Ways to use Zoom to launch a broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, and other social platforms.!

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Live broadcasts are a great way to promote any Internet channel. The rule is simple: the more people tune in to the broadcast, the more benefits the channel gets. One of the services designed to work with broadcasts is Zoom. The program allows users to broadcast videos to social networks (YouTube, Facebook, etc.). However, to bring as many people to a Zoom live as possible, it is imperative to share links and invitations. After a simple registration, Zoom seeks permission to invite friends to the broadcast. In contrast, any other social platform automatically informs people about the start of the live broadcast without getting such permission.

Zoom is a smart service, as it integrates with a large number of outstanding resources, including Restream. Having a paid account in Zoom lets users connect to the Restream service to broadcast videos to several social networks (Odnoklassniki, YouTube, Facebook, VKontakte, etc.).

Simple Tips On How To Set Up An Automatic Zoom Broadcast In Social Platforms

1. Log in to your Zoom personal account. The account must be upgraded to a premium version to have an advanced broadcast function. Once you get a premium version, select "Settings/At the conference (advanced)" and mark the boxes under every social network you want to use to launch a broadcast. If you choose Restream as one of these apps, make sure to mark the "Individual streaming session" section. Upon completing this step, you won't have to do anything else in your Zoom account.

2. Sign up on Restream. It is free and doesn't take much time. The service has excellent, round-the-clock technical support. The team answers questions and resolves issues quickly, sending correspondence to the user's mailbox.

3. Restream is a freemium app. Users can choose free and paid versions. The former allows you to connect via Zoom and launch broadcasts only on a personal page. In turn, the paid version uncovers much more opportunities, such as connecting multiple accounts of the same social network, running live webcasts in groups, and linking Facebook, among others.

4. Connecting the channel is quite simple. All you need to do is click on the "Add Channel" button. It will then redirect you to a page where you can select a broadcasting channel. Given the high demand for games, the majority of channels are related to the gaming world. However, you can also find main social networks there.

5. Any channel is connected in a single click. You will see the relevant page with the corresponding instruction. There, you will have to click on just one button. But before doing that, make sure to be an existing, authorized user in Restream (to become one, you should agree to Terms and Conditions). If you have agreed to the T&C and still encounter problems with connecting the channel, reach out to technical support and explain the issue.

6. Go to the "Conference Name" section and title it. The name will be automatically updated on all connected channels.

7. You can also notify subscribers about the upcoming broadcast.

Integrating Zoom and already configured Restream

1. Once you configure Restream and launch a broadcast, click on the colon at the bottom of the broadcast control panel and select "Broadcast to an individual streaming service" to integrate Restream with Zoom.

2.In the Zoom service, fill out empty fields ("Broadcast URL" and "Password").

3. Go to the Restream Control Panel. On the right side, in the "Settings" section, copy the first link and paste it to the “Broadcast URL” field on Zoom. Repeat this procedure by inserting the password (copy the password on Restream and paste it to “Password” on Zoom).

4. You can fill out the last field on Zoom (the URL of the streaming page), inserting your YouTube channel or Facebook profile.

5. After filling out all the fields, click on the "Go Live" button. Zoom will start preparing for the broadcast. As soon as the preparation is completed, the app will transfer you to the account specified in the field.

By checking the Restream panel, you will see that the broadcast from Zoom has started.

The live stream appeared in all marked social networks (in our case, YouTube).

Restream and Zoom premium versions offer plenty of opportunities for every user. Everyone can conduct live broadcasts on multiple social networks with no problems.

Alternative to a Premium Zoom Account

Suppose you can't get a Zoom premium version. In that case, you may want to utilize free apps, such as OBS Studio. The latter integrates with Restream allowing you to start live webcasts on various social networks. If you are interested in using OBS Studio, we will cover this topic in the forthcoming blog.

The use of additional services along with Zoom has lots of benefits. Among such apps is Restream, which aims to boost social network popularity and increase the number of the audience. You can make use of these apps without putting in lots of effort.

If you happen to have questions, let us know in the comment section below. We will answer them in the following series of articles.