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How to add a test to a lesson?


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How to add the test, as well as what the lesson looks like with the attached test for the student.

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Add a practice to a lesson

If you want to create a test and then insert it into a lesson, you can go to the top menu Products - Tests, tasks, polls and click + Quiz.

To create a test, you must specify its name, select the type of questions (single or multiple choice) and add answers to the questions.

When the test is created and all questions are added, you need to proceed to editing the lesson in the Course Program.

In the Practice step, click on the + next to Add Quiz.

Select the name of the test from the list, add to the lesson and Save.

Additional features:

The test can be used as a checkpoint - the student will not be able to advance further in the course until they pass the test. You choose the conditions for passing: it can be an automatic check for the number of points passed, or a check by a curator / expert. To mark a specific test as a checkpoint, use the Add checkpoint + item and select one or more required tests.

Where is the test located and what does it look like?

Lessons that have added tests are labeled Practice with the number of tasks displayed.

To pass the test, students just need to click on the name and then Start. Multiple choice questions will be displayed one by one.

How to view the passed tests on the course

After passing the test by the student, the curator receives a notification - The practice on the course requires verification. If you click on such a notification, a page with course practices will open.

Also, under the link to the presentation page of the course, you can click on the Practice in Progress sign.

On the Practice tab, to view the passed tests, just go to the corresponding lesson and view the results.