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Kwiga CRM basic version


Description of the features of the basic version of Kwiga CRM

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CRM is a system that allows you to track information about customers and the history of interaction with them. The basic version of Kwiga CRM allows you to:

  • Add any information about clients by creating additional custom fields, both common to all contacts, and pointwise on specific contacts.
  • Customize the display format of contacts, hide and show certain fields, including custom ones.
  • Import and export data for all contacts
  • Form both static and dynamic lists (segments), segment the audience according to various parameters
  • Perform bulk actions with all contacts or with a group of contacts, including giving access to courses, marathons, webinars and other products.

Kwiga CRM settings allow you to:

Field settings during registration - set which fields students can complete and which fields are required. You can customize these settings for different products, or you can make the default settings apply to all products.

Adding Custom Fields - Add additional fields to be used on all contacts. Read more about this in the article: Adding custom fields

Contact tags - You can add tags that will be used for audience segmentation, see the ones already available and the frequency of use.

Export contacts - allows you to download the current CRM database or download a list generated according to certain parameters.

Appearance CRM

You can set the appearance of CRM by specifying which columns you want to be displayed in the default view (eye icon), as well as change their order (fields displayed on the left are at the top).

CRM filter

The CRM filter allows you to show contacts by certain criteria, perform bulk actions with them, or mark them with a tag and send them a mailing list.

You can filter the audience using standard fields or using custom fields.