA educational platform, you will make your first website without design and programming skills in a few minutes!

More about the module
Website development on an online platform for teachers

Custom templates and smart mailings.

Create beautiful emails that engage and sell right on our innovative educational platform. Use individual templates that the system will select for your product or service. Customize sending templates to welcome new and returning customers, upsells, and more. Get statistics and, using other modules, start a chain of interactions with your customers.

More about the module
Smart mailings in educational Internet service

Simple and accessible CRM for beginners. Advanced PRO version for advanced users.

The "CRM-system" module includes two interface formats and functional features. If you are starting your project for the first time and you don’t need advanced complex functionality, then Simple CRM is the ideal tool for the educational process for your tasks. At the same time, you can upgrade to the extended version without losing data anytime.

More about the module
CRM system of a distance learning platform

Automation of marketing processes. Smart synchronization of modules.

An adaptive module for customizing all stages of marketing, from an advertising campaign to checking students’ homework. By working with any of the modules, you automatically influence the marketing processes. The platform independently makes adjustments and recommends the best solutions for you to achieve the result. For advanced users, the module provides the ability to influence every stage of your funnel and flexibly customize marketing chains.

More about the module
An innovative educational marketing automation tool

Ready reports on what is happening. Flexible end-to-end process analytics

Track every action of your customers and users. Stay on top of everything happening in the online learning platform and beyond. Use smart report templates that don't require customization or technical skills. Adapt dashboards to your requirements. Build cohorts using end-to-end analytics and get reports in a format convenient for you.

More about the module
Analytics as a digital tool for teachers work

Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Create your first informational educational service right now with the KWIGA Educational platform!

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Mobile platform solution for educators

We have taken care of your students. Mobile applications of the electronic educational service for IOS and Android are already in the public domain. Education is becoming even more accessible...

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For advanced users, we have prepared an API that will significantly expand the capabilities of the KWIGA educational educational platform.

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API integration of digital tools in the educational process

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