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Changing personal information


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How to edit personal information, how to add a photo to your avatar, why you need to fill out personal information and how it appears on kwiga.

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How to edit personal details

To edit your personal data - in the upper right corner, click to the name of the project, and in the drop-down menu, select the tab “Settings”, then “Privacy” and subparagraph “Personal Information”.

Profile photo

The first section allows you to set a profile photo. Recommended image size 1 mb. JPEG, JPG, PNG formats are supported.

Photos can be uploaded either from your device or from the kwiga library.

Field “Name”

Required field. Specified at registration. The name will appear on the platform next to your posts and in the upper right corner, above office name.

Field “Lastname”

Filled optionally, if you decide to fill in this field, the last name will be be displayed next to the name next to your messages and in the upper right corner, above cabinet name. For example like this:

Email address.

This address will be used to sign in to your account and receive notifications, including passwords for logging into your account, if 2-factor is selected verification.


When filling out this field, it is important to correctly indicate the country of the operator. For this select the name of the country from the drop-down menu and enter your phone number.

Important - indicate only the number to which you have access. The specified phone number will be used for notifications and receiving verification codes.

Country and time zone

The country and time zone fields are required for correct display of your account settings. For example, start time classes in the course settings will be tied to the specified time zone.

Please note: when creating automation scripts the time specified in the wait section will be checked for a match with time in the time zone selected here.

You can change the values ​​using the drop-down menu on the right.