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Sender settings and reply address


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How to set up sender mail, reply address, add a logo and contact information.

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Setting the sender

Go to “Settings”, then “Cabinet”, menu item “Marketing Settings”.

Now let's take a closer look at each of the points:

The “on behalf of” field, by default, indicates the name of your office. You can enter any other name. This field displays the name of the sender as seen by the recipient.

The “email address” field displays The email address of the sender that the recipient will see. We recommend leave this field as is to use the KWIGA email address default that has been personalized for your account. it allows you to take advantage of an excellent sender reputation.

Anchor address

In the "Reply-to address" field, - indicate the address where they should come replies to all emails sent to your students. Make sure this box being checked.

Adding the "Reply-to address" parameter not necessary. If a leave the field blank, the configured "From" email address will be selected. If the "From" email address is not configured, the email address will be used. e-mail specified by you during registration.

Contact address

Information from this section is displayed in the footer of the email in in accordance with international anti-spam laws.

Specify the country, city, region, postal code, name and address companies.

Company logo in letters

The company logo is placed at the top of your emails. By default, in The name of your cabinet is indicated as a logo. Optionally, you can change the name or upload your own image.

To download the image - click on the orange box, as shown in picture. The logo can be downloaded both from your device and from the media library kwiga.