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How to hold a meeting or webinar via Zoom


How to connect your Zoom account at Kwiga, how to schedule a conference at Zoom, Zoom account requirements, what are the benefits of hosting a webinar at Kwiga.

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Zoom account connection

If this is your first time planning to host a webinar via Zoom, you need to connect Zoom account on Kwiga.

  • On the KWIGA platform, select the live stream and click the go button.
  • Set “Broadcast Source” - Zoom.
  • Click the "Add Zoom Account" button
  • In the section “Live Sessions” click “Customize”
  • Enter your Zoom account alias and click the "Add" button

Zoom account requirements

A Zoom license is required for webinars and group meetings.

A free Zoom account is limited to 100 members and 40 minutes for group conferences. Kwiga supports and hosts Zoom Meetings (Meetings), the license costs from 14.99 USD/month to 19.99 USD/month (See and allows you to increase the amount up to 500 participants, and the duration of the meeting is up to 30 hours.

Schedule a stream on KWIGA

  • Add a title and description for the broadcast
  • Schedule the date and time of the webinar
  • In “broadcast source” set the Zoom option
  • Optionally, you can set an image to show before starting broadcasts

For more information on how to schedule and host a webinar, read the article (insert link)

Why connect to Kwiga when you can connect directly to Zoom?

  1. Control
    You have full control over the content. On the Kwiga platform, you can sell a webinar and be sure that no one share the link with a friend, etc. Since attendees will be watching the webinar on Zoom, but on Kwiga, and they won't have access to the link.
  2. Combine
    Include webinars in service packages that you can access will be only for those participants who paid for a certain offer. To you no more need to create and pass links - Kwiga will take care of so that only those who paid for the webinar were present.
  3. Expand your audience
    Even if you host a free webinar through Zoom on Kwiga you can get student contact details and set up various sales scenarios.