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Selling on Kwiga: accepting regular payments, instalments, instalments and subscriptions


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Let's talk about all possible types of payments and schemes that can be implemented on Kwiga

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Acceptance of payments in different currencies on different payment systems, automatic issuance of access after payment - these are all important services of the LMS system. At the moment, you can easily connect the following payment systems to Kwiga:  Stripe, Paypal, Wayforpay, Liqpay, Fondy, MonoPay, CoinPayments, Interkassa, Portmone. This is a non-final list, the list is constantly updated, and you yourself can request the desired payment system by contacting the care service. Read more about connecting payment systems in the article.

On Kwiga, you can implement the following types of payments:

  • Accepting one-time payments (regular payment)
  • Subscription
  • Instalment payment, instalments

Accepting one-time payments (regular payment)

Accepting payment for a course is a simple and necessary solution. You can connect a payment system, create an offer and sell the course without your active participation. Students will register, pay and, after payment, get into their office, where the course they paid for will be available. You can also customise the emails that students receive in case of successful or unsuccessful payment.


You can set up automatic withdrawal by subscription on a certain day of the month, or once a month / year using the payment system, or set your own payment schedule using the Kwiga system if the schedule is not supported by the payment system. In this case, customers will receive notifications about the upcoming payment, and in case of non-payment, access to the products will be closed.

Instalment payment, instalments

Paying in installments through Kwiga is an opportunity to schedule payments that customers will need to make by a specified date, otherwise access to the products will be automatically closed. Students receive a notification of an upcoming payment 3 days, 1 day and an hour before payment. If the payment is late, students can pay extra and get access for the remaining period.

You can set full access to the entire course after the first payment by creating a so-called installment trust, or you can limit access to materials to delays in the course, thereby providing access in parts - that is, students will not be able to view all the material without full payment.

You can also use installment from the bank - it is available through the payment system and does not depend on Kwiga. You can notify participants about the availability of this form of payment already on the payment page.