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Kwiga has strived to position itself as a powerful platform with vast functionalities for creating and selling courses online. We have made an effort to engage with our clients more frequently in order to get feedback and insights into how to constantly improve the platform and help our clients create an online course on Kwiga.
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The benefits of creating course online on the Kwiga platform

Kwiga does not have any restrictions for anyone who wants to create an online course.
For this reason, the online course platform has outlined some key elements:

  • Users will have endless tools and possibilities to create and sell courses online
  • Users will not have any limits on the number of users, courses, lessons, and the number of downloads.
  • Our team is willing to explore any idea or suggestion. As a user, all you have to do is hand in your request, and we will recreate the exact and ideal solution that you need.

What educators, coaches, and experts get when they post their courses on Kwiga

  • They will access convenient and flexible interfaces to create courses.
  • Find extensive functionality that will customize any course.
  • Help students access timely and detailed feedback.
  • The courses have a built-in alert system to keep your finger on the pulse
  • The courses are integrated with major payment systems to facilitate virtual transactions.
  • They also access a built-in CRM and a mailing system
  • The courses are posted on stable working platform for all students.
  • A detailed automation of routine tasks to facilitate engagement.
  • They have access to analysing and reporting system.
  • The platform connects assistants and administrators to the course.

What students get from a Kwiga-hosted course

  • Both younger and older users will access an easy and intuitive interface.
  • The platform is mobile friendly, thereby allowing users to access it using any mobile device.
  • Students can also access content and watch videos with a poor internet connection.
  • Students will engage with their colleagues and tutors in the discussion forums, thereby contributing to a community of informed scholars.
  • They will receive timely notifications about reviewed tasks, comments, and new lessons.

The main features of Kwiga platform for creating courses

Working with course materials


You can create any training program and course structure that you need. You can combine lessons into modules, and modules into sections, etc. - use unlimited space and create lessons outside the module.

Material and presentation

Any lesson content: an unlimited number of videos in one lesson, adding handouts, reference materials, presentations, images, and audio files. A free lesson structure allows you to build interactive lessons, communicate with the audience, and add presentations, Word Wall games, and Google forms to the lesson: course participants interact with all the materials in the lesson.

Video sources

Download video files from various resources: Youtube, Vimeo, Bunny CDN, or Kwiga repository.

Protecting your content

At Kwiga, we value your time and knowledge, so we use all available degrees of protection from the technical side to prevent unscrupulous users from accessing your content. In development: functionality to monitor devices and IP addresses of users to inform you about suspicious user activity. More information can be reviewed in our Help Center: Content protection (video)

The process of learning and interacting with students once you create online course on the Kwiga platform

In order to assist students to pass the course, the platform allows you to create online courses and provide the sequential opening of lessons and modules, set the date for the opening of lessons and modules, as well as the addition of checkpoints, which are the s. These initiatives will allow you to check the student's knowledge and make sure that the material has been mastered.

Teaching assistants

Each assistant will be assigned to a student in order to grade and track the student’s progress. The assistant only accesses the content with his or her students rather than the learning materials that the students have prepared with another assistant. The platform for creating and selling courses online oversees the quality of your interaction with students. Similarly, the course facilitates the distribution of students between tutors with the help of automatic and manual mechanisms.

Formats of student responses and feedback

Students even have an opportunity to submit a response to an assignment or discussion in a written or audio format. Also, when you create an online course on the platform, you can upload files of different formats. You can also specify whether students will submit files in the form of audio responses and text responses or both formats.

Currently, the experts are still determining the appropriate way to introduce responses in a video format.

Homework, tests, surveys

You can include quizzes, assignments, and homework in your online courses. Also, you can establish a minimum score that students need to advance to subsequent lessons. Besides, the final form of each task depends only on the specific content of the course and your technical awareness. Create online courses to sell without facing any restrictions.

What are the features of our quiz builder

There are 9 different types of questions available:

1. Single choice + your answer

2. Multiple choice + own answer

3. Text or graphic response

4. Conformity

5. Fill the gaps

6. Likert scale

7. Interview

8. Sorting

9. Make a word from letters

The platform that creates the online courses allows you to use different formats of questions and answers for each quiz. Also, you can determine the number of repetitions, and display correct and incorrect answers the students should submit on each question. You can even create a timer that determines the maximum time that one needs to complete the entire test or a specific task.

Create an online course and use the existing tools to set the date and time when students will access it and the deadline for a specific task. You can also assign assitants to any test or task, which is convenient for courses with consideration for the experts in different fields.

The assistant/expert will save results and all passages are saved, thereby making it easier to track the dynamics of the passage.

Sales on Kwiga

You will also have a convenient opportunity to sell on the Kwiga online course creation platform and attain a higher level of profitability. You will not be expected to pay any additional fees while selling your courses on Kwiga.

Flexible sales setup

There is flexibility in the individual orders and group offers, which will contribute to the automatic issuance of access to students after the completion of the sale. Create an online course and take advantage of the wide range of options for getting access. For instance, you can start access, limit the period of access to the course, and provide promotional offers, which accommodate aspects such as the amount of the discount, the number of sales, and the period of validity of the offer. Besides, you can receive selective access to certain lessons or modules, allocate assistants, and send out emails upon payment or unsuccessful payment automatically.

Accepting payments, sales tools

The platform accepts coupons, promotional offers, one-time payments, instalment payment agreements, and subscription fees with a specific write-off schedule such as a bi-weekly, monthly, or annual basis. In all these options, the platform provides a notification system that sets an alert for the next payment and initiates the automatic closing of access privileges when clients do not pay by the deadline date. The platform also accepts a wide range of automatic payment systems such as Stripe, Wayforpay, Fondy, Liqpay, PayPal, Monobank, CoinPayments.

Prewrite lists

The Kwiga online course creation platform allows you to create pre-registration lists for a specific course if you have not yet decided on the price or format of training. The approach can then be used to sell that specific product or other products.


We have developed our own CRM to coordinate with the key components, which are the student database, new registrations, and sales. Kwiga CRM has convenient mechanics for creating online courses and working with a sales funnel. In the next few years, the platform will have features such as the automatic acceptance of applications and distribution by funnels and between managers. The introduction of these features will help sales managers appreciate the convenience of working with Kwiga CRM.

Gamification of the educational process

Kwiga has facilitated gamification by allowing the accrual of points and the ability to use points for payment. The platform also offers the ability to create discount coupons for a specific group of students such as the ones who have completed the course and the ones that usually attend webinars. However, at the same time, the developers are still creating a more advanced version of the game mechanics to facilitate the engagement of users in the pedagogic processes.

Branding and customization tools

Currently, you can connect your own domain or subdomain to your Kwiga account. For this reason, create online courses and incorporate branding, which adds logo, font, color, and general presentation, to all emails you send to students. We also develop our own website builder that are also known as landings, which will allow you to set the theme and style for any page of the public website and the internal account of your clients/students.

Report Builder

The report constructor allows you to see statistics on sales and the progress of students. Currently, you can create online courses and use all the available reports on sales, transactions, and contacts to make informed decisions. They also have flexible settings that can be personalized to your needs with consideration to the functionality of our CRM system.

Similarly, you can access separate datasets, which capture the progress of students for each product. Besides, you can access a brief summary, which tracks the overall progress of the course, and the ability to download a file with a detailed report on the passage and completion of homework.

Multi-project and work of production centers

Your account can contain an unlimited number of projects. However, it is essential to note that a project is not a course or another LMS Kwiga product. Instead, a project is a separate office in your main account. This functionality is ideal for production centers or when you need to manage multiple different projects simultaneously.

Integration with third-party services and APIs

In addition to the integration of third-party services, we also develop independent solutions for the main tasks such as sending emails, CRM, chatbot, and landing page builder. All these products can be found on our website in the list of our solutions/products. Create online courses to sell with convenient integrations and enjoy other exceptional outcomes.

As for third-party services, we constantly update the list of available integrations. At the moment, the platform, which creates online courses, Kwiga includes the following services:

  • payment: Stripe, Paypal, LiqPay, Monobank, Fondy, Wayforpay, CoinPayments
  • Email: GetResponse
  • chatbot: SmartSender
  • live sessions: Zoom


You can create online courses and work with Kwiga through our public API. More details about the possibilities and available methods can be found here

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How much does it cost to create and sell courses online with Kwiga

As a rule, the cost to create an online course directly depends on the number of students, the number of administrators and assitants, and the storage space for the educational content. However, the price of creating an online course on the Kwiga platform starts from $15. Create course online with Kwiga, because there are no restrictions on the number of students and courses on any of the plans.
from $15
Includes all the functionality of the course creation platform.
More details on the Prices → page
And another moment!

How is creating an online course with Kwiga different from other online course creation platforms

Users can enjoy a sense of freedom in course creation and design. Create online courses and set up any kind of passage and facilitate extensive interaction with your audience.

You will have the ability to create online course without a technical specialist. Besides, you will customize your vision of the process through an easy and intuitive interface. Any complex schemes and combinations of tariffs are easily configured without additional help.

Users will enjoy 24/7 care service availability. More importantly, we know how important it is to get a quick and clear answer. For this reason, our experts will help you deal with any questions about setting up the online course.

Your requests are the impetus for our actions to improve the platform. When you create online course on Kwiga, you can always count on our commitment to facilitate extensive development and improvement of the online courses.

You will also facilitate free transfer from other platforms. In particular, we will transfer materials, settings, student base, and their progress, thereby facilitating learning continuity.

When you create and sell courses online with Kwiga, you also get access privileges to other products such as mailing lists, chatbots, website builders, and CRM. Also, you can activate the desired service at any time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limits on the number of online courses and lessons?
You can create and sell any number of courses, with any number of lessons in each, there are no limits on the Kwiga online course hosting platform.
Can I set opening dates for lessons on a course?
You can set up the delayed opening of lessons, modules or the entire course by indicating specific dates.
What video sources / storage methods are supported on Kwiga?
Videos can be uploaded to the Kwiga Storage. You can also create lessons using videos uploaded to Vimeo, Youtube or BunnyCDN.
Is protection applied to my materials, video files?
Certainly! At Kwiga, we use all available security measures to protect your content from being illegally copied.
Can I have a live lesson?
Of course, this is possible through the Zoom service or broadcast on Youtube.
Can I see student progress?
Yes! Two types of display mode are available: summary and detailed, where you can see the results for each lesson and homework.
Can I add course assitantants or tutors to the course?
Of course, you can do this for one course or for all of your products.
Can assitantans or tutors, advisors give feedback?
They can grade homework assignments, submit them for revision, reject and accept assignments, and communicate with students by leaving comments and audio messages.
Can I add homework to the course?
Certainly! These can be tests, open-ended questions, or combinations of different tasks.
Can I add Wordwall quizzes and games or Genial.ly and Canva presentations to a lesson?
Yes, you can embed them into the lesson by adding the game or presentation code directly into the lesson.
Can I receive payments from clients on Kwiga?
Yes, there are no commission fees.
What payment systems does Kwiga support?
You can accept payments via Stripe, Paypal, Wayforpay, Liqpay, Fondy, Monobank, CoinPayments. We also add any payment system upon request within 2 weeks.
Can I add clients to a waiting list of the course?
Yes, you can create the list yourself, or students can sign up to join the waiting list on their own.
Can I see sales statistics?
Of course, statistics are available for each product and each price plan. You can also generate a sales report as well.
Do you have a CRM?
Yes! Our CRM allows you to keep track of customer relationships, track their purchase history and interests, and segment customers. In development: an extended version that allows you to work with sales funnels.
What do you have on the gamification of the educational process?
There is a possibility to collect points for passing tests, tasks, as well as the ability to issue personalised discounts. Now we are working on an extended version with additional functionality.
Can I personalize/brand my course or website?
Certainly! You can personalize emails and lessons content. We are working on the site builder that will give the ability to add branding the course materials as much as possible.
Can I connect my domain/subdomain?
Yes, it takes a couple of minutes. You can create up to 10 independent sites on one project (you can have as many projects as you like in your account) and connect a domain or subdomain to them.
Are there solutions for production centers?
Yes! At Kwiga, we offer a unique solution: the ability to separate projects and teams, but at the same time track the statistics and performance of each in one place. The account supports an unlimited number of projects (sub-accounts).
What integrations are there on Kwiga?
The list is constantly updated. Currently, the Kwiga online course platform provides integrations with payment systems (Stripe, Paypal, Wayforpay, Liqpay, Fondy, Monobank, CoinPayments), email mailing services, chat bots, and Zoom video conferencing service.
Do you have an API?
Yes, you can work with Kwiga through our public API.
Do you have an application for mobile phones?
The application is under development, however, all pages of the platform for creating online courses have already been adapted for viewing and working on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).
Still have questions?
The answers can be found in our Help Center or ask us personally