How To Do the Training Course Correctly and Conduct It Effectively | An Ultimate Guide!

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Many specialists try to organize online training on the network after receiving a quality education and feeling the ability to transfer their knowledge and practical skills to the audience.

Как создать онлайн тренинги - дынные о технологиях

To achieve success and, as a result, to obtain a result in the form of profit and increase the number of people interested in training, it's necessary to follow some rules.

✍️ How to Create a Training: A Step-by-Step Guide

Business coaches recommend that you try three things:

  • concretize the topic of the classes to identify the target audience;
  • outline the main aspects of group events;
  • start promoting and selling the online training course.

A detailed study will explain how to create training, which is the key to the future popularity of classes.

№1 Defining goals and setting objectives

Before starting work, it is essential to set the goal for which the training is created. Most often, it's all about making a profit and attracting an audience. The most successful courses are taken by those who consider effective teaching and benefit the listeners to be the primary goal.

After defining the goal, you need to draw up an action plan according to which the online training will be formed.

№2 Selection of topics and speakers

Undoubtedly, the coach should conduct audience training only in his specialization and where he has good practical skills. Therefore, you must perfectly understand how to make distance learning.

Using the services of search engines, you can assess the interest of users in the subject of the course (for example, Google Trends or Yandex Wordstat).

Как организовать тренинги в интернете

№3 Collection and analysis of information

It's necessary to study the popularity of the topic in search engines and the number of commercial requests. To get detailed information, use keywords and phrases (at least 25) that determine the potential interest of users. For instance, "german courses online price."


  • Enter the request: "How to formulate a question in German."
  • In the results, follow the link where the user asks this question on the site.
  • You can invite a potential student who posted the ad to enroll in a course.

When composing key queries, it's important to note the number of displays per month for each in a pre-compiled table. So you can get the most reliable information about the specific interest of users in the planned topic of the course and draw up a training plan.

The analysis will also show the seasonality of demand. It's vital to choose the optimal time to start the project. Using the Yandex. Wordstat or Google Trends app, you can get a diagram with a schematic representation of the popularity of each key phrase or word depending on the month.

Как сделать дистанционные тренинги - изучение сезонности

№4 Studying the proposals of competitors and target audience

You can understand how to create training correctly by studying the proposals of business trainers who work on similar topics. They can be conditionally divided into three groups:

  • Foreign experts work in the same direction, but the audience doesn't overlap due to the language barrier;
  • Offer online courses on a similar topic;
  • Different subject, but the same category of users.

After analyzing potential competitors, it's advisable to draw up a kind of register in which to note:

  • List of all trainers;
  • Advantageous features of each and a comparison of a unique selling proposition that attracts stakeholders;
  • Feedback-based drawbacks to help you avoid repeating mistakes and adjust your program.

When analyzing publications, it is worth noting those marked "advertising." This means that competitors are investing in promotion, and it is desirable to pay close attention to them.

? How To Conduct Training Correctly: Process Optimization

To maximize the audience's interest, you need to choose the right format for presenting the information. For example, combine theory with practical exercises using a training platform. The main task of a business coach is to give the required result to the user.

№5 Amount of information and practical exercises

The primary elements of educational content are acceptability and continuity. Don't overload your students with loads of information, especially new ones. After each topic, it's great to reinforce the knowledge gained.

It's crucial to attract the optimal number of students when promoting a course. Otherwise, you can spend too much time checking the tests. To optimize the process, it is worth preparing a standard homework and attracting a curator when there are more than 15 students.

The program must be configured according to the "a given topic - a specific result" rule. After listening to the lesson, the student should be able to put knowledge into action.

It's highly recommended to test the finished training with friends or a specially assembled control group. Often, the authors are unaware of the errors in their training, and they overlook minor flaws.

№6 Categories of main and additional content

  • Paper or electronic materials: presentations, thematic articles, and publications that can be read, noting essential aspects;
  • Online lessons that are prepared in advance. It's advisable to analyze no more than one topic in the lesson;
  • Webinars that have an excellent effect on two-way communication. You can answer questions of interest to students, check the acceptability of the material.

№7 What are the formats of training?




Includes several online lessons and webinars. The format is convenient when you need self-preparation and time to work through the information received.


It lasts no more than 7 days and can be divided into individual lessons by topic.


Completing tasks at a webinar is often practiced when studying foreign languages.


The mentor and students are engaged in joint assignments—a reasonably effective form of training (because participants can exchange views and provide mutual support).

Master class

Online (from 1-2 hours) is often combined with other formats

№8 Selection of the training scheme by the time

You can combine schemes to create a unique training. For instance:

  1. On Monday, send out to the audience by email a list of the necessary literature for an introduction and a video lesson;
  2. On Friday, students send homework to the coach;
  3. Conduct webinars twice a month to discuss questions and homework;
  4. At the end is the delivery of a diploma project, which includes analyzing the skills acquired throughout the entire learning process.

№9 Get to know how to conduct training remotely on the platform

It's not worth delaying the start of the project. However, you should make sure in advance that the chosen educational platform for training meets the requirements.

It is necessary to thoroughly study the site's interface to analyze whether it will be convenient for a newcomer to work on it.

If it becomes clear during the testing process that the platform is not suitable, you need to hange it and check it one more time.

For the effectiveness of training and close contact with the audience, several methods are used for the rapid exchange of information:

  1. Communication via Skype or Zoom. It's an optimal choice for long sessions. You can ask questions to the trainer online and conduct testing;
  2. The general chat of the mentor and students is convenient for exchanging opinions, operational communication, reporting information about changes and news;
  3. Email for checking homework and storing the history of correspondence;
  4. Forums allow you to conduct classes effectively and reduce the cost of the course. It's convenient to discuss topics of seminars, issue tests, and receive recommendations. The entire learning process is concentrated in one place;
  5. Social networks can be used by creating a group to communicate with course participants, discuss assignments, answer questions that each participant can get acquainted with.

№10 How to make the training interesting?

The selection of qualified speakers is an essential part of the popularity of training. The degree of perception of students and the interest in continuing education depend on a coach's qualifications. Moreover, the ability to convey information and communication skills are also critical.

Attention! An expert must conduct the training.

? How to start conducting training: The process of interacting with trainees

After all stages of preparation have been completed with positive ratings, you can proceed to full-fledged training.

№11 Introduction

Not all learners who have purchased online courses are tech-savvy enough. In the first lesson, you should talk in detail about the methodology for conducting seminars, using the webinar room, how to adjust the image and sound, assigning hotkeys for testing, or the question/answer session.

It is advisable to prepare the detailed text and video instructions by sending them to all participants and answering questions in detail.

In presenting information, you can tell in more detail about the training program, note the positive aspects and practical use of the knowledge gained at the end of the course.

№12 Analysis of behavioral characteristics

To understand students' perception of educational content, you can conduct a free master class in webinar mode. Usually, the trainer chooses the most burning question and gives a detailed answer to it with examples from practice.

After the start of training, you should carefully listen to the audience's reaction, study and analyze the feedback, and adjust the program for greater efficiency.

№13 Completion of the training

After completing your session, be sure to indicate the next steps for your listeners. These can be tests that they need to perform and send the results to the specified method. These can be questions that will help shape the topic of the next training. You can also invite students to sign up for the next class. Many coaches ask users to rate the training.

? How to Conduct Online Training: Marketing

If you want to receive a constant increase in your customers' number, you need to improve the quality of the product and develop the process of attracting users.

Как запускать прибыльные тренинги используя маркетинг стратегию

№14 Planning a promotion strategy

At the stage of preparing the program, studying the demand, and analyzing the market, it's worth involving the producer of the courses for greater efficiency. The method of promoting a product on the market requires unique resources and experience. You may find it challenging to combine content production and training programs with the regular search for interested clients.

Expert marketers will automate the process based on search requests, provide optimal guidance, and optimize the commercial offer for users. It's critical to select skilled specialists for these purposes and by contract.

Receiving a progressive percentage of sales, the producer or marketer will be much more interested in the effectiveness of the project than in a fixed payment.

It only takes a little practice, and it will soon be clear how to deliver training remotely with maximum cost-effectiveness.

Those who don't have the opportunity to attract a producer or marketer can use contextual advertising, message boards with links to free webinars and courses. You can also use a website builder to create a business card site.

? Conclusion

All the aspects are essential. Therefore, they must be worked out before starting the course, paying particular attention to the prep and selecting the target audience. Every little thing left out can make a difference. If you follow the above recommendations, you can understand how to conduct training effectively.

It is not worth overestimating the cost of courses, especially if you don't have enough experience and popularity among users. It can be based on the price of similar activities from competitors.