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Создание автоматических вебинаров на платформе KWIGA Создание автоматических вебинаров на платформе KWIGA

The main functionality of the platform for automated webinars

Trainings broadcast

In your personal account, you can find everything you need to create online lessons and workshops. All you need to start a class is a high-quality webcam and microphone.

Сервис для автоматизации вебинаров Сервис для автоматизации вебинаров

Fast conference

Create a conference and invite anyone to it.

Быстрое создание и проведение автовебинаров

Auto Webinars

In your personal account, you can find everything you need to create online lessons and workshops. All you need to start a class is a high-quality webcam and microphone.

Запустить трансляцию на платформе для автовебинаров Запустить трансляцию на платформе для автовебинаров

Benefits of running auto webinars on KWIGA

Intuitive interface

A step-by-step checklist approach will help you quickly create an online class.

Work without "freezing"

KWIGA broadcasts video and audio materials without lags. Therefore, you can freely acquaint students with new knowledge.

No additional software

KWIGA uses modern web technologies. Therefore, there is no need to download additional plugins and configure them.

Automatic webinar recording

We not only broadcast the master class, but also record it and store it on a secure server.

Works in all popular browsers

The platform does not require installation on a PC. Everything you need is available in the web interface.

Minimum effort

Forget boring instructions. Getting to know the platform will take no more than half an hour.

Device autoconfiguration

No extra fuss. The system automatically checks the devices and adjusts the broadcast quality to their needs.

Unique development

KWIGA's internal technologies allow you to organize high-quality broadcasts. You can also connect third-party sites.

Simple analytics

No complicated and overloaded menus. All the necessary data is available in the information card.

KWIGA offers a wide range of features for organizing and running automated webinars.

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About video quality and technologies when organizing auto webinars

The perception of new knowledge depends on the quality of video and audio materials. KWIGA guarantees the preservation of high quality content not only during broadcasts, but also after them.

After the live broadcast, the recording of the online lesson is converted to MP4 1080p standard, and then stored on a secure server. Advanced codecs and algorithms support high quality picture and sound, and also open up new opportunities for your business.

Full HD format makes it easy to read small print, as well as view pictures with a lot of detail. Moreover, this standard is supported by all modern PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Moreover, you can start and record a live stream via Youtube. Share the closed link to the lesson with your students or download the video to your computer.

Запустить автовебинар в FullHD качестве
Разместите свой курс в каталоге KWIGA
Разместите свой курс в каталоге KWIGA

Representing your brand when launching automated webinars

The landing page is the face of your educational business. Therefore, it is important to be able to quickly configure it. Come up with a name for the broadcast, its description, upload the necessary materials, and also perform additional settings for the webinar room.

Only the essentials

The settings menu contains the most important functions for creating an online training.

Unique product

Add a colorful cover to grab the attention of your audience.

Adaptable room

Change the settings as you wish.

Организация автовебинара через презентационную страницу бренда

Ease of service management for webinar automation

Setting access

Each student will have access to exactly the amount of material that corresponds to their curriculum. You can also make any lesson open to everyone.

Automatic recording of webinar broadcast

KWIGA records and stores the records of your online lessons in your personal account. Send the link to the class to your students or save the video to your computer.

Working with tags

The tagging system allows you to collect students and trainings into separate groups. Search by tags will make working with the platform easier and faster. Dealing with this is easy!

KWIGA offers the necessary tools so that you can communicate your project to as many people as possible.

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Interaction with students

Conduct tests to check how well the audience understood the new material.

Interact with viewers live through the comment form and online chats.

Тесты и опросы во время автовебинара на площадке

High-quality communication on the auto-webinar service will allow you to answer all students' questions, as well as increase their confidence in the site.

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Accept payments on the platform of auto webinars

All students, after registering at the online school, can pay for participation in the courses in any convenient way. Connect popular payment systems and accept money from any country.

Support for hundreds of currencies

Integrate your educational business with well-known payment services and accept payments in a convenient currency for your customers.

Professional bookkeeping

All information about payments is collected in a separate table. We also remotely manage payment systems through integration.

Top affiliate marketing tools

Make yourself known at the top of your voice.

Specials with flexible pricing options

Offer new value-added opportunities to your students - subscriptions, packages, and more.

Visa and MasterCard support

Your students will be able to pay for tuition by credit card.

Convenient online payment module

Only the most necessary things for making a payment are available in it.

Payment page design

The listeners will feel comfortable.

Fast payment processing

Funds are transferred in a matter of moments.

About data security

  • Your business is your passion. And we understand why you trust us with your creation. An anti-fraud team will solve the security issue of your webinars.

  • Get access to flawless hosting to protect your data.

  • KWIGA staff do not influence the content of your online lessons.

  • We monitor the security 24/7 for your peace of mind.

  • Don't wait for new features to appear. All updates are automatic.

  • A 2048-bit SSL certificate guarantees the safety of customers' personal data when logging in and ordering.

  • KWIGA only works with the best PCI DSS Level 1 financial service providers. This is further confirmation that your data is safe.

Безопасность продаж при ведении автовебинаров

Smartphone solutions

Not every student can watch the live broadcast of the webinar from a computer or laptop. Therefore, sometimes you need to resort to using portable devices - smartphones and tablets. KWIGA's web interface automatically adapts to any screen. However, for regular listeners of your training, our mobile solution is being developed.

Convenient applications for portable devices based on iOS and Android will help you easily expand your audience and improve communication with regular customers. Each user will be able to join the broadcast from their smartphone or tablet.

The mobile solution allows to:

  • join live streams at the online school.

  • communicate with other listeners via video or audio communication.

  • watch presentations.

  • leave comments and messages in the chat.

  • And this is not a complete list of what you will be able to use very soon!

  • We strive to create a comfortable environment for every student. Therefore, the KWIGA mobile application is convenient and practical.

Поддержка мобильной версии на  сервисе автовебинаров

Integration with third party services

Connect third-party services to exchange data with KWIGA. Integrations with payment systems, social networks, instant messengers, as well as solutions for marketing automation and analytics are available to you.

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What are automated webinars for?

People watch online courses for interesting information that you won't find anywhere else. In addition, conducting live trainings brings you as close as possible to your audience. After all, there is nothing more valuable than live emotions.

How to make an auto webinar?

Go to your personal account page. In the "Broadcast" item, select the lesson format you need.

How to attract spectators to the lesson?

One of the best solutions is to create a catchy landing page with a striking design. You can also notify the participants through social networks, instant messengers and e-mail.

How to motivate to watch the lesson to the end?

There are a couple of interesting ideas for motivating the viewer. So, you can declare very important information or bonuses at the end of the online master class.

Can I connect a YouTube broadcast?

Of course. Select the broadcast source in the "Implementation and Delivery" submenu..

What if trainings have low engagement?

Review the data in the information card, find the weak points of the course and correct the shortcomings

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Technical support 24/7

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