Fair Use Policy

Our service is supposed to help people create courses and spread knowledge. Statistics show that people from different countries use it. Experts can post educational content using our website, and, of course, they communicate with each other. We encourage open and friendly communication only and oppose rudeness in any form. Some other violations are also not allowed.

Here are the most widespread ways users violate this policy. Please, get acquainted with them and do your best to avoid such behavior if you want to continue using KWIGA and its products:

Sending junk mails or spamming;

Spreading malware and computer viruses;

Having fraudulent and unlawful purposes of using the platform;

Charming people;

Stroking conflicts between users;

Sharing adult-related content;

Stealing identities, etc.

Prohibited Content

Fair Use or Acceptable Use Policy clearly specifies the types of content that is unacceptable on KWIGA. All users must comply with this policy and avoid sharing the following types of content here:

Promoting unlawful activity and behavior;

Sexually explicit;

Encouraging violence;

Deceiving people;

Breaching person’s privacy;

Making people embarrassed, depressed, upset, etc.;

Discriminating users on a certain basis;

Violating any law, including intellectual property rights;

Casting other users in an unsympathetic right, and so on.

Our Penalties

We can’t ignore the numerous complaints from users and let people who violate this policy continue using the KWIGA platform. That’s why we reserve the right to change the status of your account or even impact the presence of your online school on the platform if you post any type of content we mentioned above or are known to conduct unlawfully. We are always ready to take one of the following actions. The choice will depend on the seriousness of your violation:

We send you a written warning if it’s your first violation and is not considered serious.

We delete the content, violating this Fair Use Policy (it can be your personal content or the information posted in your online school).

We temporarily block your account, restrict your access to KWIGA or delete your account forever. You will never be able to create a new one.

We can open a legal proceeding against you and take other legal actions.

On the whole, this list isn’t full because we can take other actions we consider necessary. If your violation is too serious, we delete your account, and you have no right to argue it.

The services we offer

We aim to make all clients satisfied with our platform. Judging by the growing popularity of the KWIGA platform, we manage to achieve it. We consider it necessary to note that we cover all needs of our clients, including bandwidth. You may find all the necessary information in the Price Plan section, but it's okay if you see that you need more than our plan offers. It relates to bandwidth and other similar services because it's difficult to predict how much you’ll need. We try to meet the needs of our clients as much as possible and don’t let them feel the lack of the services they may need.

By default, we set the limit so high that about 99% of KWIGA users will not even come close to it. Moreover, we won’t limit your use of services in case you reach it. In fact, we will notify you in advance to check your limits, and the Support team will reach out to discuss a custom plan for you. We don’t hide the information about the usage of the services, and you can always check your personal page to find out all data you need. Our clients can count on our special attitude and personal offers.