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How to create an assignment with mandatory verification by the curator?


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What to do if your course implies mandatory verification of tasks by the curator. Learn more about how to attach an assignment as a simple question and how it will appear in the lesson.

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Create a task

Kwiga allows you to attach various tasks to a lesson and customize them depending on the lesson or offer. Consider setting up a mandatory check, based on a technically simple task in the form of a question, which implies a text or graphic answer.

Tasks are created separately from the lesson and are available for editing in the Products section - Tests, tasks, polls.

To create a new one, press +Quiz.

After that, specify a name and go to the Design tab.

Tip: if there are many tasks planned in the course, we recommend adding a topic or lesson number to the title, this will simplify further work with the course program.

To add a question, you need to click on the Task, text, graphic answer.

It is this task that involves receiving answers from students in the form of text or attached files.

By default, users cannot attach files to their replies, only text. And to provide such an opportunity, you need to Allow file uploads in the response on the participant's side . And also, there is an option to Allow audio responses to your students.

Within one task, you can add several questions, just click on the + on the side in the Quiz Program, select the type of the next question and add it.

Setting up mandatory review by curator

For each task, you can set separate settings, for example, enable grading or add a timer to limit the time for completing the task.

It is with the help of the settings that you can configure the verification method, and make sure that the approval of the task is not performed automatically, but by the curator.

Student display

Lessons in which tasks are added are displayed to the student marked Practice with an indication of the number of tasks.

When viewing the lesson, the tasks will be available to students below, under Lesson Information.

Answers to tasks are added as a comment immediately below the question on the My Answer tab. Files are attached with a paperclip, answers are sent by clicking on the arrow in the window for answering the task.

Upon completion, the student will see that the Quiz is awaiting review by the curator .

How to check a student's work?

Immediately after completion, the curator will receive a notification - The practice on the course requires verification . If you click on it, a page with course practices will open.

Also, under the link to the presentation page of the course, you can click on the Practice in Progress sign.

Then proceed to check the task, leave a comment and set the result of the check.

Don't forget to click Save and you're done. The student will then be able to see the result and read the commentary.