Webinars promotion using SEO!

Reading time: 6 minutes

Do you want to rise the ranks of your website to the top of search results and attract more audiences to the webinar? SEO will help with this task. In this article, we give several recommendations for the webinar creators.

1) Prepare an informative description of the webinar.

Search engines identify the correspondence of websites to the search query on the next main parameters:

  • page title (Meta title);
  • description (Meta description);
  • main header (h1);

Determine which queries you want to display to the audience in the search engine, and based on this, complete texts for each parameter.

Use the search data in Yandex Wordstat/Google Trends/Key Planner and other services to assess the frequency and popularity of the request.

Information from the search string can also be useful — enter a query in the search box and Yandex or Google will offer you the most popular.

If a famous person will be a speaker during your webinar, please include her name in the event description. A viewer who is already familiar with this expert will more likely become an attender to such a webinar.

2) Optimize your website content for popular requests.

SEO should be considered in the key of the relevance of queries, the number of which usually does not exceed five.

You can conclude by analyzing the data from the services for the statistical collection of search queries, that most of the offers are easily combined by meaning into one module.

There are situations when queries are multifaceted and a single web conference will not be enough for them. For example, business issues, technical and creative topics. In this case, questions should be revealed more widely for more benefit to the audience.

The webinar should be useful for the visitor. It can be only if you will provide a guide to action and hold a webinar informatively.

The viewer estimates the speaker's competence ​very quickly. You will have about 10-15 minutes to build the opinion. If the viewer considers the webinar uninformative, then most likely you lost him forever.

You should include in the webinar information not only the names of experts but also their experience and professional achievements. This is very important for affirmation of the authority.

3) Use backlinks to your website.

Backlinks are links to third-party sources. You can place them in several ways:

  • Backlinks are links to third-party sources. You can place them in several ways:
  • using crowd links (links left by users of social networks or forums);
  • mutual placement of links on friendly websites;
  • news releases with an active link to your webinar;
  • registration on websites with posters;

Advantages and disadvantages of SEO promotion.

The main advantages are:

1) Visits to your website are absolutely free because search engines do not charge for clicks in organic issuance. Getting the desired traffic from contextual ads is much easier, but every click on your site will be paid.

2) Warm audience. If the user comes to your site from search results, it means that he is really interested in the subject of the webinar.

3) Flexibility of queries. The ability to independently select requests that will be promoted using SEO.

4) Website's technical state improvements. The website must meet search standards to achieve a high level of ranking.

The main disadvantages are:

1) Untimely result. Even having done the perfect optimization of the site, you will have to wait several months before it is indexed by search engines and begins to be highly ranked.

2) Site upgrade costs. The development of the SEO optimization plan and its implementation require financial costs.

3) Limited search. In some areas, the number of requests for topics is very limited. For example, a webinar presentation for one highly specialized medical product.


You should not expect that using SEO optimization two weeks before the start of the webinar will attract hundreds of new viewers. SEO works for the long term and will be most effective for webinars, which are held at a certain frequency, and not once.

Follow our tips and remember that SEO traffic is the most organic, so worthy of spending time and delving into this topic to attract a new audience.