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How to create a marathon?


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Learn more about how to create an online marathon, set up its stages and add tasks.

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Creating a marathon

Kwiga allows you to create marathons with gradual opening of stages, add materials and tasks in various formats, and send notifications to participants.

To create a new marathon, in the top menu Products - select Marathon - and click on the + Marathon button.

Fill in the basic Information about the marathon, indicate the name and select the language of the marathon, add an image and a detailed description.

On the next step - Product Type, you can leave everything unchanged, then theWeekWeWeek sections in the marathon will be called Week, stage Dayay.

Or you can change these system names as needed.

Notification settings

Select a notification source, how participants will receive notifications while participating in the marathon - make the switch green.

Sending notifications through the service of sending letters is available. 

On the Automation tab, a trigger (a set of events and conditions) will be created for each stage of the marathon, which will send notifications to participants.

Triggers contain 4 main parameters:

An event is something that must happen in order to activate a trigger. For example, an event can be - opening a participant access to the next stage of the marathon.

Wait - the number of hours to wait from the moment the event is executed before the trigger continues.

Condition - trigger execution criteria; for example, something that allows you to understand whether a day has passed or not.

Action - what happens a certain number of hours after the event, if the condition is met. This can be sending a letter, opening or closing access to a stage or marathon, etc.

For example, with the help of one of the triggers, if after opening access - within 24 hours - the materials are not viewed / the task is not completed - the participant will receive an automatic notification that the day has not passed, etc.

Marathon program

Go to the creation of the marathon program by clicking the +Add lesson or +Edit the marathon program button.

Use the +Section and +Step buttons to add all of the available steps for your marathon.

You can create an unlimited number of stages on the marathon, combine them into sections, for example, by weeks. In Kwiga, you can drag and drop stages around, create stages outside of sections, etc.

Editing marathon stages

For each section, you can add a title, description, and image. You can also set the opening delay for each individual stage or for the entire section as a whole.

You can add the required number of marathon stages and save the Name for each. You can proceed to editing the stage by clicking on the name of the required stage.

Filling stages

Submissions for participants can be submitted in video, audio or text format. So, for example, each marathon stage can contain a video and a text block with an additional description, images, useful links and/or attached files.

Use the + Video button to add Video files. You can paste a link to a video from Youtube, Vimeo, Bunny CDN, or upload the video directly to the storage on Kwiga.

You can add multiple videos to a lesson, to add another video just add another +Video block.

Use the Audio button to add audio files.

If you want to insert text, image, then use the appropriate button. The same button is used if you want to embed third-party services on the page, such as a Google form, a link to wordwall, or another service that allows you to insert iframe code.

To attach a file and share it with students, use the File option. You can attach most types of files.

Practical tasks

To add a task for each step, use the Practice step when editing a lesson. You can add tests or homework to each day/stage of the marathon.

Click on the + next to Add a quiz and select the name of the appropriate task from the list.

Tasks for the marathon are created separately from the lessons. In the top menu Products - Tests, tasks, polls, by the button + Quiz.

At the time of filling, the corresponding task has not yet been created on Kwiga. You can do this by clicking the + next to Add Quiz +Quizlicking the +Quiz button. In a new window, go to the creation of a quiz, task.

Access to stages

For each stage of the marathon, there are separate settings for how and when students will get access.

Within the framework of the marathon, it is possible to make a public stage - without authorization, it is open to any visitor / user of the platform.

At this stage of creation or editing, it is also possible to Remove restrictions on the beginning of access to the stage . So it will be visible immediately after registration, without taking into account the settings of the offer.

At this step, you can add a checkpoint, one of the convenient ways to set up a gradual opening of stages. So the student will be able to advance further in the marathon, only after completing the practical task.

Thus, if there is at least one added practice, you can use it to configure access to the next steps. Click on the + next to Add checkpoint, and choose a practice name.

Or vice versa Remove checkpoint restrictions for access to the stage - to separate stage in the middle of the marathon will be available regardless of the configured checkpoints in the previous stages.

Marathon stage settings

Enable or disable the ability to leave comments as needed. See what your marathon looks like with a link to a public page.

To switch between stages, it is not necessary to go back to the Marathon Program on the previous page. To proceed to editing the next stage, just click on the “tick” next to the name and select the required stage from the list or create a new one using the + Stage button.

Setting delays

Setting delays is another way to set up the gradual opening of marathon stages. For example, with this setting, you can make it so that every next day at the same time, the participant has access to the next stage.


Suggestions in Kwiga allow you to customize access to materials, including to the marathon, as well as set time limits and/or the number of students.

You can create one or more offers for one marathon - different participation rates by clicking the +Add offer button.

Saving and publishing

In order not to lose the data already entered, you can always Save changes or Save as draft.

Before publishing a marathon, using the link to the public page, you can check whether everything is displayed correctly, see how your marathon will look like for participants.

When everything is ready, the last step is to click on the switch opposite Publish and make it green.

How to add participants to the marathon?

To add a participant, exit the marathon editor, and click on Participants:

On this tab, you can add each participant separately or import all as a list.

What will the participants see?

After publishing and gaining access, participants will be able to view the available / open materials of the marathon and get acquainted with the tasks, terms and conditions for opening stages. So for example, if the stage becomes available only after completing the task - it will be indicated under it - It will open after completing the practice.

The practical tasks are available for execution under the information materials of each lesson, just click on the name of the task and complete it.

And if the opening delay is used, then the participant will see information with the date of access opening under the name of the stage.