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KWIGA is a simple yet powerful distance learning platform. It allows you to create different types of webinars in just 30 minutes - Video Courses, Mini Courses and Live Courses.

Платформа для создания онлайн курсов KWIGA

Simple solutions for online courses

Don't put off growing your business until tomorrow. Conduct online training now!

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Video or audio courses

The organization of training courses is impossible without high-quality video and audio materials. The KWIGA platform offers simple solutions for distance learning. You will be able to create valuable content with high-quality picture and sound.

Организация курсов обучения в видео или аудио формате

Mini courses

The online course platform also offers express courses. They will help students master the material in the shortest possible time. And the certificate received after listening will confirm the level of knowledge gained.

Разместите свой курс в каталоге KWIGA
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Live courses

Also in the personal account of the Internet courses service, there is everything you need to conduct Live courses. The main thing is to have access to a quality camera and microphone.

Живые трансляции для курсов обучения на платформе KWIGA

Simplicity of platform settings for creating online courses

Your business should look as simple and beautiful as you do. Therefore, we offer intuitive solutions for launching educational programs. Create your first online course hassle-free.

Create like Michelangelo

With a simple and flexible builder, you can create a unique online training course. Make teaching your students easy and enjoyable.

Create products for a specific audience

Offer valuable knowledge to those who really need it. Set specific goals and results for conducting educational online projects.

Bring some interactivity

Add practice assignments, quizzes, and tests for your class, and build final exams at the end of your studies

Turn your knowledge and experience into a thriving business. Launch your training courses on KWIGA today!

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Download class recordings in Full HD

The correct perception of information by students depends on the quality of the picture and sound. This is why our online course platform ensures that the content is high quality.

Recordings of all classes are converted and stored on KWIGA servers in MP4 1080p format. We use modern codecs and algorithms when we save your videos. 1080p quality makes it easy to read small text and view pictures with a lot of details.

In addition, we offer the ability to download videos via Youtube and Vimeo using a private link.

Поддержка Full HD видео в сервисе дистанционных курсов

We create tools for the development of your business

With the help of our tools, you will have the opportunity to remotely train people around the world, build business processes, improve service, and increase sales.

Вспомогательные инструменты платформы курсов для обучения онлайн

Responsive landing page

The presentation page is the face of your online courses. We have done everything so that you can quickly set it up. Flexible settings allow you to come up with a name for an online course, describe it, designate goals and results.

Automatic notifications to participants in the course system

Thanks to a flexible notification system (completed tests, assignments, comments, feedback on the course), they will always be notified of upcoming activities.

Database collection and advertising

You can embed ad units on top of your lesson with buttons and special fields through which you can build a base of interested people for additional products.

Easy analytics

No complicated menus with dozens of indicators. All necessary data is displayed on the course card.

Conduct e-learning courses to your advantage.

Simply upload your learning materials to the platform and track your learning progress.

Convenient management of distance courses service

Organize the entire distance learning process


Importing student lists

The platform for online courses allows you to upload contacts from other services and add them to the client base. Each user will receive an invitation to the course by email.

Импортирование учеников при разработке платформы для онлайн курсов


Access settings

Each student will receive a certain amount of material, depending on the chosen training option. Alternatively, you can make any lesson publicly available.

Установка доступов к сервису для создания онлайн курсов


Automatic webinar recording

The online course creation software automatically records and saves Live lessons to your account. You can share them with your students by sending them a link and download them to your computer.

Автоматическая запись видео на платформе для проведения онлайн курсов


Creating a series of online lessons

Set up your webinar series once for easy future hosting. You just need to combine the modules.

Возможность запустить серию из нескольких курсов обучения


Working with tags

Thanks to the tagging system, you can combine webinars and participants into separate groups. In addition, tag search makes working in the system much easier and faster.

Удобство работы с тегами в программе для создания электронных курсов

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Convenience of communication with students on the platform for creating distance courses

Now, the training becomes even more interesting. You can interact with clients through comments under the lessons and online chats on broadcasts. In addition, your students will always be aware of new activities through social networks, instant messengers and email.

Convenient and moderated chat

Chat is one of the main communication tools for any webinar. On the platform for training courses, it works without lags, as well as broadcasts video or audio. In addition, there is a separate tab with questions. It will help you relay everything that interests the participants.

Broadcast capability

Each participant of the lesson can communicate with the presenter or speaker via video link. This option allows viewers to turn on the camera during the broadcast, if necessary, and make their display visible to everyone. An expert can prohibit this during the broadcast, either individually or to all at once.

Evaluate as it suits you

You can easily check the level of knowledge of students by using surveys. A special constructor will help you choose the types of questions, set the time for passing the test, and the minimum passing score. The test results will be available in your Personal Account.

Security of the service for selling online courses

We take your business seriously. We know that putting your passion into our hands is a big step. That's why we have an anti-fraud team on staff to fight the bad guys on your behalf. Sunglasses and frowns are provided.

  • Иконка галочка We provide flawless hosting to protect your data.
  • Иконка галочка You have complete control over your data. Even we will not have access to it.
  • Иконка галочкаWe monitor the security assurance around the clock for your peace of mind.
  • Иконка галочкаNo more waiting for the latest features. All updates are automatic.
  • Иконка галочка A 2048-bit SSL certificate keeps your students' information secure during login and checkout.
  • Иконка галочка We only work with trusted payment service providers that are PCI DSS Level compliant.Therefore, your personal data and user’s data are safe.
Безопасность при запуске дистанционных курсов

Mobile solution for online courses

Not every user who wants to join the webinar can use a computer or laptop. Sometimes, you have to resort to using portable gadgets — smartphones and tablets. Therefore, we offer a mobile solution for organizing distance courses.

With our mobile app, you can:

  • Иконка галочка Connect to webinars from smartphones and tablets.
  • Иконка галочка Carry out video and audio communication with users and other participants.
  • Иконка галочка Watch presentations.
  • Иконка галочка Text via user chat..
Возможность сделать интернет курсы с мобильного телефона

And this is only a small part of what will be available to you soon!

We do our best to ensure that everyone can learn with comfort. Therefore, KWIGA's own app is a convenient and practical solution for everyone.

Simplicity of sales and receiving money for conducting online courses

We have done our best to offer you financial solutions that truly make life easier.

Professional help with accounting

Do what you love, and we take care of the workflow and collection of fees for paid courses.

Accept payments directly on the site

Upon registration, each student will be able to pay for participation in any convenient way.

Flexible pricing options

Coupons and advanced pricing options including subscriptions, memberships, one-time payments, bundles, and more.

Speak louder

Use our affiliate marketing tools to help others spread the word about your educational business.

Technical support 24/7

Still need help or have questions?

Contact our customer service team, and we will find a solution.

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