How To Set Up A Live Stream To Multiple Platforms At The Same Time!

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Hello everyone! If this title cached you, you probably faced the need to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously. We will be right to say that previously you had to go live on each platform separately. It took you a lot of time to process several live streams or even an alternative of sharing a pre-recorded video of your stream was time-consuming. But now it makes no sense because Restream offers an excellent solution to this problem. Using this service lets you go live on several platforms simultaneously. Here we’ll discuss all Restream features and show you how to go live with Restream

Getting Started With Restream. Advantages and Disadvantages of This Service

Many beginners think that they can’t work with this platform because it requires training and obtaining certain skills. Perhaps, it can relate to any other streaming services, but not to Of course, you’ll need some time to understand how everything works there, and our guide will help you. combines several products for convenient streaming. Today we’ll focus on Restream Multistreaming tool

Step 1.How to sign up to the platform

You don’t need to install any software on your PC to start using Restream — and it’s one of the key reasons why bloggers and other social media users prefer Restream. To start your journey, visit, and press the ‘Get Started’ button. The registration process is fast and easy: all you need to specify is your login, e-mail address, and password. Restream will send you a confirmation letter, so don’t forget to check your inbox. Confirm your account, and you’ll never lose access to the platform

Step 2. How to choose platforms for streaming and adding channels

After successful registration, you’ll be offered to add channels for multistreaming. Restream interface is user-friendly, so you won’t need to spend a lot of time understanding how to work with it. Just press the button ‘Add channels,’ and you’ll be redirected to the page with available social media websites.


The number of available platforms impresses because Restream cooperates with more than 30 websites

Here are the most popular platforms for streaming:

  • Facebook

  • Twitch

  • VK Live

  • Youtube


This list is constantly updated, so don’t get upset if you can’t find the service you need. Be sure you’ll find it there in a month or two. Choose a platform (for example, Facebook), and log into it to connect to the multistreaming platform


Step 3. How to set up and manage your accounts

Open a dashboard to browse all your streaming destinations. Moreover, the dashboard is the only page where you can manage added accounts. If you need quick access to your account, click on the channel name. The slider on each line lets you turn on/off every channel. If you need to change the name and description of the channel, press on the gear sign


Settings also let users change the streaming destinations. It means you can decide whether you’ll go live in a personal profile or group, for example in VK or Facebook. The free plan lets users go live on one account through the platform. If you want to go live on a personal account and a group account, be ready to pay for the subscription. Moreover, a free subscription does not allow streaming pre-recorded videos, uploading and storing them in the system, inviting more than six guests to your stream, and going live on Facebook. However, a free plan is enough for amateur use


How to Start a Live Stream on

Well, once you add all necessary channels, you need to inform your subscribers about the upcoming stream. You’re halfway to success. All that’s left to do is to get ready for the stream and learn how to set it up. Be sure, preparation for the stream will take you some time. Before the last update, users were required to install additional software for multistreaming, but now it’s unnecessary. Restream Live Studio is enough to set up and start streaming


Step 1. Adjust settings

You don’t need to have any experience with streaming to customize settings. Enter Restream Live Studio and allow access to the microphone and camera. It’s the first thing you should do. If you have any difficulties with understanding how the interface works, change the language


On the right, you’ll see four tabs with settings:

  • Chat — here, you’ll see users’ messages from all streaming destinations

  • Captions — let you add text on the screen

  • Graphics — you can change the logo, background, branding, and other graphical elements

  • Setup — lets you add title, description, and see the list of streaming destinations supports co-hosting feature — press an icon under the video to invite someone to your stream. Your guest is not required to register an account on Restream. You just send the link, and this person easily joins you. If you have several guests, you can either hide or show them in your stream. Restream Live Studio settings also let you decide what exact micro and camera to use if several devices are connected to your PC. The screen sharing feature is irreplaceable for users who need to show viewers a presentation or something like that

Final Step. Go live

Check all elements once again to make sure you’ve set everything right. Then press “Go Live,” and your stream starts. It’s all you need to do. If you have any questions on how Restream works, don’t hesitate to ask us for help. Just write your question in the comments, and we’ll try to answer them. We’ll address the questions with due attention in the next guides